Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Oh that is for more things than you will KNOW!! LOL- for all the encouragement, support and the TONS of HA HA HA's I have recieved- THANK YOU!!! And another Thank you for the wonderful comments on my LO yesterday- I didn't mean to make anyone cry- it was just something I had to share- and well today I PROMISE I won't make ya cry-
Because after all the comments- I have to tell you this story about Ma and I - ( please understand that Ma was not my BLOOD Mother- but my best friend and I *adopted her as my MA* too-) And OH Boy- did we get into trouble together too- we NEVER noticed the age gap between us at all!-

I used to drop Nathan off at school in the morning and stop at Ma's for my morning coffee- she would always be dressed and ready and then we would plan our day together ( until school got out that is)- and this day we had to go and buy Dad Jan( Ma's hubby) some new shirts- and Dad is not a small man- LOL, so the normal clothing stores usually didn't stock his size- We have a warehouse type clothing chain that had some in stock and that was where we were heading for the morning- Now imagine a warehouse roof- you know the one that has NO ceiling- is filled with ROWS and ROWS of racks- ( got that picture-LOL)
Well I am walking up and down the Lady's section when I hear *KIM*- Kim- and I look around as it's sort of echoing around in the store- Ma is standing in the mens section holding something in her hands- so I take a stroll over- now smiling at EVERYONE that now know's my name is KIM- LOL

I get there and she's standing in the *socks, belts and undies* section and in her hand is a JOCKEY's mens tanga box- She looks at me and says- Phew did you see this??- So I take a glance and seeing this VERY TIGHT MUSCLED six pack in undies on the box ,hahaha- say - WOW, good six pack- She starts shaking her head with this chuckle that start's rising and say's NO!! Check out his PACKAGE!!- MA!!!!!!- WAHAHAHAHAHAHA, The guy posing on the box had a pair of WHITE undies on and they were DEFINETLY not DOUBLE CROTCHED!!!! ROTFLMAO- I tell you - I couldn't help myself- I was laughing that the tears started rolling- she started laughing and farted at the same time, hahahaha- and that was US FINISHED!!!- we had to drop the box and run for the door- hahahahahaha. Do you know that the sales people there remembered MY NAME the next time we went- wahahahahaha!!!! Wonder why???_ hahahahahahahahaha

And you know that *morning* stuck with us - she would always say something like * um see, he tried to squeeze it all in ONE package*- usually a man with his jeans toooo tight- and well that would just start us off all over again- LOL.

AND- another THANK YOU!!- SYLVIA- my wonderful German CT member and friend sent me a parcel - DID she make my day yesterday- WHOOOOHOOOOO- So I thought I would show you what I got-- BIG MWAHS GIRL!!

WAHAHAH- Wayne's wasn't opened here yet as I had to wait for him to come home- but I've left it censored- WAHAHAHAHAHA, Thanks girl for the HUGE LAUGH!!! And check out that AWESOME undie set- and it fits like a dream- WOHOOOOOO I have CLEAVAGE in it! hahahaha- and well that packet of cookies is now FINISHED, YUM, and oh Wayne only got ONE- tee hee!

Ok- now that I've filled my post with a book again- let me show you what MY AWESOME CT have done with my FORGOTTEN NOT KIT-

Sylvia used it in memory of one of her favourite kitty's - Love how you did the page girl- And I know that the kit is a memorial one- but it's through this kit that I have relived a lot of memory's the last few days, as well as being able to share someone who meant the world to me.

I have also Upped the WORD ART seperately- so that if you would like to use the phrases and quotes with other kits you can- You can see it here- BOTH the FORGOTTEN NOT kit and the WORD ART are 25% off at the moment-

And Beth has shown that you can use the kit it for ANY type of LO- Her DD's favourite colour is purple, and I just LOVE the framing here!! AWESOME JOB!- and it's THANKS to BETH today for the freebie-

WOOOHOOOOO- it's a FEB Desk top- Ready for the month of love too- Made with my Forgotten Not kit- Please leave Beth some LOVE when you download and PHEW I think that's been one hell of a post today- HAHAHAHAHAHA. -
OH and if you are blogging today- why not join in on the CHOO CHOO at DSO- Yup we have a blog train going- we are having great fun on it- Check it out HERE_ And now- let me get some work done- LOL, I've yakked enough now-hahahaha- Hugs and Loves Kim


.: Kristine :. said...

