Monday, 3 March 2008


I've melted into this chair- LOL. And I think I lost most of my A$$ too! It's been sooooo HOT today that my mascara got sticky on my eyelashes! Sitting all day at the computer was NOT something I could do today- it's in the warmest room in the house ( fine for winter- summer, PHEW!!!) and it feels like you are slowly boiling in a pot ( yup like that poor frog-hahahaha). Anyway- been for a swim now (it's 6pm) as it was just to hot to do it earlier. I think it's the first time this summer that I have wished for Autumn to be here- hahahaha.

Did I have fun at lunch on Friday- OH yeah- hahahaha, I had to drive us home, as Wayne had WAY tooo much tequila and after phoning everyone we knew in the afternoon to say we would be going out with them all that night- UHUM- he spent the rest of the night keeping the *white elephant* company. I had my phone ringing off the hook and kept saying SORRY for my poor hubby's state- but he had relaxed after a hard and stressful month and I must admit- I've never seen him go from 100 - 0 in 5 minutes flat before-LOL. I think it worked in our favour though as everyone came Saturday evening for a braai ( BBQ) and to watch the rugby and they were the quiet sad ones! HAHAHA,

IT's in the shop- My DESIGNERS GRAB BAG 7 is here.

I've left you some big hints in this preview-



There are 5 brand new Products in this bag that you can play and create with - All COMMERCIAL USE OK, The total Value of the bag is $36 (two of the products in there are $8 each!)

So GRAB IT HERE NOW- well worth its $8!

Of Course you want some hints though don't you-??? LOL. This gorgeous LO was done by Sylvia-

sisters (600 x 600)

She used 3 different kits from my Designers Grab Bag in this LO- AWESOME-

And Beth has just got her new Computer- WHOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOO! She's back and is creating again-

Bloomin Beauty

Love the photo effects here! All the stuffies are from the bag and my last bag too-

And I had to show you MY Second *official CT LO* too-

Jenni Rousseau has a Brand new kit in store- It's called Chaotic Spring and it's just awesome- Grab the freebie Add-on that's up on her blog too-


This is my friends daughter Kate- and oh she has the most GORGEOUS smile!! Ooooh i'm having fun playing with Jens stuff-LOL

And Beth has sooooo kindly saved my ass today- hahaha, after not having my Internet connection for most of the weekend, today's heat and catch up - I didn't have a chance to make anything for you- But BETH did!




It's the Gorgeous Qp that was used for her LO- Please Grab it here- and leave Beth some love- Until tomorrow- I'm off to go make COLD meats and SALADS for supper- LOL. No ways ANYONE has enough money to pay me to cook in this heat- ROTF! Much love and hugs Kim ( ooooh and a BIG thank you to ALL your mails I got this weekend about my links being shared again!!- I can't thank you guys enough for keeping my back too!! MWAH!)


.: Kristine :. said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I wish I was melting too!! Still have to wait 3 more months before we can open teh pool....sniff sniff....

Luisa said...

We are freezing cold over here, this morning even ice in march!!, Oh well have a happy day!!, and your bag is really cool, I already have it!!

Lisa Joy said...

It is too cold here. I wish it was hot.
Hope you ahve a great day and stay cool.

Renée said...

For once Jo'burg isn't that bad, but I can't breathe with the night flowers. Nights are still very hot up here. Can just imagine what Pretoria feels like.

I have to get my butt into gear. I'm late as usual.

But ladies I can tell you, this bag is a MUST HAVE. Like mascara and great lips. No kit is complete without the stuffies in this one.

Thanks Beth for the lovely QP. 4-shared won't allow me to download again tonight. GGGGGGRRRRR. I'll pick it up in the morning.

Mrs. Miles said...

It seems so very strange you are cooking (literally) while I am freezing my toenails off over here... somehow there must be a medium between us. And your poor pickled husband, oh MY!

Don't you have A/C in that place? You can c'mon over to my house baby! Snort, you would be running home and embracing the heat after 1/2 day! Well, actually spring keeps making a valiant effort to come...

wishing you an awesome day, my friend.


Kari °O° said...

OK, we're freezing & you're melting. Meet halfway? lol I got the bag & YAY it's FAB!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep an eye on my blog in the next day or so, I'll be posting a LO of my oldest all dressed up for his choir concert at school tomorrow night. He's all grown looking!!

Meredith said...

that is a beautiful page! thank you for sharing!

Amy W. said...

Kim, I love you! (Even if you are now just a puddle in a chair.) LOL!

DigiLover said...

my goodness everyone come on over to OZ - I'm neither freezing nor roasting. This is the best summer we've had in years - only had the A/C on twice all summer - mind you we have had tonnes and tonnes of rain but badly needed it as we've been having bad drought in alot of areas of OZ so the rain is always welcome!!

you can come to my place too Kim!!! would love to have you here.


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Send some heat this way please. lol. Well, I'm sure we'll all be complaining here mid July. BTW great color combo for the challenge this month.

Have a great day Kim!

txbubbles said...

Hi KimBob!
Love the papers, thanks so much! I can't believe that YOU came to MY blog! Did someone report me for using your cute fishy? LOL! Seriously, I hope it was okay, I put your name up there bigger than Dallas as the designer.
Thanks for everything!
Vicki In Texas