Friday, 18 April 2008

Wanna extra day- PWEEEASE- hahaha

the week is gone! OH MY WORD! And my boy turns 17!!! Wayne is having a small mid life crisis- wahahahaha, for the last three nights it's been- Oh gee's I'm getting OLD- like HUH??- you  the same age as you were last week though aren't you???- hahahahaha, But my boy is 17- that makes me feel old! Oh Waynie, you are only as old as the woman you feel- and that's OLD!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sorry I just couldn't resist this morning as I have been teasing Wayne since last night- Nope I'm not the best sympathiser but her sure gets to laugh with me- hee hee

Ok guys I don't have time today for a long post- so I thought I would just show you WHY I said I needed a REST after our holiday- hahaha. YUP the BREAK was good, but I did more EXCERSICE in 10 days than I have done in a YEAR! That and my stiff sore ASS have sure made me think about doing at least a 9 hole golf game with Nathan once a week- SHHHHEEEEE's I was so out of practice- and you'll see where I played MOST of my golf game- tee hee!


Ok- there's Jet bikes which is at Water world( and that includes boats etc etc etc)- this is GREAT FUN!!!! Love bikes as it is and well on water it's no different-LOL


GOLF! The family challenge - and let me tell you this COURSE is a nightmare for anyone who isn't PROFFESIONAL-(uM that's ME-hahahahahahahahaha)


Yup- me in action- but I thought I would show you all the WATER that is around and boy- my ball got VERY THIRSTY!!! hahahaha and those are ducks at the waters edge- hahaha- but the pun sounded good with me tee-ing off!


AND HERE is where I found MOST of my balls!! LOL- do you see just How TALL this grass is! Well I had no ARMS left when I finished this game- but we sure had LOT of giggles! That grass sticks up EVERYWHERE where it's NOT supposed too- hahaha.


I MUST HAVE been SMOKING something to do this!!! Nathan asked Wayne to show him how to play SQUASH!- which was great fun watching from the seats- Until Wayne said that MOM used to play at school too- UHUM- that was SCHOOL WAYNE!- But as Nathan was still learning Wayne just asked me to hit a few balls to him- well we're toooo competitive and barefeet and all we landed up hitting a lot more than a FEW- hahahaha- YUP even in my cargo pants! I was DRENCHED afterwards - but it was fun ;-)


I WON THIS CHALLENGE- WOOOOHOOOOOOO, it's the ONLY one I did as you don't need brute strength to play it- haha.This we played EVERY evening and had great laughs as Wayne can't hit that ball softly and it lands up shooting out the windows and doors and well- you get the picture:-)

NOW do you see???- I mean this is BESIDES the walks, the fishing, the ten-pin bowling OH and the boys did go-carts too! PHEW! Thanks GOODNESS we forgot the tennis racquets this year- WAHAHAHA

I used Bunny's Photo Trims ( there is a  CU version and some PU versions in her store too) with the little arrow that was a freebie this week-

And the last postcard to end the week- and this is the one that made me laugh the loudest! I tell you small things amuse small minds-


It's the FACES on these Zebra that had me in stitches!!! WAHAHAHAHA- toooo funny! Anyway- got to run!! Got Bday party stuff to do and a WHOLE lot of other things too ( hee hee- that's coming next week). Hope you all have a SUPER DUPER weekend, Sending hugs and loves Kim


Kari °O° said...

Hey Kim...we're about to leave!!!!!!!!!!! Just getting my blog fix in first. lol MWAHS LOVES YA

Renée said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

Let's give your mother a heart attack or two and you now need to get as much DRIVING (the 4-wheeled kind) in as possible.

Heck Kimmy, those photos are making me desperate for a visit at the Wild Coast.

txbubbles said...

Mornin' Kim,
Riding the train through. Say Happy Birthday to Nathan for me! Girl, you didn't have a vacation, you had a 2 week workout! No wonder you need a rest! HA!HA!HA! Love your pics, can't wait to see more!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Hope you have a AWESOME one!!!!!!!
Try not to give your poor Mom & Dad to many gray hairs!!!!!!!! LOL

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for sharing your action pictures! Sure looks like you had TIRING FUN!!!! lol
Big HUGS :D Have the BEST birthday ever!!
Have a GREAT day Kim!!:D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nathan..I hope you have a wonderful time partying!!! woohoo..!!!
Kim did you say you were on a vacation?...looks like a bootcamp to sure must be sore..wouldnt trade bodies with you...ha ha...well enjoy Nathan's B-Day party...and be good!!!!

Jeannette (Nett) said...

I started snorting right around the grass pic... but the zebra card is what put me into full blown LOUD laughter... as always I woke the kids up!!!
I just wub you,

Webfrau said...

Loving the postcards - absolutely hysterical. Thanks for the laugh.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Happy Birthday to Nathan!! Made me tired just looking at the pictures of what all you did on vacation. LOL Looks like you had a great time.

Mrs. Miles said...

Looks like you came HOME to have a VACATION! lol! So take a load off Girl!

Now, our dd's are 23 & 24 - am I ready for the Old Folks Home? I still feel like a kid - cept for those days I wake up feeling 80 ROTFL!

Happy Birthday to Nathan, and have fun with all the arrangements. I'll be thinking of you.

Judgirl said...

Well sorry i am late saying Happy birthday Nathan ....Kim I have left an award for you on my blog ...thanks for all the awesome kits you have done