Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Christmas and Birthday

WOOOHOOOOO- Oh my Word- it's been a really fun filled SURPRISING day today-LOL. It started off with my hospital volunteer work this morning- I love going and landed up having a few belly laughs with the patients, and it's a nice feeling to know you left some smiles when you leave. When I got home hubby was here- now trust me, Unless he can't take the toilet WITH him to work he never misses a day-hahaha, So I was surprised to see him still sitting here- He was hiding- ROTF. No- they have year-end tomorrow and as he only took over the company in Jan- he had a lot of catch up to do on the *books* and projections etc etc ( sounds all foreign to me-WAHAHAHA)- but he can't get it done at work as the phone rings all day and people are always in and out the office- so it was nice having him sit behind me working on his puter ( hee hee, don't tell him- it's because he makes me coffee and sandwiches too- ROTF).

Then I popped into the post office to fetch my mail and there sitting all pretty was a *parcel slip*- YIPPPPPPEEEEEE. We had a *gift exchange* in the forum at Scrapbook max- all names were put in a hat and you were allocated a *partner from a different country/area* - no-one knew who had who and it was ALWAYS exciting to see who got what and from whom as well as what they got.- I only found out who my *partner* was last week as she couldn't get to post the parcel before Christmas and it ARRIVED TODAY!!!! Crystal all the way from Rochester Minnesota- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I can't believe the amount of stuff you fitted into the box- the presents just kept coming out! LOL- Nathan and I were both digging in and he was saying *MOM- there's MORE!!!- WHAT-???- Gee's girl you can pack! Want to come do my suitcase at the end of next month too- LOL.

I'm busy with the LO and I will show you all tomorrow what I got- I'm just at a loss for words.

I've got a few more LO's to share with you today- Man I love me CT team- hahaha.


This wonderful Lo is from Sylvia- LOVE the cluster on this paper!!


This one is from Colleen- love the purple photo edges!


And this *little Angel* is from Luisa, One of our wonderful DSO designers. Just look at how her dress matches this kit! LOVE IT!!! If you pop on over to Luisa's blog she has some freebies up too-)

All the above LO's where done using my Story-Book Romance kit and Add-On! Thanks girls!

OK- Who has a birthday tomorrow???? HAHAHA- still in diapers? Ok I just think it's EXTREMELY FUNNY that when your Bday falls on a leap year and people ask you how old you are- well you can just divide it by 4 to get a legally true age- Um- how old are you- 9 - WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But I suppose it also has it's draw backs right? Keep a look out on my blog tomorrow for some fun. Sorry guys no freebie today- I had tooooo much fun opening pressy's and doing volunteer work today to spend much time on my computer- I'll make it up to you tomorrow- ;^) Hugs and Loves Kim


Melberry said...

Once again, you're having way too much fun without me!! Thanks for stopping by yesterday. It was great to hear from you -- I know how busybusybusy you are, so it's always a special treat when I see a message or mail from you. Your Story-book Romance kit is amazing. I have a nephew getting married in June so your kit inspires me to put together something form them or to go in search for something. His bride has chosen colors that won't quite work with this new kit of yours, but I AM going to use some black and white photos (I'm the official photographer, so I can do what I want) just so that I can use this gorgeously scrumptious kit of yours. On another note, I bet you could write a book about all your hospital volunteer work, the stories you could tell (and illustrate). Even one from the eyes of a child. Hmmmmmm ... it's a thought, huh. :) Blessings galore to you, my friend ... and have a wonderful day, whenever you read this. Melanie

.: Kristine :. said...

Hiya darlin'!!!!! Swiingin' thru before I get my ass out of this chair and do the dishes...bleh...LMAO!!! Mwah!

Luisa said...

Hi Kim, you always are having too much fun, invite girl! hahahaha, Really Beautiful lo from your CT, and thanks for post mine, Hugs Luisa

Nett said...

Just checkin in on you and throwing you some hugs!

Love ya!

Kari °O° said...

You are always havin fun!! Oh, and Chuck E Cheese is a pizza & play place for kids. Really annoying for most parents, but the kids love it. OK, off to do Mama type stuff. I got some great pics last night of Nick & the boys "fighting", I SO need to upload them to the puter & scrap them. lol Great big huggles!!!!!

amyeile said...


I have a friend turning Sweet 16 tomorrow. It will be a riot to have his teeny-bopper party for a guy in his 60s!

Thanks for your fun blog...even when there is not a freebie.

Amy in Michigan

KayJay said...

Just to let you know that I pop in for your stories, your freebies are a bonus, but it is your writing I drop in for!
Puts a smile on my face, plus your CT is awesome and seeing their layouts is always a pleasure

Lani said...

ooh cant wait to see what you got in your package! all your ct layouts are looking awesome! gonna have to unzip that baby and get some layouts done myself!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what you got in your pressie!! I join in a similar kind of swap on another forum, and it's so fun to see what you got, and from whom! In fact, i should be getting a parcel next week *claps hands excitedly*!

Love your blog matey, both yours and Bunny's brighten my day (I lead a very boring life, LOL) Just kidding... Luv ya!