Tuesday, 4 March 2008


PHEW- Yesterday was a cooker, but thank goodness it's drizzling today and it's cooled off nicely- I went and had a swim yesterday evening, just before 7pm and said to Wayne it looked like a storm brewing. You know the dark clouds and the *feel* in the air- WELL!! Little did we know that storm would cause lots of talking today-hahaha. It built up till about 11pm when the first rolls of thunder could be heard, and then a few flashes of lightning- by 1am our windows were rattling and the dogs where howling and barking. You couldn't hear each other talk - It was a beautiful sight to watch. We had a huge electric storm which is unusual my little Coastal City ( it happens a lot inland due to heat)- but here it's usually a 5 minute crash flash and GONE- LOL. So to everyones excitement last night we had a long and BIG one-

Here is a photo sent to me via e-mail ( not the best quality but you can get a picture of what the sky's looked like)-


The lightning itself looked like it was from the sky to the earth- AWESOME!!! Amazing to watch nature at work!

Have you checked out the NEW challenges for this month at DSO yet- WOOOHOOO, there is one hell of a HUGE mega kit to snag if you do all of them this month, and remember to check mine out too- phew the girls are going GREAT Guns already with their kits and QP's and LO's!!!

AND AND AND- Nikki has eventually become a *nutter* and joined us mad cap designers at DSO- WELCOME NIKKI!! ( hee hee, Nikki has been a great help to ALL of us and was a pixie too!)

DSO has also done some new security features for you and our customers-DSO is now an SSL secure site!!  We are also accepting US Money Orders now in the store ,for those of you that find Pay pal a PITA, or just don't like them fullstop-LOL. wHHHOOOOHHOOOOO! 

And don't forget my MARCH Designers Kit bag-


 IN STORE NOW_ for just $8!!! The whole lot is worth $36. I think this one is my best one so far LOL, it sure took the longest to make., hahaha-

I thought I would give you a reveal of the products from now till Friday- and make you a sampler from each product in the bag- So todays *reveal* are these-



What you would have EXPECTED in there???- ROTFLMAO!! They are my *weapon of choice* when making papers and I use mine over and over again!! I LOVE TEXTURES and so do my CT team, hahaha. So I make them all the time and keep the ones I like best for my bags- I hope you enjoy them too- I made you some papers today with these textures so you can see what can be done with them-

But before I hand that one to you- Beth has been a busy girl-LOL She has just gotten her brand new computer and can now create without worrying about it crashing all the time-hahaha, BL_NoteWorthyFrame_Preview

Grab them here on Beth's Blog- *please leave her some love*


And here you go, Some stone washed looking papers ( used the colours from my challenge for these)- Grab them here. http://www.4shared.com/file/39728516/1e2fdded/kb-bagsampler1.html

Remember on Sunday the bag is gone- so don't loose out.  Now I've got to help my son put in some contact lenses! LOL, he's been battling for over half an hour now to stick his finger in his eye but he's just not getting it. He got them for playing sport ( usually wears glasses), so we are hoping he will at least see the ball better now as he refuses to wear glasses on the cricket field- hahaha. BOYS! Sending hugs and loves Kim


Renée said...

Weeeeweeeeweee, I'm first.

I LOVE electrical storms and being on the Highveld we get some real BIG ones.

There's a good trick for inserting contact lenses but I have to be there to show you.

I love the bag and I'm busy doing the colour challenge with that NOW.

Thanks for the lovely papers.

Anonymous said...

Hi there...just stopping by to say hello...been at the hospital all day with ma and they kept her there..she is very weak...getting some rest now...love the thunderstorm pic...love to watch it too but Im frightend by lightning...poop my pants...lol..sending kisses

Kari °O° said...

beautiful pic!!!!!!!!
your March grab bag is awesome. LOVE it!!! *huggles*

Felicia McB said...

you naughty naughty enabler you! I'm downloading your grab bag as I type. Can't wait to see what else is in there.
thanks for the awesome papers too, you rock!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

LouCeeCreations said...

Hi Kim, I've not been over for a while, tooooo busy lol! just wanna say a few things, your grag bag is so fantastic girl, i lurve everything in it! your best yet, thats my opinion anyway hahaha!
and thankyou for welcoming me to DSO on your blog the other day, mwauh :0)

Ramie :-) said...

Thank you so much!

Nett said...

OMG that picture is freakin wicked looking!! How cool is that! Thanks for the papers, they're a great hint into the grab bag! Love your goodies!!

Peggie said...

Thank you for these lovely papers.