Monday, 21 April 2008

Busy busy busy

Oh my GOSH!! What a busy weekend this turned into- LOL. I had it ALL planned out - you know, early to bed Friday, Nathans Birthday with friends on Saturday, do some work on the PC, Sunday the big family Birthday lunch ( work in the morning a little and in the afternoon again)- HUH??- HAHAHAHAHA, I should have KNOWN not to try and plan anything! It NEVER works out- Friday afternoon Deon phoned to say he was popping in after work for a quiet drink and just to say HI- then Loryn phoned- she's also popping in- Um so did Ant, Gaylene, Reyno and Sarah! ROTF! So what was supposed to be a QUIET Friday landed up being a little of a LOUD one with the fire going and well the last person left at 3am!!! So it was up on Saturday to get all Nathan's things ready etc- but thank goooodness they went fishing so I had the afternoon (headache and ALL-LOL) to get some work done! Yesterday we had ALL the grand parents, God parents etc here for the big family lunch!

Well they started arriving in the morning at about 11am- ROTF!! And my dad and his lady friend were the last to leave last night! BOY - was it crazy here! Nathan had the time of his life yesterday as HE LOVES the family gatherings- his *poppy* ( Waynes dad) doesn't drink ( he'll have a beer or two and that's it)- but yesterday because it's got chilly her brought some red wine- Nathan was eventually crying from laughter as the dad was eventually taking his teeth out and pulling faces, telling story's that well should have stayed put in his mouth- WAHAHAHAHA. But it was great fun!

I'm not going to yabber toooooo much today as I have a ton of stuff to do for YOU- hee hee,

TOMORROW there will be a HUGE announcement and celebration!!! WOOOHOOOO- I promise you DON'T want to miss all the excitement-

All the lucky DSO mail subscribers will be getting a little inside information later- so keep a eye out tomorrow- here is a LITTLE tip of what you can expect-


AAAAWWWWWWW- that's my BOY!!! LOL, This was taken yesterday AFTER he begged me not to get a cake and candles! BUT BOY!!! It's your Bday and I couldn't RESIST- here we were all singing and he was BLUSHING! Take a look at the candle! WAHAHAHAHA- it's a tea light- as I had to do it on the sly so he wouldn't notice! I used a brand new kit that will sort of be revealed tomorrow- LOL ( sounds cryptic enough doesn't it)

Used a template by Andrea Gourley. Ok guys I know this was a SHORT post but I PROMISE to make it up to you tomorrow- With much Love and hugs Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like you had one hell of a weekend!!!!!!! LOL
You'll have to hop over to my blog to see how I spent my Saturday!!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Me again!!!!
Forgot to tell you that I LOVE THE LO of the birthday boy!!!!!!!!
& MORE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xashee's corner said...

Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nathan! Sounds like you had a GREAT time this weekend!
LOVE the layout! Thanks soo much for visiting me blog :D and for the idea of paperbacks going to a hospital! :D Big HUGS! :D Have a WONDERFUL day!! :D

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!
What a cutie! They grow up sooo fast.My youngest son is twenty eight.Just yesterday he was a baby.:)
I absolutely love your layout! The colors are gorgeous too!!:)The all I can say!!:)

txbubbles said...

Morning Kim!
Love the LO of Nathan and his cake!Glad you survived the weekend!

Peggie said...

This is a beautiful layout. God bless Nathan and all his family. It
looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN!!! I am glad you had a fun weekend... times entertaining with friends and family are just priceless!

Tina said...

Sounds like a Great weekend, Happy birthday to Nathan!! and I love the layout!!

Luisa said...

Sounds like a Great weekend, Happy birthday to Nathan!! and I love the layout!!

aquascrap said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend and Nathan had a great b'day. Your family gatherings sound like much laughter all your body hurts. That LO of Nathan is fabulous......can't wait to see what you have for us.