Monday, 10 March 2008

Storms brewing

EEEK- I'm typing fast-LOL. We have thunder and another big storm brewing! It's Dark outside at the moment (4.20pm) and looks like 7.30pm. We've had a really bad heat wave the last few days- high temps and high humidity that you found it hard to breathe yesterday ( almost tooo thick!) - I couldn't even spend time on the computer ( it was tooooo hot in my little corner here-LOL). I did spend most of it with Hubby though- he came back from his week away and it was nice to spend some *us* time again. But basically yesterday was spent doing NOTHING- hahahaha. Lying in the lounge with the roof fan on full, curtains closed and wearing next to nothing. If you walked to the kitchen you were sweating already! YUGH! But hoping the storm is going to just break it all!

Nathan and I just got back from having our eye's tested- Nathans have declined a little since last year but not much (he is short sighted) and he is now officially going to try the contact lenses permanently ( oh help me-LOL)! And WOOOHOOOOO- mine are still fine! The only thing that happens with mine is that the muscles battle to release straight away after doing lots of fine work on the computer- but nothing wrong with my sight- not bad for this old bag!! hahahaha. Can't wait to rub it in when Wayne gets home- wheeeeeeeeee! He's been teasing me that I need glasses as sometimes after working on the computer I would have to hold my book away from my face at a distance to see what it said ( - but that's normal according to the Optometrist- the muscle thingy- because after 20 minutes or so it's fine-LOL)

Well my GRAB bag is now gone and I thought I would just show you all the products again quickly incase you missed it and would like to see what was in it-

these products will be 25% off for a week-


Doodley Sew- hand drawn doodles with stitching accents with the shapes to play with.


My favourites, Grungy and Weathered overlays 3


Papery Ties, Paper ties, bows, ribbons and wraps to recolour and play with


Stack 'n Notes , large paper and journal sheets to make frames, mattes, tags or anything else you want to create.


Ric-atty Rac-itty ,  Realistic Ric-Rac to play with, bows, ribbon, wraps and tie.

They will all be in my store sometime today-

Don't forget there is a Scrap 'n Chat at DSO tonight!! Monday, March 10, 9:00 p.m. Eastern time in the chatroom. Come along and chat more than you scrap- LOL. And there is an awesome posting bonus when you put up a LO with the template supplied-

AND WOOOHOOO- it's starting to rain! BIG DROPS!! I feel like a kid who want's to run out in it and singing *I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I'm happy again-*, well ok not quite Fred Astaire style but hell I'll give it a shot with Nathan- hahahaha

Please don't forget to check out my AWESOME CT's blogs for all those wonderful FREEBIES they have up at the moment! I haven't been at the computer much the last 3 days so I haven't got anything today ( except tone dead singing-hahaha) Andrea also has a wonderful mini kit up which she made for my Colour Challenge!

Until tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim


xashee's corner said...

sure hope those rains cool things down! i got your newest grab bag and LOVE IT!!!!! :D Thank you, so much for sharing your talents!!! Thanks, too, for your visit to me blog!! Have a SAFE and WONDERFUL day ;) HUGS!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

I hope the rain brings a *time of refreshing* for you Kim. Personally, its one of my favorite, the freshness of everything after a rain on a hot summer's day. Tensions ease, everything looks clean, new and brighter somehow. Come to think of it, your blog is one of those places for me.

My Miles wears contacts but if I could afford it I would consider getting him lasered (that sounds sort of naughty... hmmmm) instead of having to deal w/ contacts daily. We've had our share of lost, damaged, down the drain ones, tho its a relief from glasses (and much more attractive) I, sigh, should have some, tho its not imperative. I won't run anyone off the road, but I should have some for distance for driving. And I have a drugstore pair for reading if I want to hold a magazine right in front of my retinas... I usually read at arm's length anyrate.

Thx for your encouraging visits, always. They uplift me.

Squeezies from the still-cool Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada! And if you want your own peak at our weather you can visit the webcam, following link - tho i suspect it might be middle of the night when you check LOL!

txbubbles said...

Hi Kim!
Just cruisin' thru to see what's up. I played with the grab bag ALL weekend! Love it! Oh and gee I'll have that song stuck in my head all day. LOL!!!
Vicki in Texas
P.S. Do they not have air conditioning in South Africa? We can't live without it here!

Kari °O° said...

hope you guys cool off some!
I'm off to play nurse again, my son had surgery this morning, so he's needing Mama.