Thursday, 24 January 2008

Thursday?? and for MAX

Shheeee's what happend to Wednesday???- Someone give it back- LOL. My dad had asked me last week to trim his hair- so he arrives this morning and is sort of wandering around the house ( which isn't really unusual-LOL) - but not really here for anything ( usually he brings his washing with him for me to do-) so I asked him if he was OK and what was up- he say's he's waiting for me to finish what I'm doing so I could cut his hair-LOL. I of course in my BLONDE moment- say but that's tomorrow isn't it- UUUURRRRR- NO, WAHAHAHA, It's TODAY- Oh gee's I SWEAR that it was Wednesday when I woke up this morning- haha , Well dad got his haircut and I lost a day- hee hee

But GUESS WHAT- WOOHOOO, it's just one more day closer the the weekend!

And it was Colleens Bday yesterday- Hip Hip Hip Horraaaaayyy! Here's wishing you ALL you wish yourself and more this year Col- I hope it's a good one filled with lots of love and tons of laughter!
HOW AWESOME does this LO look!!!! Using my Forgotten Not kit too- Col - I love it- and you have such a way with journaling too- Brilliant JOB!-Hugs

And back to a more serious note-

Firstly-Thanks soo sooo much for all your e-mails and personal story's too- I've got to know a LOT of you more personally- and I've got Andrew to thank for that- Judi can't believe just how many people have gone to see Andrews website to read a little bit more about him- she Thanks you from the bottom of her heart!.

I also got to know my dear friend and CT member Renee a little better too - She was in tears when she recieved the Forgotten Not kit and has now managed to scrap pictures of her late brother MAX and his funeral-

I would like to share these with you and the story too- Thank you Renee for sharing your heart girl!

I'll share my story with you all.

My mom never had much luck with boys. I'm a twin and my brother was still born (That's why Precious Angel Memories is also a favourite kit), then my mom fell pregnant with 2 more boys that didn't make it beyond 2 weeks. Then the miracle happened when I was 10 and my gorgeous brother Glynn was born. Of course we all spoilt him rotten and he was a real terror, to the point that we gave him the nickname Max for the movie Mad Max.

We were a biking family. My dad rode a motorbike and we grew up on motorbikes, but we have chronic allergies and Max was severely asthmatic. On the 24th July 2004 Max was out riding his bike and had an asthma attack, lost control of his bike and because of the hardening of his chest from all the cortisone to control his disease, the paramedics could only stand by and watch him die. In 3 years not a day has gone by that we don't miss him

This set of four photo's were some of the pics that she say's were SO her brother-

And here is the rest of Renee's story-

You know, if it wasn't for these photos, I'd say it was a day that never happened. I can't remember a thing from the time we got the call to say he passed away until 2 weeks later. People keep telling me I did certain things but I cannot recall it at all.

It was a huge funeral and in the 1st photo is about a third of the people that were milling about outside before we went to the church. We couldn't leave from any of our houses and had to go to the car park of one of the local shopping centres.

The second photo is of Corné and myself on the blue bike. I was incapable of riding my own bike that day. Next to us is Max's best friend and whom my nephew was named after. We led the bike procession 2 x 2 behind the hearse. That is why you see a bit of a gap between us and the rest of the procession.

The 3rd photo is in the church and all his best and closest friends and family left a message on the coffin. His helmet and a set of his colours were also placed on the coffin. Max was cremated with his helmet and colours.

This has been a bit of a catharsis for me. I had to do this as I kept on getting "ostridge syndrome" when it came to the actual day of the accident and funeral.

I had gooseflesh and tears in my eyes when I read this e-mail that came with the above LO's and felt that Max and Renee deserved their own posting here- Love you girl and Thank you for sharing what I KNOW has been really HARD for you! MWAH's

I made you two Brag book pages to match my kit- which is still 25% off at the moment-

II hope that they will help you scrap some of YOUR memory's of your loved ones- - Thanks for reading guys, and phew, what an emotional week this has been- but a GOOD ONE!! Until tomorrow ( yippeeeee FRIDAY)- hugs and loves Kim


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim you just touched to many hearts with your kit girl...Renee's story is wonderful but so sad...I had goosebumps while I read it...what a funeral he had huh? the layouts are awesome Renee...thanks for sharing them..sending you kisses...and Kim I feel you on losing the Im back to work my days are nothing...crazy...and I have so much to do which is not getting done cuz Im short of my dear friend Im wishing you a wonderful Thursday...have to go pick up the girls and get our passports they will be done by March...we will fly to the US...cant wait..big hugs and kisses

LouCeeCreations said...