LMAO!!!! That is the best!!! Kimmy has hooters now!!! Wooowheeeeeee!!!!!

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

ROFLMAO!! Too funny!! Sounds like Ma was a hoot!! Thanks for sharing the story!! :)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Love the story Kim!!!
Can just imagine it!!!!! LOL
Still feel like sh--!!!!!!!!!!!
Just doing some quick blog hopping & going back & lay down!!!!!!
TY both so very much for this AWESOME desktop!!!!!!!!!!
& again for yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

Jazzy said...

Wonder if this is going to remember my password today HEHE..Now Kim I can just see you and Ma in that store..wheres the "Depends"..I would have to have stock in that place if I lived close to you..on line is bad enough HEHEHEH...thanks for sharing some of Ma with us..
Thanks Beth the desk top is sure are ambitious..Sylvia your page was just awesome..what a beautiful kitty..well I gotta go was the glue off my face and out of my hair..(had a sleep test today) man I had so many wires hooked up to me If they had plugged me in I could have ran..hehe hugs everyone..have a great day

xashee's corner said...

Thanks so much for sharing the WONDERFUL story of you & your Ma, the BEAUTIFUL layouts & desktop & gift you got! i LOVE your blog and my visits with you :D but hard as i try, your forum won't let me in, not to register or view; nothing :( .... little cows like to join too ... mo
ROFL :D Have a GREAT day! HUGS!

Andrea said...

I LOVE your blog!! It always puts a smile on my face & giggles. You are a funny lady & know how to have FUN!! BTW - I love all the LOL's etc cuz it lets me know your giggling as you type & I do the same thing.

LOVE that story of the "package" of underwear picture!! My hubby and I always laugh at those pictures too! Usually we're thinking "where did they put it" since the picture looks so smooth. ha ha :)

Renée said...

I just kilt a mouse reading this post. Just dropped an entire glass of Coke all over it. Thank goodness I still have a ball mouse. You're definitely cracked of the good kind.

Thanks Beth. That's so nice.

Dracowin said...

ROFL! Thank you for sharing that fun fun story! Sounds like you an MA were a blast together. It really brightens my day to read about those who truly enjoy the fun moments in life. Thank you.
Thank you for the beautiful desktop and for sharing the lovely layouts by your CT too. Sylvia's kitty looks a lot like one of mine. I it had a similar purrsonality as well, I'm sure she misses it A LOT.
I shouldn't be spending the money right now, but I MUST have that kit. Purple is a favorite color of mine and the papers and elements in that are gorgeous. Off to shop...

EAL Designs2 said...

Oh dam girl, I almost fell off my chair, and woke up my hubby, rolmbo, way way too funny, what a fantastic memory, will have you laughing for all times.
Thanks for sharing it with us, she sure sounds like she was a very special lady.
Hugs, Lisa

Fotomum said...

Thanks for the story! I once read that a good story teller entertains you for the moment, but a Great story teller keeps you smiling for a day (can't remember who said this though), anyway you are definitely in the Great's!! Also, thanks to both of you for the desktop!!!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

ROFLMAO!!!! I love the story of you and Ma in that store, I can just picture it. Sounds like she was also a fun lady. The LO's are great, and thanks for the beautiful desktop.

Amy W. said...

FYI- I love you, don't ever change! And thanks a million!
-Amy the Great

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Veelana said...

Choo-choo! Blog train arriving...
Thank you for making me laugh, I really needed it this mornig!

Doodle said...

You are to funny Kim, and I could just she you and your MA sneaking around dept stores in the mens dept checking out packages. ROTFL If one of the sales people came up and asked what you are doing you could tell them you are quality control. ROTFL

I always told my hubby that if you can fart around someone you know you truely love each other. LOL

I am posting this message a day late and you have the next day up already and you say you missed a day and was wondering were it went. I think you were daydreaming about a package. lol

love the sheep kristine!!!!!

olga9999 said...

You both were a terrible danger together, LOL well together and own your own you are terrible anyway. LOL

You should have put the layout bigger to allow us seeing the size of your crime, eating all those cookies and leaving just one for Wayne it's a very bad thing. LOL Anyway I have been reading Sylvia's blog about this a while ago, and it sure took sometime for that package to arrive to you.

Thanks for sharing the layouts with us and everything else and best wishes. :O)