Friday, 25 January 2008


Phewwwie, guys- this has been a roller coaster ride this week- I'm laughing and the next minute bawling like a babe! I can't thank you enough for all your story's- I never ever realised just how much Forgotten Not would effect everyone- including me!! But I think that is why we SCRAP- it's about memory's isn't it?- Sad or Happy, its a way of preserving OUR history- our lives and THAT is what makes this community so special! We understand that and the strength of your comments to all those sharing their own pain is truely inspirational THANK YOU!

And here is my completed 2nd LO of my MA- I loved how this came out and have sent it to the whole family too- The first pic was taken before she contracted Luekemia and the second smaller one a few months before she passed away- But It was a lot easier doing this one after I did the first one, I actually smiled while doing it- which felt GOOD! Used a template by Frieska that I adapted.

OK- I thought I'd throw an IDEA out there to you- YOU all know I have my Designers Grab bag up ONCE every month- (and yup the next one is in the works-LOL)- But I thought I'd try something DIFFERENT- There are sooo MANY out there - SO HERE is my idea-LOL
A REQUEST piece in each bag- Is there anything that YOU would specifically like to see in a DESIGNERS grab bag?? Something YOU have been looking for??- If I can do it that is-LOL ( hahahaha) - I will add it to a BAG and REVEAL that ITEM when I put it up-

What ya think-?? Got any ideas- leave them in my message box- and it could be YOURS in February's grab bag-???? NOT/YES???- hahaha

Ok- Jazzy has got her Mojo working and has some stuff re-added to her HD!! Whooopie- so she's BACK- and I have to say- this is a GOOD FRIDAY LO JAZZY!

HOW many of our MEN say that!! I know Wayne does- he's always *just resting his eyes*- but um ok he must be resting his vocal cords too then- cause they making a NOISE!! WAHAHAHAHA- Awesome LO- LOVE it!

This is of Jazzy's DAD- and Jazz there is NO-ONE that can journal like you can- so straight to the heart!!! And Jazz has blessed us with the cluster and the frame that she made for this LO-

HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS!!! It's Stunning!! Thanks Jazzy- Remember my Forgotten Not is still on SALE at 25% off at the moment- but ends on SUNDAY! So grab it quick before it goes up full price-
And Now I'm off to play MOMS TAXI again- LOL, fetch and carry, I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I'm going to be RELAXING and maybe creating again- LOL ( ok ok- probably more than maybe-hahahaha) Sending tons of loves and hugs-Kim


Renée said...

I'm not going to say it, coz I'm sure that Bunny Wunny chicken is sitting here waiting for me to get all excited about being first.

Stunning LO's made by all and thanks Jazzy that frame is a keeper!!!!

Urm, think I'll mail you, coz I can write a book on all the stuffies I'd like to see in a grab bag.

Digiaddict said...

Hi Kim,

I've just caught up with your blog and was sorry to read that someone had given you a hard time. Keep laughing and never mind them! I love your blog and your fun and your laughter (and your designs). Keep laughing girl!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Such beautiful LO's, Jazzy I love the frame! Have a great weekend Kim!

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

WOW - what a gorgeous frame!! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

LouCeeCreations said...

love the frame and the bead cluster, you know what a bead freak I am lol!

How about stitches in your next grab bag Kim xx, not just in a straight line, but broken and with thread hanging and maybe in shapes HaHa, not asking too much here, I'm only saying this as I am doing a needlework calender (month by month) for a little group I'm in and they would defo come in handy lol!

Amy W. said...

Let's see, what do I want commercially? A good set of Grungy Edge overlays would be nice. A cameo pin/frame w/ the middle empty for me to fill (could be personal use too) A good clean set of starter shapes. Seems the ones I've gotten in the past are all jazzed edged when you get up close. Hinges. More beads. More lace. A picket fence, a basket or two. Okay have I given you enough? LOL! I could make some of these myself but I'm so sick and lazy right now.
Hugs my friend!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!
Yep my Hubby use to say the same thing!!!!! LOL
TY both so very much for this AWESOME goody today!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Rarole said...

many thanks for sharing so much with us - not just the cool stuff to scrap with - but also the "heart" stuff that we grow with. You're right - that is what makes this community special - we are each out there looking to find wonderful ways to care for our memories of the past and our hopes and dreams for tomorrow. You do a lot to make that easy!! Love and hugs!

My Digi Corner said...

Thanks Kim and Jazz!

Kim, before I even read your comments on the LO, I thought, "yeah my hubby says "he is just resting his eyes", and then I thought, "but he snores while doing it". What is it with men that they can't say that they are taking a nap? Oh well, ya gotta love them (don't ya?) :-)

Serene said...

This is so pretty Kim, thank you and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!

Ms. Kari said...

OK, I have to ask...Jazzy...get with me. Does his shirt say BAMA? lol that Forgotten Not kit is amazing girlie.

Fotomum said...

thanks for the frame! it's beautiful jazzy!!!

honeybee said...


I have loved all of the heartfelt layouts this week. Your Ma was beautiful and I can definitely see where you get your zest for life. Your first layout of her dancing even when she was so ill is very inspiring to me.

Have a great weekend.


Shannon said...

Hey Kim! I finally blogged again - so there's a bit of pimpage for you. :) Have a fabulous weekend!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Mamounia said...

Its absolutely beautiful, thanks a lot!

Jenni said...

Why am I not surprisd you are still awake at this time LOL- 11.13pm!!
My biggest wish to see in that grab bag of yours is the secret of how you make those sparkles. I am into all thigs sparkley at the moment, so anything in that line would be wonderful! Thanks for the gorgeous freebie!!
PS: After years of using PSP, I did my first LO with PS CS3, I feel like a complete traitor to my beloved PSP,but oh so proud of myself1 LOL!
Have a great rest of the weekend, and thanks for popping by to say hi!

Mrs. Miles said...

Enjoy playing taxidriver for mom, My friend, one day you will wish you had the opportunity once again.

I think your request idea for your grabs are pretty smart!

My head is pounding as I`ve been out skating all day and then had to rush to town with hunny and its cccccoollld outside, so I am keeping this brief so my frozen brain does not make me say something silly!

muah (Canadian version of your SA MWAH)

*wink* Barb

HarleyGirl said...

Hey Kim, beautiful LO of your mom. and thanks to Jazzy for the beautiful freebie

jburkhart said...

HI Kim!
Finally had the chance to come on over and say hi! Lovely new kit and such pretty layouts too!
I love your commercial use designer grab bags - always a joy to see what you will create and offer in them! I would love to see some stitching as mentioned also by Louce. about those manila file folder fasteners or those laced eyelet templates? Your texture overlays are always great too!
There's a few ideas for you...can't wait until the next bag!
Thanks and big hugs!
P.S. How about layered tag templates/clusters????

olga9999 said...

The "resting my eyes" is such a lame excuse and so universally use, you would think that been so used people would stop using but no, it continues going strong in the excuses fashion world. LOL (I know it I have use that excuse too. LOL)

Jazzy's elements are terrific, very beautiful cluster and goes really well with that frame. :) Thanks so much for sharing the elements with us. :)

Take care of yourself and many thanks for everything. :) Best wishes. :O)

CellyOneill said...

I loved ! Thanks so much for sharing !