Kim, thankyou for sharig Renee's story with us, and much love to you Renee for your courage, I agree it has been an emotional week, but it's been one that gives us time to think about the loved ones in our hearts too. Thankyou for sharing your kit xx

Renée said...

Oooh Kimmy, thanks for putting my BB (Big Brother's) story up. Wet stuff is once again pouring out of my eyes. He was 10 years my junior, but a big guy, we're very tall, and he ALWAYS looked out for his little sister.

And ladies, he had the most marvelous pick up line. "Hello, my name is Max, how do you like me so far?" Melted the hardest heart there and then. I hope you all like him so far.

Thanks for the quick pages my friend.

Renée said...

And I forgot my manners.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! Hope you had a great day Col.

Jazzy said...

1st off before I forget again..Happy Birthday Colleen..hope it was a great one and that you have the best year yet..loved you page Renee..your story so touched my heart..and your layouts were so awesome..I know your brother would love them and be proud of you..and Kimmmy..thank you for taking your blog to share this with us all..and for the great quick know they are great..huggs to everyone

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Kim what can I say as we get older we lose track of time!!!! LOL
TY so very much for sharing the wonderful QP's & memories from Renee!!!!
It bought tears!!!!!
TY so very much for the BEAUTIFUL BB pages!!!!!

Ms. Kari said...

Oh wow. I'm at a loss for words.

Fotomum said...

Thanks sooooo much Kim!! and Renee!! Hugs and Kisses to all

Melberry said...

What an amazing story ... and what extraordinary layouts. So, so touching, and I appreciate you sharing them very much. Since it's been an emotional week for so many, and you didn't even know what day it was, it's perfectly fitting that you drop by my blog and see how my Thursday-that's-a-Monday is going so far. Hope it makes you smile --You're a KEEPER, Lady Kim. Thank you very the ever-present, effervescent YOU. Hugs, Melanie

xashee's corner said...

wow! First Happy Birthday Colleen! :D
second, thank you for sharing Renee's story! and Thank YoU Renee for sharing {{HUGS}} truly touching and i do feel like i already know him :D

Dane Ann said...

Oh my! This has been such a real jerker of a week. I think I shed more tears the last few days then my hubby can handle. He came home yesterday, saw me sitting on the bed with tears pouring out, and immediatly jumped to the conclusion that I had just gotten really bad news of my own. Poor guys such a teady he was ready to cuddle up with me to be MY Rock! I couldn't do anything but bust out laughing!!! Then he thought I had gone completely mad and gave me one of those looks that says "Is she PMS'ing? but I'm not about to ask". Kim you would have busted out with all your gusto and would probably been heard around the world. It was one of those very priceless moments and darn if I didn't have the camara within reach, I would have scrapped it for you all.

Hugs & Blessings - Dane Ann

Dracowin said...

Thank you so much for sharing Renee and Max's story. Her layouts are a beautiful memorial to an obviously very special brother - and overall person judging from the turnout for his funeral. Love the pick up line Renee. I bet he did melt many hearts.
Thank you for the QPs Kim. I have a few memories of my own I need to scrap and this kit and the extras you've shared will be well used for them.

Mrs. Miles said...

Boy - how do you DO this???? you make me ROFL, then weep all in the same post. Well kleenex either way hay?

Ok, if i were DAD and knew you could not even remember what day it was, I'd say... uhhh honey, lets do the cut another day... I mean what if you took off an ear or something?

Thanks for sharing! I'll be back!

~ Barb

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I know what you mean about loosing a day Kim, it seems to happen to me more and more often lately! LOL
Kim you have touched so many hearts with this kit... Renee thank you for sharing your story, I cried as I read it. I know how hard this was for you, hugs to you. Thank you for the BB pages Kim, they are beautiful!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.


Thinking of you

olga9999 said...

Happy Birthday to Colleen!!! :)
I know it's several days late, but I hope to still be on time. :) Her dog is really lovely and she looks really sweet. :) It's a great layout and very heartfelt. :)

Renee's story is very sad. I'm so sorry for her loss. It's always hard to lose a relative and more in some circumstances.:(

I guess your kit has really touch the hearts and memories of people, these kind of stories are really hard to talk about and to share with others. At least for me it feels painful if I talk about some stuff, it's like giving life to pain if you talk about it, so you better keep it quiet. :(

Thanks so much for everything and best wishes. :O)