Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Teens and RED TAPE!

AAARRRGHHH- two days in a row shopping with Nathan now- and man is my child as fussy as his mother- haha, he knows EXACTELY what he wants and he won't compromise on *anything similar or different*- which just meant two days of trolling through our shopping centres - but we found some stuff EVENTUALLY this afternoon- lol. THANK GOODNESS! and boy- doesn't red tape just get under your skin! My cell phone was stolen on Friday and it's taken until now to get somewhere with trying to replace it- I SWEAR! Monday was spent in the police station opening a case to get a number for insurance right??- UMMM- well first of all I went to my local police station only to find they are POSTING the case to the police station in the area that the event happened- OK, so that's another day wait- only to find they won't give me the case number as they ( the police) need an ITC number from my phone provider to say that I have blacklisted the phone- so it's off to the provider to be sent again to ANOTHER BRANCH- and then to a consultant who was NOT OF THE BRIGHTEST capacity- and sat staring at his computer for 45 minutes not saying a word!! Now I'm thinking the man is waiting for something right??- So I ask eventually if there is a problem- he says- I can't find a log of your phone being used with your cell number- OK, now don't get me wrong here- but I think after 10 minutes I would have at least asked the poor person sitting waiting if I HAD THE CORRECT NUMBER written down- WAHAHAHA, the ASS wrote a 1 instead of a 7 and that's why he couldn't find it!! hee hee- you think that's it??- NAAAHHH, it gets better- I can keep my same number ( thank goodness), but OH they can't do that at this branch- I must go to ANOTHER one- WTH???- hahahaha, yeah I eventually got the sim card- and got home after 6pm last night! Today I eventually get my case number- phone the insurance and fill and sign all the forms- they phone me back within 30 minutes to say it's all OK - give me a reference number and the place I must go to choose a phone ( mine is not made anymore!)- so OFF we go this afternoon- WAHAHAHAHAHA, I should have known it wouldn't have been THAT easy- these consultants didn't have a clue- landed up phoning the insurance peeps and here I sit AGAIN for 45 minutes! Get given a list of phones to choose from- BUT HEY I'm no techy- give me a phone to look at dammit! - hahahaha- So I choose one thinking I'm now going home with it- YEAH RIGHT_ they hand me a slip of paper that I NOW HAVE TO SEND to the insurance people AGAIN- and now I wait again! RED TAPE???- shhheeeee's! After all this hassle I think I want to tell them tooo shove it! and not politely either- ROTF!- I must admit it has been very peaceful without my cell - but it's not nice when I WANT to use it and it's not there- PPPHTTTTTT!

And after all that I'm still laughing- what else can you do- I think the poor woman in the cell shop thought I had lost my marbles when I burst out laughing! yeah and Nathan joined in too ( I think I have a clone on my hands-hahahaha)

OK OK- enough yabber- but I just had to let you know how my week REALLY was going- LOL


This fantastic LO was done by Colleen- she used my Unda-da-Sea kit- it's how Jordan proposed to her- and girl you have one hell of a Romantic on your hands-LOL. Hold on tight!


This one was done by Lani (Jovi girl)- one of our DSO designers and she used the song Under the Sea for the journaling in the background!! Just look at that swimsuit- it's tooooo cute!

PDX 5-oh 600

LOVE the humour is this awesome Lo by Andrea too! Aren't my girls so talented!! LOVE THEM TONS!!

And I was busy too- LOL, it really is a fun kit to play with- and I had an idea for that mermaids tail- but in a MASCULAR sense!! YEAH- I did, so all those people who have BOYS and didn't think they could use it- RUN QUICK and fetch it- WAHAHAHA- because he is My LO


Thanks to elegantWA for her word art ( did change it- but I used the basics of it)- and yup the rest is in Unda-Da-Sea and YOUR FREEBIE for today-lol


Here is the NEPTUNES part to the tail!! WOOOHOOOO- - have fun with them. Until tomorrow- OOOOH OOOH, WATCH tomorrows POST girls- there's something EXCITING happening- Hugs and Loves Kim


txbubbles said...

Oh you poor girl! What a week you have had! Let's hope the worst is over. Love this Neptune addition, thanks so much.Sending a big Texas sized hug your way, since I still haven't figured out how to upload that shot of tequila! ROTFL!!!
Vicki in Texas

Jenni said...

And Friday is still so far away LOL!!!Can't believe it is only Tuesday!! I LOVE your freebie, and your LO is such fun!!! I love it, and all the others too!!

Renée said...

See why I call them silly phones. They're so frustrating you have to laugh. Eish there's no sevvis in Afriiiica.

Thanks for the mermaid's tail and Neptune's goodies. Just what the kit needed. Well maybe a treasure chest too. LOL

LouCeeCreations said...

Kim, don't you ever have a normal day lol! what a bummer with your phone! Glad your lad is a chip off the ole block, you can't have too many nutters in one household! HaaHaaHaa
Your neptune freebie is just so fabulous, thankyou for sharing xx

Dinphy said...

I admire you for still being able to laugh when things go wrong. What a week you've had!
Thank you for the neptune goodies, they're so cute, and the way you used them in your LO is just awesome!

Kari °O° said...

Oh WOW girl. Makes me really hope my phone never gets stolen!!! Hope you get everything taken care of soon!!!

MaElena said...

I love your freebie!! Thanks for sharing!

aquascrap said...

OMG what drama over a lost phone.....sheesh hope mine is never lost or stolen. What did we do before mobiles (cell phones).....had some peace in our lives hahahahaha
Thankyou for the Neptune freebie and that LO with it is great as is all the other LO's.
Here's wishing you and yours a blessed Easter and hope you have a great one

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Evening Kim!!!!!
Sounds like you've had a rotten time!!!!!!
TY so very much for todays FAB goody!!!!
Really running behind was without electric all day!!!!!!

Wireless said...

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Anonymous said...

I might have to scraplift that layout of yours, Ms. Kim! It's awesome and my Mermen might just get a kick out of it too.

Thanks for the Neptune addition. Can't wait to see what you have in store for tomorrow! Cheers!

Luisa said...

Girl, Hope your day goes better and you can get that cell phone too, Some years ago someone steal mine too and was calling all the time, I was like Hello that's my cellphone, but I couldn't do anything, at least you will recover another cellphone. Your layout is wonderful!! and thanks for the freebie. HUGS!!

Donna said...

Kim - This kit really rocks. I absolutely love it and can't wait to get scrapping with it. You have really outdone yourself. The freebies with it are great too. Thanks!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Bonnie said...

Ugh, I hate it when the companies sell you on insurance and then make it so difficult to use that you never want to take advantage of it again. I'm glad that you can keep your sense of humor about it all. What a lot of drama to get them to do their jobs!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!! It seems that when something starts of bad it tends to get worse - and what are you going to do - the only thing you can ROTF!!!! Love unda da sea!!!

mkikine said...

J'adore, merci beaucoup il est superbe.


Anonymous said...

Kim, way to keep your head up. Dont let the turkeys get you down. Im sorry to hear about your phone loss.

Mandy Leigh B. said...

Sounds like you've been having a fun time! Hope it gets better. I'm lovin this Under Da Sea stuff- thank you so much!!

witchypoo said...

This is fantastic, now I can turn the tail into a BOY thing, how great is that !!!

verabear said...

That was quite a hassle with the phone company, but again am just glad your phone is working now :)

Those are amazing layouts, I had fun just looking at them!