Thursday, 28 February 2008

Leap year

Well yesterday I thought it was Thursday-, and today is NOT the end of the month either- LOL. An extra day every four years gets added on our calendars just to confuse poor people like me- hahaha.

Oh I know they are there- it's just that you get used to after 3 years that Feb ends on the 28th! hahahaha. And like I said yesterday- I can't quite imagine being born on a day that only comes around every 4 years! ( shhheeee's what an excuse for people when they forget that it's your Bday- , OOOOH- but your Birthday only happens in so many years time??- LOL)


Just a reminder- my Colour Challenge ENDS tomorrow- so if you would still like to go and check it out and maybe squeeze a LO in ( you can use ANY of the AWESOME kits in the thread) I will send you this posting gifty-


And if you have managed to get ALL THE CHALLENGES done MAKE sure you put your links to your LO's in the FAIRY's POSTING PRIZE thread!

And let me tell you that MEGA IS  MEGA GINORMOUS!!! Here was my contribution-


AND- Watch this space tomorrow for some *fun goodies* and for some SALE news- (sssshhhhhhh- I didn't say anything-LOL)

Want to see ALL THE GOODIES I got yesterday from Crystal in the USA!! Man I am having a BALL with my stuff- My Ty bear is on my desk and is sitting very pretty staring at me from my Radio speaker, The Lotion I used this morning and it's AWESOME!! ( UHUM- you might be getting a call for more of those Crystal- ROTF!!) And Nathan has already claimed the Coca Cola money box and cup and plates set!

THANKS SOO SOOO MUCH for this AWESOME, VERY GENEROUS taste of Minnesota and the USA!! MWAH


I PROMISE YOU- ALL this stuff came in that tiny box!! It was amazing- and Crystal said she used the cloths and towels as the *stuffing* instead of bubble wrap and chips as it was environmental friendlier- How clever girl- I think I'll be using that tip soon too-LOL.


Thanks to Jessica Sprague for the background and Janna Billman for the Scrabble Alpha.

I've been playing on a new kit(hee hee- I wonder what by looking at the freebie-hahahahahaha)  and well your freebie today was inspired by something I used to do with my Art Class ( juniors) and when we made crafts I always wanted them to be able to take something  home that day- And we made these(perfect two hour project) - now this one obviously is digitally produced - but it looks almost the same-LOL ( oooh I had fun doing this one-LOL)


thanks to Bunny Cates for her CU-Just in case, and the AWESOME Vector sets by Olivia Dorazio. These a must look at if you are a designer-(in ALL available Formats!!) I've had such great fun with them!

Don't forget to keep a look out tomorrow- whoooooohoooooo- Grab your glitter Fishy HERE> Hugs and Loves Kim


KayJay said...

Thank you so much! My eldest (robert, 3) is home from Kindergarden with Tonsilitis and a high temperature, and i am running out of things to do!
THIS will save the day tomorrow! I will sort all the bits out tonight,when they are in bed, and then off we go tomorrow!
Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

xashee's corner said...

oh my goodness, that package of goodies is FUN!!!! Thank you for sharing what you got :D
i LOVE the fishy and thank you, too, for sharing!!! Have a BEAUTIFUL day :D HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is the cutest fish - ever! If he's any indication, this is going to be one mad-fab kit.

Also, just wanted to toss in that I *love* your stitched/threaded heart in your portion of the mega kit. Adorable.

Thanks for everything, Kim!

Renée said...

Hello. If I never see a piece of organza again, I'll be happy. 4 more overlays to make tonight and then I'm all yours.

This fish is just TOO gorgeous!!!! I love it!!!

And that goodie bag was definitely crammed to the brim. How cool.

snorkologist said...

Sooooo cute!!! Thanks so much...;o)
I'm going to hang some old CDs around our glassed in porch in the spring...hoping to prevent birds from flying into the windows...if I find outdoor glue maybe I can dress them up a bit...;o)

Doodle said...

I love love love that fish, I cant wait til tomorrow.

Ethan my son's birthday is tomorrow. He is only 2. lol Really he is 8 years old and I cant beleive it. On the 3 other years we do his bithday on March 1 and that is my birthday. So we share a birthday 3 out of every 4 years. lol I remember begging the doctors to wait 1 more day, but that didn't work out. lol

Patamomma said...

What an adorable fish! THanks so much. Patty

Michelle from MD, USA said...

Love the fish. I think I'll add him in to a few of my snorkeling photos. Thanks!

Jenni said...

I LOVE this fish!!! I have a feeling this new kit of yours is going to be FANTASTIC!!
Happy Friday and leap year !

DigiLover said...

TOOT!! TOOT!! train a comin' :)

my goodness you certainly got some great goodies in that tiny little package!! bet you had so much fun with it all.

luv your gorgeous little fishie - so cute!! can't wait to see the rest of it!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

anke-art said...

Aaawwww, how CUTE! Thanks so much, I actually made some CD fishies last year, so this will be perfect for a layout with the pics from that day.

Mrs. Miles said...

Kim, the fishie is SOOO cute! I can imagine you had a ton of fun making it too. Nice to let yourself go wild. Olivia was TRILLED to see how you used her template - that gurl is just going to HAVE to get her own blog, no?

I'm cramming two days of blog reading in one, so will reserve some steam for your next entry.

hugs to you