Friday, 15 February 2008

My boy's a man!

Oh gee's- talk about a real Mommy moment- lol, That was me yesterday when Nathan had tried on his *attire* for his dance tonight- He looked SOO SOO GROWN UP! I got a lump! My little boy is NO MORE! boo hoo- he's a YOUNG MAN, and a COOL, GOOD looking one at that ( mommy biased- I'm allowed LOL). Oh and shopping yesterday was FUN- usually he won't listen to my advice and used to get all moody ( so mom got moody too-hhahahahaha), but yesterday he actually asked ME to help choose his jacket for him- HUH?-(see, growing up I tell you) So between us we got the Evening Jacket, smart black trousers, a white ribbed T, and white leather loafers- He looks COOL! (funky with a retro twist )and he liked it too- So now I'm waiting for later when he is dressed and has his hair ect done so that I can get my camara going- NOT going to miss his first formal dance-LOL. It's the schools Valentines Ball- and this is the first year that Nathan has wanted to go ( last year he said it was stupid- ROTFLMAO)- Yeah getting older- sniff sniff-

And I have a New CT member- wooohooo, Well she's not new-LOL, she's just new on my team- Andrea(Boyersville scraps) one of our wonderful DSO designers had to step down from designing due to health reasons- but she's still involved with the pixies AND now I can still throw Jazzy's wet noodle at her- LOL WELCOME TO THE TEAM ANDREA

Ok guys- on too a little more serious stuff quick- I was let know that some of my files where being pirated(shared) - GGGRRRR ( and a BIG thank you to the person who let me know!!HUGS)- but this is the third designer I know this week! What's UP with this- Kristine had all her RAK links shared, Sylvia had her files stolen too- It just leaves such a sour taste in your mouth-
Bunny was left a real nasty message on her blog yesterday and has now stopping posting freebies on her blog entirely ( it's usually people we don't know regularly that leave those *nasty's*-) but you can read about it here-
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE- don't share the links of the freebie files directly- that's pirating- rather send the person to the designers blogs- it's just the right thing to do!

Phew Ok- now that you've got here- One of my friends Chantelle got married last month and sent me some of the pics this morning- so that's why this post is a little later than normal- I couldn't RESIST scrapping them-

I used parts of my NEW kit (recoloured for this-lol) and papers from my Party On kit- Thanks to Petitmoi for the template(revised) - word art by cottage arts. I've been wanting to do a *white page* for a while and played with some blending to achieve it.

AND THIS ONE is the one I HAD TO SCRAP- ROTF!! Good for a Friday afternoon -hahaha

Who say's a bride can't have fun on her own wedding day- wahahahaha. Typical Chantelle! (um and me-LOL)-

So I made you all some Brag book pages with the same kit I used for these LO's-

Of course there are two- as I always like to have the matching pages- (always looks nice in an album)- OOOH what did you get yesterday for Valentines day??- What did you do??- tell tell, LOL. I have to say that Wayne did being me a red rose from work yesterday- and um then stood in the passage after a swim in his bright RED Jockey tanga underpants * with the Arnold pose* and asked * is this good enough to be your Valentine*- OMG- I killed myself laughing- so did he. That made my week! hahahahahahaha-

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend- sending hugs and loves Kim

PS- Digiscrap-Depot needs your help ( they have been listing our freebies for ages) - Please read about it here- And see if you can help Vicki keep *our Freebies* alive.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim can't wait to see the pic's!!!!!
I know that this is happening alot lately & it really SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TY so very much for these AWESOME pages & stop by my blog to see my FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!
No it's not the surprise I was telling you about you have to wait 3 more days for that!!!!

Ms Kittie said...

Thank you for sharing.
Why oh why to people have to be so rude and nasty to good people who are sharing there talent with all the sad people out there. I will miss Bunny's freebies but I do understand. Some people need to have their computers taken away for a while since all they want to do it hurt other people with then and they unkind words.

Did you have you camera ready to get Wayne in his Arnold pose. That would have been priceless, LOL.

Hugs and lots of love for you. And big thank yous for all that you do.

Have a great weekend!!

Bunny Cates, said...

I just want to add, I havent stopped doing freebies, they just arent on my blog. If you read yesturdays post there is a link to a yahoo group. Anyone I "feel like I know" will get in. I didnt mean it to sound as exclusive as it is typed up, but I was upset when I made the post.


I swear one of these days Im going to do a post of just my, giving the finger to a whole lotta people. ha!

Lovely QPs Kimmie!!!!

and UGH, no more baby. Send me some tux pics dang it!

Renée said...

OK how am I supposed to behave like a lady and be pc correct when this type of thing happens. I HATE THAT, so I'm not even going to say anuthing. You girls know how I feel.

Wow what a beautiful bride and stunning LO's you did. Thanks for the freebie.

I have to wait for my pressie, but Corné has booked us into Timamoon Lodge in June. Can't wait. I'm going to think I'm the Queen of Sheba.

Katjie said...

