Wednesday, 12 December 2007


OMG!! ROTFLMAO- My Spare-room has been *cooked!*- LOL. I don't know if any of you will remember as it was when I had just first started blogging- but we had a problem with my geyser and the thing threw water around the roof that leaked through the ceiling boards all over the house??- Hell yeah- well that WAS NOTHING! whaahahahahaha-

*history*- We bought an OLD house and got a building contractor to renovate- I chose new taps (the single lift and twist ones) that would need a NEW high pressure geyser- LIke DUH?- Ok I like a good shower too you know- so please go ahead!- UHUM- and so the story gets messy- we had leaking pipes in our Linen closet!!! - the toilet wouldn't flush etc- so the builder FIRES his plumber contractor ( but not BEFORE he had installed the NEW geyser-) UHUM- New??- well that's another bone of contention today- seems its 2 years OLDER than I was let believe!! ( not like I climb in the roof to check you know- it looked shiny- ROTFLMAO)- so after the FIRST mess- I phone the builder who sends ANOTHER plumber- who say's he fixed it- ( stuck valve!!!)- LIKE HELL JA!

Last night Wayne had just got home and we had some slight rain in the evening and we were chatting in the kitchen when it sounded like HEAVY RAIN- Hello- we both look outside and UM_ the sun is shining- BOTH AT THE SAME TIME- shout OH SHIT and run like looneys to the bathroom area just in time to hear the EXPLOSION!! NO LIES!! LOL, Wayne doesn't even look he just carry's on running ( quickest I've seen him charge in YEARS!LOL) to find the MAIN tap outside to turn the water off-

I'm looking STUCK to the floor in the passage staring at this HUGE HOLE in my spare room ceiling! Water is SHOOTING out in a SHEET!!! And it's boiling HOT- the whole room is steaming up- so NO WAY'S IN HELL- am I running in there to save all the stuff in the way! LOL- Wayne gets the water off but the thing still takes a while to eventually get to a trickle!! MESS PEOPLE!!! BED, BOOKS,CHRISTMAS PRESENTS on the BED!!! ARRRGGGHH- actually just about everything in there is WET and COOKED! LOL

We do the general *drag outside* and push everything around out of the way-LOL. But Um now we have NO WATER and it's now 7pm- Cut a longer story- we eventaully figure out how to get water to the kitchen but no bathrooms! HAHAHAHAHAHA- so of course I'm teasing Wayne now about flushing the loo in the morning after his morning *sh-t*! WAHAHAHA- He had a BATH in the SWIMMING POOL this morning at 5.30am! With shampoo and soap mind you-LOL. And trust me we have an elevated garden- so the neighbours if they were awake would have had a WONDERFUL VIEW! ROTFLMAO- I wasn't so brave and have just *washed* in the kitchen sink!! hahahahaha- Feel gritty and sticky and couldn't wash my hair- which I DO EVERY DAY!! And there was a BUCKET placed next to the loo- compliments of my hubby too- WAHAHAHAHAHA-

The bank sent out THEIR plumber now to look at the damage ( house insuarance) and let me know that we were lucky to still have a ROOF! He said the geyser did NOT have a pressure valve ( UHUM!!!) and that it was under tooo mutch pressure- hence the spewing of it's contents- and because it just got hotter and hotter- it would have EXPLODED! Hell- thank Goodness Wayne turned the "main geyser switch and the water off"!!!!

So they will be fixing it today PROPERLY!! LOL-

* moral of the story*- the cheaper contractor is definetly NOT the cheapest in the LONG run!!

Hee hee- did you get this far- LOL, But I had to share as really cleaning your teeth and face then bathing in the pool is just tooo FUNNY! LOL!

Ok- Have you looked at my Designer bag yet???_ I cant' thank you all enough for your wonderful comments on the contents! Remember it's for both Commercial and Personal use. This LO was done by Croppy using some of the stuff in my bag! Don't kick ya self- it's 77% off the total value!

And I used some in this SECOND LO from our weekend away trip- LOL- ( thanks to Newlife dreams for the commercial use frame freebie)
So won't keep ya any longer as phew this was a long YAP today- hahahahaha.

OOOH Guys before I go- You have to go check out Bunny's new kit- called Watercolour Splash- it's GORGEOUS! Check it out here
And now the plumber wants me to turn off the electricity- WAHAHAHAHA- so got to go-
Here's the link to the matching QP that you got last week- Sending hugs and Loves Kim


scrapperJ said...

