Thursday, 14 February 2008


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone!! I hope you are all being spoilt rotten today ( um Mine say's that I get spoilt EVERYDAY and that EVERDAY in this house is Valentines day- hahaha)- which is true I must admit-. So I just got the big kiss and a *happy Valentines day*- bye- as he ran out the door this morning- wahahaha. Actually we have never really celebrated Valentines day since we have been married- yes the card, but that's all- we rather make a BIG deal over birthdays and well I suppose ANY day when we feel like being romantic. But I must admit I LOVED VAlentines day when I was younger - you know the anticipation *am I getting a card this year??*- and then the dissapointment of- NO BODY LOVES ME_ ROTF. Oh well that was until I lost my braces etc and got BOOBS! hahahahLOL

So I thought today that I would share my VERY FIRST LO I EVER DID!!! Yup- first digital one anyway- and that is EXACTLY a YEAR AGO! Seems so much longer-LOL, but it isn't-

I know the *wordart* was from Nanna's attic- but the rest I don't remember ( Shabby Princess?) But I didn't know about *crediting then* and just copied this from my Gallery at Scrapbookmax. See even then I was a * soft old fool* who really LOVES her man- hahahaha

This one wasn't far long after the above LO-
I still love this one- I like my simple/clean LO's- hee hee, but I have learnt a LOT since then. And for those that shared these wonderful creations- THANK YOU!!!!

And of COURSE I had to make one for today- because even though we don't do much today- I still feel compelled to tell my Hubby that besides being my HUSBAND , I am soooo grateful and hounoured to be able to call him my BEST FRIEND! That being my *other half* is just an understatement and that without him I am nothing. Love you Waynie-

Template revised by Frieske- word art by Cottage Arts. And I used my Lovable kit too-

OK OK- enough of the soppy shit as my friend Deon would say- LOL I've got something for you too- whoooohoooo- BUT IT'S FOR THIS DAY ONLY!!! SO RUN RUN RUN if you were hoping to grab some of my stuff on SALE-

Yup- you know I don't often have sales on my whole store- but today it's a *HEART* day- so I've made ALL my stuff 35% off for today only- even the 99c items in the bargain bin are 35% off- So check it out HERE

And I've been doodling again-LOL. so I made you these to match my LOVABLE kit-

Have fun playing with them- and now I have to run to take my son CLOTHES shopping ( oh gee's give me strength and patience LOL)- he is going to his FIRST official dance tomorrow night- but I will tell you about that tomorrow- Hugs and much LOVE today- Kim


Gail said...

Sooo cute - LOVE it - thank you! Happy Valentine's Day!

JanMary said...

Love your latest LO. I too discovered digi-scrapping Jan 07.

Happy Valentines Day.

Jenni said...

Happy Valentines day to you too!!!I think you did an awesome job with your first LO!! I would hate to show you mine!! Love your doodley flowers, thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU MY DEAR FRIEND!!!! Wayne is right about you being spoiled every you...thanks for the e-mail...that was so cute...and so true...thanks for the ya tons..muah

Melberry said...

Superb doodles!!!! But that's no surprise because you definitely have a knack. I think you're onto something, Miss K. :) As always, thanks for being YOU. Melanie

Ms. Kari said...

adorable!!! and now I'm off to shop!!! much luv to ya!! MWAHS

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

I know you'll have a ball shopping!!! LOL
TY so very much for these AWESOME doodles!!!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Giggle - spoiled rotten? Ya think? After my blog being 'hacked' by my husband, well, what could be more close to my heart than that. He gets 5 stars for originality today.

I love your first layout... its so cool to look back. Its heartwarming to be able to follow your journey - did we ever think we would be where we are today?

Your marriage is an inspiration Kim - its obvious that the love goes both ways. You simply glow!

Thanks for the sweet doodles... your doodles are far more 'artistic' than I could ever do!

Thanks for sharing, my friend.

Loves ya,

Anonymous said...

Oooh Nathan is going to knock those girls socks off! I hope he has fun and I hope his mommy doesn't get too worried. LOL.
The first time I went through your post, I couldn't be bothered to read it (LOL) and I had no idea those were old LO's. YOur taste has always been impeccable, Girl! Tell you what, the thing I'm gonna miss most about not designing for DSO, well, after reading the wacky designer's club posts, will be getting all your lovely stuff for free! Guess I'll just have to watch for the next CT call!
Big hugs and valentine's kisses!

Mandi N. said...

Thanks so much KimB... I just love reading your blog, always very entertaining!

Melanie said...

hey kim love your LO´s, your work and your posts, it´s so much fun to read!!!! I´m a sucker for leaving comments, so this is to make ti up for all the times I donwloaded without saying THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! (oh and, you were right the kit IS from Sahbby princess, I recognized it as I just made aLO with this kit this week!!!!)

Rachel said...

very cute! thanks.

Robyn said...

Thank you for the lovely frebie of course. :)!!

I celebrated Valentines Day by taking advantage of your 35% off sale and spoiling myself with your 3 latest kits and those cute Shake-Ems.

What is better than scraps and chocolate for Valentines Day. :)!

The LO's of you and hubby are so sweet!

honeybee said...

Thanks for the cute doodly-doos! Adorable.

I just saw Jazzy's layout from yesterday and thought I was looking at a layout of my own greyhound! Check it out:

Jennisa said...

Hey dear....I can't find your email anywhere, so wondering if you could drop me an email, and I'll chat with you there! Thanks so much!

Boo said...

I just NEVER get tired of your Blog, it always lifts me, except, that is, when I'm feeling green with envy at how you and hubby so dote on each other, hehehe. Way to go girl, I love it. Thanks so much for all the fab goodies and super sale, guess where I'm headed? ;) hehe, my valentine pressie to ME.
Boo x

Beth said...

HAPPY V-DAY TO YOU! Thanks for alwyas posting such fun stuff on your blog. :-) It's really neat to see your 'first ever digi layout!' No wonder you're a FANTASTIC-FANTABULOUS-AMAZING designer now.... you were a natural from day one! That's a great LO! Thanks for the cute email earlier... put a smile on my face.

.: Kristine :. said...

Happy Valentine's Day darlin'!!!! Hope it was a good one! I got unexpectedly spoiled my silly man to death...wahahahahahaha...and I complain he doesnt listen....hee hee

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Wow, it's hard to believe that you've only been at this a year. I would have thought so much longer. Love all the layouts of you and DH. And great freebie too. Have a fab. Friday!

Lori Crouch said...

Thank you for the the darling doodles.

snorkologist said...

My Sweetie is asleep and I am still playing on my PC...but after seeing your sweet, beautiful Valentine LOs I'm headed for bed too...;o)

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

verabear said...

Your doodles look LOVEly :) thank you for sharing!

Winged Heart said...

Love the doodles! I think you're just Doodlelicous!! LOL Seriously, you're becoming the Doodle Queen!!