Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Seems it wasn't only me that was sick- LOL. I heard you, I heard you- My Lowercase was corrupt and didn't download for a lot of you- OOOOPPPS. Maybe it caught my bug- hahaha.

No honestly- sometimes when our server gets over busy ( like month end) big files do up-load or download corrupt- So I zipped em and up-loaded just the LOWER CASE alpha again for you-

GRAB IT HERE. There you go-LOL. Now I don't feel so bad- Phew!

Some wonderful CT LO's that I have received using my New Storybook-Romance

My Grandma Hearts Me 600

Andrea sent me this AWESOME LO with her daughter and her mom! Love the BW extraction in the front and it gives me such Warm fuzzy's!

Romance 1

And this one from Renee- Love the mood in the photo!! Gorgeous!


Now you all know that Story Book Romance was a kit that Elaine won right??- Well when she sent me the colour swatch and photo's I had to giggle-

You see I have my sisters wedding pics( you've seen a few) and her colour scheme was EXACTLY the same- ROTF- So this was a *win* for me too-. Now I can finish off all her pics ( that I keep saying I'm GOING TO DO- LOL) and take them to her next week in an album!! WHOOOOHOOOOO! I'm going to see my niece!! I am sooo sooo excited it's crazy! Wayne and I are flying up to fetch his new car ( which we will drive back)- but we will spend the weekend at my sisters so I can spoil my *little Angel* -).

So I thought I would share some really great shots that I scrapped from her wedding pics- ( part of the album)-


This was my sister and B.I.L's WEDDING VEHICLE!! We laughed our sides sore- as my sister grabbed the whip out the drivers hand and cracked it so they would start moving- Poor driver wasn't sure if he should grab it back or just hold on to the reins- hahahaha. These donkey carts are use by most of our rural people and they are a common sight in the area my sister stays in.

She lives in very beautiful part of our country and got married outside in the forests next to a lake ( more photo's later-LOL)- but everything was just so relaxed( typical us-hahahaha), and this was such a wonderful way to start the whole evening off.



A close up of her with the whip- got to love it- hahahaha I used both my Story book Romance kits- the Traditional and the Add On. ( Last day at 25% off for the traditional if you want to grab it-)

thanks to- grid stitches by Natalie and template 8 by Liez Moi.

And I had a wonderful surprise last night- One of my favourite designers Tina Williams bought MY KIT!! (*blush blush*)- and she sent me her LO that she had done with it- I was thrilled!! Actually MORE than thrilled-LOL,

And to TOP it OFF she sent me this QP that she had made for her LO!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT- Thanks so soo much Tina- you made my day yesterday!!


The link to the Alphas are at the top-LOL. And the QP link is HERE. Sheee's it's got DARK here all of a sudden LOL, looks like we in for a summer storm- whoooohoooo, LOVE them, they always smell so fresh and cools down the temps just for a little while anyway-hahaha. Sending hugs and Loves Kim


Please note that all my freebies will now be up for ONE WEEK only from posting Date - they will then be moved to the Bargain bin at DSO.

Please don't share my file with others- rather send them here to fetch it themselves. HUGS.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!
Don't feel bad I've got tha darn bug again!!!
As soon as I'm done here I'm going to lay back down!!!!
TY so very much for the lower case alpha!!!!!
TY for the GORGEOUS QP!!!!!!!!!

txbubbles said...

Morning, Kim!
Glad to hear you're feeling better. I love the LO's of your sister's wedding! Such fun photos of a wonderful day. Thanks for the alpha. See ya tomorrow.
Vicki in Texas

xashee's corner said...

Thank you for ALL that you share! HUGS! Have a GREAT day :D

TragedyScrapinAnne said...

awesome beautiful kit, been waiting for it to pop in my mail box...LOL Thanks hun for the fantastic freebies...Hugs Kat
Who watches your back mama?

Kari °O° said...

Mawnin Sunshine!!!!
The LOs are beautimus & the alpha is, too. Justin's got your bug now. He was up pukin all night. ICK

Peggie said...

I love the Qp that Tina made. This kit is a beautiful.

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

FABULOUS pages for your sister's wedding and I just LOVE Tina's QP!!!!

Hugs --- Off to get Album & Add-on for DD!!!


Robyn said...

What a beautiful QP! Looks like I'll have to buy the latest kit. Just when I think I'm all caught up on your things, you go and put another one out, LOL. :) Too beautiful not to own. Thanks Kim!!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Beautiful LO's Kim and I loved the story of your sister taking the whip from the driver. LOL Thank you for the lowercase alpha.

Linda P. said...

Yippee!!! ...hehehe... Thank you for fixin' us up with the lower case alphas too! They are so cute. (And just a note - if anyone is having problems with them looking like they're still coming thru corrupt, it's probably because they are being put in the same folder that the original corrupt ones were in... you hafta put 'em in a new folder, at least in Windows, or they will appear to still be corrupt, even tho they are not.)

So glad you're getting over the crud now. The layouts of your sis' wedding are terrific! And thanks too for that tip on Tina, now I've gotta go over and check her out... that is a GORGEOUS QP!!!!! Thanks so much for everything.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Tootin through on the DSO train.
The wedding kit is gorgeous! I love the los you did for your sisters wedding. Hope your feeling better.

Andrea said...

Hey Kim! Thank you so much for all the beautiful freebies! The Storybook Romance kit is so gorgeous!! I absolutely love all the beautiful layouts everyone has made!! This QP is so pretty too!

The pic of your sister grabbing the reins of the horse cracked me up! She's funny!! I guess hilarious runs in your family!!

BTW - lots of designers only have their freebies up for one week then put them in their store. So, it's not like you're being mean, it's totally normal.

I just think you're so AWESOME for making such wonderful kits and sharing some samples with us!!

soffy said...

Thanks so much for sharing... hug from Colombia

LilyM said...

Thank you for the awesome QP

4man42 said...

Thanks for the QP!

nancypinct said...

I just purchased the kit the other day, and I am so happy to have this beautiful quick page! Thank you for all of your generous gifts!