Firstly thank you for the awsome bragbook pages.
I dread the day my babies grow up. I have no idea how I would handle teenagers! But it seems like you are doing a great job with your son. Cant wait to see the pics.
I cannot believe that people are so mean and stealing stuff while there are so many freebies easily available. Why not go to a blog? It is entertaining, you get great ideas for LO's and wonderful freebies.
It just blows my mind.
Anywo, have a fantastic weekend.

xashee's corner said...

oh i can hardly wait to see the pictures of your young man all dressed up for his first formal!! how cool!!!
i am soo sorry to hear about the piracy!AND Bunny not offering freebies on her blog too :(
oh your layouts & bragbook pages are AWESOME and thank you so very much for sharing!
Wayne's Arnold pose sounds alot like my hubby's Paris (hilton) pose LOL TOO MUCH FUN!!! i would LOVE to see it, i got a pic of MINE! HAHAHAHA
and thanks sooo much Kim, for visiting my blog! it really means alot to me!! :D Have a WONDERFUL day!HUGS!!

Ms. Kari said...

Congrats Andrea!!!!!!
What's up with folks lately??? Geez. Those wedding LOs are great! Love the takillya. (that's what it does to me anyway) OK, gotta go get ready to go shoppin. Boys need shoes (OK, Mama needs shoes, too) & Shane needs dress clothes..THANKS SO MUCH for talking about how good Nathan reminded me that I gotta get Shane all decked out. MWAHS

snorkologist said...

Artists and designers need to be detectives too????? YEP!!! Even in real life...someone used to steal my painting ideas exactly...then sell them at the SAME shows as I...;o(

I am old enough to truly feel sorry for the nasty thieves because they have such ugliness in their does one live joyfully with an ugly heart?????

Thanks so much for the delightful BB pages...;o)

txbubbles said...

Thanks for the pages, Kim! So sorry to hear about the nasty rotten people out there, though they are the minority, they always make the biggest splash. Please, please tell us that you did get a pic of Wayne doing the "Arnold" pose! ROTFLMAO!!!

Claire said...

Beautiful QP tfs

Peggie said...

The Chantelle's Pages are gorgeous. My flowers were yellow in my wedding, so this reminds me of that day 47 years ago! Thank you so much.

Jenni said...

Hi Kim
It's beyond me that people have to be nasty, if you have nothing nice to say then don't say it! Someone gives freebies from the goodness of their heart. As for stealing someones elses hard work, that is disgusting!
Congrats for your son's dance, I have now been through that twice, it is just too cool, and emotional as you say! Love to see the pics.
Love your pages, they are gorgeous, love how the edges fade, makes them so romantic!!
As for valentines day, I have a very unromantic hubby, who did not even mention it, and I have given up trying to make it a special day. But he has other good qualities so I am not too upset LOL!
Have a lovely weekend!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

.: Kristine :. said...

Give 'em hell darlin'!!!! Maybe one of these days things will be easier for all of us...not holding my breath though! LOL

Mrs. Miles said...

Whoa - can't wait to see your Nathan all dressed up and dapper! poor mermy Kim... s'ok, your baby's going to do the 'arnold' pose for someone of his own before you know it (ROTFL -like father, like son)

I think your layouts are lovely - and your new kit rocks.

Boy, this pirating thing. What is with these people? I can't fathom how anyone can enjoy a single second of something stolen. Especially free stuff. What mentality is this? I'm going to check out your links, and also go love on Bunny a bit.

Thanks Kim, for being a tiger for us!

~ Barb

Shannon said...

Your LOs and QPs are awesome Kim! You guys are just amazing and it sucks that people will steal your work!!! What the He$% is going on that makes people think this is ok!?!?!?! Anyhoo - thanks again for the freebies, the laughs, and the inspiration!

Shell said...

Woohoo Boink tossing stale cereal at you hehe Man Ive missed your happiness been on vacation for 2wks so Im trying hard to catch up lol. Ill send you my wedding pics to scrap that way they'll at least get done lol. Thanks for the goodies & laughs as usual girlie

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie! I can't wait to see your new kit! Whoo hoo!

Oh, and GO NATHAN!

As far as that Bunny bid'ness goes... like I said, whoever left that post has a sad, small life if they feel they have to insult a precious child.

Veelana said...

Nice QPs - I love them!
Sad to hear that you where pirated! Want me to beat anyone up for you? *tries to look mean*
I hope they choke on their stolen stuff!

*goes back into lady mode*

Sorry, I hate behaving like a lady sometimes.
Can't wait to see your pictures of your smart young man!

RAINBOW said...

Hey Kim I love your kits. Last night I got 'A Purple Christmas from your store. You can see what I made here

Lisa Joy said...

Just wanted to say hi! People suck.

Anonymous said...

Kim, on the last blog PK sent in a beautiful LO with Love Swirls by Eirene (sp?). Any clue as to where I can find them? I have been googling them and no luck. Could you ask PK? Thanks soooo much. Thanks again for all the beauties.
I am in desperate need of baby boy stuff. I got your last grab bag. Any ideas on that score? he has a head full of black hair (like his mama) and came 11 hours shy of Valentines day. I also got Bunny's watercolor kit to try and put something together with both ya'll's work. you are both the best!!!
Bree, FL