Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Back to routine

LOL- AWWWWW holidays are over- hahahahaha, Back to school this morning and back to the NORMAL Routine- Fetch, carry- Mom's taxi- LOL. Looking at Nathan today- I can't believe my little boy is a young man! He looks sooo sooo smart in his uniform and now being taller and slimmer- well he just looks tooo DANG cute! ( hee hee- I'm allowed to say that- I'm his very proud MommyLOL)-

Last night I had to cut his hair for school today ( no hair to touch ears or collar)- and Bunny said I should send a Before and After pic- LOL ( I wasn't sure if she was worried about poor old Nathans *head*- or just curious to see what he would look like-WAHAHAHAHAHA_ but I did a LO for her anyway-

It did take a while to convince Nath to stand still for the camara - he's all of a sudden camara shy- but I got them- LOL

Now according to him- he looks better with the MOP! WAHAHAHA, I like it shorter- lifts his face- but fashion is of course MORE important than MOM's advice-LOL

I used some *extra's* that I made for my African Sunsets kit ( will be available as an add-on soon) and frames by The Alpha I used by my CT member Renee- which I will give to you at the bottom of this post as a freebie today- It's AWESOME!!

And don't forget that my CLOSE KNIT KIT is still 25% off and you get that awesome 6 page brag book FREE with your purchase! ( just email me your invoice number).

Here is a WONDERFUL LO from Silvia (who's hubby has come home on a surprise visit!)- wooohooooo girlfriend- enjoy your time together!

Love the stitched paper and stars! And Cropps sent me this one- she has been playing with photo techniques too,

But loved the embroidered spray *framing* at the top!! Great job girl! AND MORE GIFTS! WOOOHOOOOOO-

Our friend Kari has this wonderful matching QP on her blog today- so pop on over and grab this little pressy from her. ( please don't forget to leave some love)

And here is the SUPER DUPER African Sunsets matching Alpha from Renee- It's all uppercase and numbers ( lowercase to follow-LOL)-

It has a wonderful texture with a slight animal skin print on it! STUNNING! Grab it here- and don't forget the love- And now it's almost time to go fetch Nathan again- LOL. See I had to make sure I posted today BEFORE I ran out of the house as he has already asked to meet a *friend* this afternoon. Boy and it's only the first DAY- wahahahahahaha. Sending loves and hugs Kim


Gayle said...

LOVE Nathan's page - good job on the layout & the hairstyle! Cute kid! :)

Ms. Kari said...

Cute kiddo Mama!! Those LOs are fantabulous!!!!! Have a great one today hun!!!

Shannon said...

Nathan's lucky you can cut his hair for him - fortunately there aren't any photos of when my mom decided my bangs needed to be "trimmed" (I didn't have bangs to begin with)....
Great LOs and thanks for the freebie!

Renée said...

I like the short hair too. Opens that gorgeous face up for everyone to see. Shame I feel your pain. Back to school is hard work for a mom. Luckily my baby finished last year and she's driving herself to college now.

Jazz said...

Wow..Nathan has sure changed in a year..what a hunk..doll...cuite..whatever the lingo is now LOL..and wow to all those wonderful layouts..ya'll dont need me at external drive is in the shop..they think they can retrive my stuff and put it on another drive..if not..well then I will fall completely (Im still hanging on to some hope LOL) apart and start trying to add stuff back on..and try to figure out why this computer has been acting so goofty..thanks for the alpha renee its awesome and beth the brag book pages are beautiful too..we sure do have a lot of talent on this ct..

Nancy72 said...

I can't find your email to send my order #...........

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

olga9999 said...

He's definitely smiling more in the one with the longer hair, so he looks better on that one, or at least to me he looks better on that one. ;) It might also be that I'm younger, too. :) But one thing is true, you know how to cut hair, :) It's not that easy as it looks.

The layouts are great thanks for sharing them. Your new kit, is fantastic and has a lovely natural feeling (I think I have said that already, but it's true) :)

Thanks so much for everything and my condolences to Nathan in starting school again and losing the mop. LOL

Best wishes. :O)

Faith said...

I think Nathan is handsome whether his hair is long or short, but, wow, you did an awesome job of cutting his hair! Way to go, Mom! Also, I absolutely LOVE your layout...hey, could you give those scissors/comb/arrows as a freebie? They are just tooooo cute and I would love to have them!!!
Great job!!!

Denise said...

Renee, this is a great alpha. Kim, your CT is just toooo awesome.