Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Back to school

EEEESSSSH, what a day! LOL- It's officially back to school for Nathan tomorrow, and of COURSE he needed EVERYTHING from shirts to shoes! So today has been running around LAST MINUTE looking for the official school shoe that would fit!! ( WOW my child has BIG FEET!!-wahahaha), trousers ( which are actually a whole size smaller than last years!), new white coloured shirts, grey socks and of course the books and stationary!! With Nathan only arriving back late Saturday - it didn't leave us much time to go shopping- LOL. I can't remember which country's still wear school uniforms?? But here in South Africa we wear school uniform basics (usually Grey or Navy) and a different coloured blazer and badge for each individual school- it make is sooo much easier and I think it stops a lot of peer pressure in schools amongst the teens about having to wear *brand names*-KWIM? There is also a huge debate about it helping with disapline and order- but that would be another long discussion- wahahahaha . We have mostly everything and now I'm EXHAUSTED! LOL- Got Nathan making me a cup of tea too (hee hee- nothing like a little bribery.)

Here are some AWESOME LO's done with my new Close Knit Kit- 25% off at the moment.
And remember to send me your invoice number and I will send you a STUNNING 6 page BRAGBOOK!!

I actually love how this kit blends so well with heritage or black and white photos too! This one show's just how gorgeous it worked!! Doodle used my Bygone kit as well as the Close Knit kit together!! It's AWESOME!!

And I couldn't resist doing Fisheads(Fishinmom's) Heritage Challenge at DSO!! Here is my take on it-
This is my Dad as a *babe*- LOL.! I love the babydoll shoes and his little ringletts! You were a cutie daddy- hee hee! And now I'm being really cheeky- LOL ( well ok as Wayne would say that's my REAL middle name-LOL)

This STUNNING LO was sent to me by LOU CEE CREATIONS! Louise- It's gorgeous! Love that photo and the way the kit highlights it!

NOW- if you pop on over to LouCee Creations blog- WOW, she has some freebie kits up that are BEAUTIFUL!!! So that is where I am sending you today for your freebie- LOL(well ok, sort of cheeky)! I really have not had the time today to even *fart* WAHAHAHAHA- So Louise's link was a blessing!!! Thanks soo soo much!
Don't forget to check out my Colour Challenge too- GEEE WHIZZZZZ those girls have had me HOPPING this month!! Honestly! TONS AND TONS of goodies in there! So if you haven't had a look in a few days- trust me- go look! hahahaha.
Well let me get the scissors and comb out and get that fluff off my sons head! LOL. Sending loves and hugs Kim.


Wenchiepoo said...

Hey there gurlie!!!

Dork dancing all over your blog just 'cuz I can....

Have somethin' for ya on my new blog....


Love ya!!!!

Ms. Kari said...

Those LOs are GREAT!!!! Off to play now..have a great one hun!! *huggles*

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Beautiful LOs, love the black & white photos used with this kit, they are awesome!

olga9999 said...

The layouts are fantastic, I love them all. Thanks so much for sharing them. :)

About the uniforms kids in Ireland also use uniforms in school and I do agree in the peer pressure thing. Some people also say that considering how quick kids grow and need new clothes it makes it cheaper to buy them clothes that way. I'm not sure about them but they never really manage to use clothes, they outgrow them. LOL

I must take a look around the Colour challenge this month, I hope to have some time in the evening.:)

Thanks so much for sharing the layouts with us, they're very beautiful and best wishes. :O)

Kyrsten said...

Thanks for letting Lou Cee send me here great work!

Shannon said...

Love the LOS Kim! I'm working on the challenge but since we're down to my laptop while we wait for the new desktop motherboard to ship, I don't have all of my usual tools. :)