Oooohhhh Kim my heart goes out to you......I wouldn't be laughing I'd be crying if that happened to me. I can imagine the mess it created and the smell of everything as it dries out.
Some tradesmen just don't deserve their hubby is an electrician and he has seen some terrible work done by other sparkies.
Thankyou for the lovely QP.
BTW hope you had your camera in hand this morning as Wayne was bathing. Hehehehehehe

Bunny said...

thanks for the pimp kimmie.
Pimp and PIMP..

Supa' Wayne to the rescue!

Frankrijkgek said...

Thanks for sharing, you make so many beautiful things. Really love them.
Carla from the Netherlands

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Wow, not a good thing to have happen. But makes for a hella story. Sorry, had to laugh. Hope it gets fixed and life goes back to "normal" soon.
Have a great day!

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness! I guess it's a good think you guys were home to stop all the water as fast as you could. That is just so awful. Good Luck! Hope it gets fixed very quickly!

Ms. Kari said...

I was literally reading with my jaw on the floor! Oh my stars, I can't even imagine. (First thought was to call my dad & ask him..he's a plumber lmao) I could hear him now.."If it don't cost sh*t, you get sh*t work" I know you got pics, right? For umm, insurance purposes, right? I'm loving my bag!! Played with it last night. If ya'll are thinking about getting it, DO IT!!! LOTS of fun goodies!!! And omg, Kim, you're SO after my heart with one of the items in that bag. lol Love the QP today. Thanks sooooooo much!! *huggles to ya*

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

OMG kim what a horrible thing to happen its a good thing you were both home & got the water shut off or it would have been alot worse!!!!
I'm glad that neither one of you got hurt with the incident!!!!!!
TY so very much for another FAB QP!!!!!!!

Renée said...

So I almost ended up with boiled chicken? LOL. Dog any disaster in the home is the pitts and I hope you didn't suffer too much damage. Well Waynie can just be glad it's not winter. Tee hee. BTW my name's not Croppy, but after that disaster I forgive you. Ta for the QP.

Mrs. Miles said...

Poor thing... looks like your photo bucket needs servicing too...

Put your sentiment up today!

Big Okanagan Squissssssssssshies
~ B

*Scrapbrat* said...

Today I came here to grab your blinkie,and what do I get?It says bandwith exceeded!Where can I get your blinkie now and what seems to be the problem with it?If you could can you please e mail it to me at Thanx for all the freebies and a great site.Keep it up.

LynnD said...

Well thank God you all got home when you did. Hopefully you'll get all fixed up today. I almost hate to even bring this up and add to your bad day, but Seize is spelled wrong in your quick page. *hides* Don't shoot the messenger.

Denise said...

Oh man, i've been so busy that i have just had the energy to come check on you everyday. It is 11:18pm in New England usa and i am STILL at work: today was the last day of classes and everyone who did not take advantage of our class offerings and development support during the semester has shown up in the past two days. I'm beat. Kim, your story made my day, and i think it's time for us to come shoot your space and ask for the South African version of Extreme Makeover--Home edition!
If the neighbors saw Wayne at Halloween, they probably didn't bat an eye! For you, on the other hand, they would have had the telescope out! Gurl you just keep the laughter coming. (And i know a million folk must have said something about your photobucket account not behaving, eh...) OK, thank you for making my very long day a winner, Kim.

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

You have got to be the most easy going person in the world! So sorry for all your troubles! Sounds awful, and hope all goes well with the repairs. Anyways, thanks a bunch for the new QP!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

olga9999 said...

It's actually quite a good thing that no-one was in the room when that happened, it's bad that you are left without water and with a whole and other damaged stuff, but at least no-one was injured. :( I hope you can manage to fix that this time once and for all, because considering you that you also are dealing with the electricity problems it cannot be very nice to be in the house right now.

The only good thing is that is almost summer and sure there's a long day and the temperature is nice, but even though I'm sure it's really messy and really uncomfortable. Best of luck with the house problems.

Thanks so much for the freebie and best wishes. :O)

Peggy said...

Thanks for the freebie I'm so happy that you used my stamp on it it's great !

Sharon-shutterbug said...

I can not believe you can make jokes under such duress - Oh my goodness, I'd have been STEAMING! Well, maybe not steaming, but pretty HOT UNDER THE COLLAR! I mean, my blood would really have been BOILING. Seriously.

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.