Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Oh gee's we never seem to have enough of it- and then it RUNS away quicker and quicker as you get older too- LOL. NATHAN is turning 17 on Friday!!!! Booohoooooo- where did the years fly too so FAST! Oh My Word! I was thinking about it in bed last night- I mean next year is his LAST year at school!!! I can still remember his FIRST dammit!! LOL. And then I was thinking about all the mischief I got up to when I was 17 and I was like- OH HEAVENS- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. but so far so good, he's a good boy with a good head on his shoulders ( more like a 40 year old some times-hee hee), and I just hope that all I have taught and told him will help him make the RIGHT choices in his life.What more could ANY parent ask for - right??.

Ok just some REMINDERS quick as of course I've been a little AWAL- lol

Don't forget my Colour Challenge is on the go already ( holey moley you girls had me hopping the last few days- hahahahaha)-

Here is the posting gift that you can get if you just come and play along with me- and the girls have some AMAZING kits in there for you to use too-


And there is a DOWN LOAD A DAY for a HUGE MEGA kit too- check it all out here - Everyday there will be a piece of the mega ( and when I say piece I mean a whole set of papers or element from a specified designer of that day!)- WOOOHOOOO, So check it all in the forums.

I was sent some GORGEOUS LO's by my readers while I was away and thought I would share them with you today-


This BEAUTIFUL sunshiney LO was sent by SusanW- she used the stuffies in my grab bag8- don't you think it's just toooo pretty? Thanks sooo much Susan- I loved it.


This STUNNING Lo was sent in by Janene- LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage feel of this LO- those photo's are exquisite! She used my Lovable kit and some pressed flowers from Weeds and Wildflowers.


And this beauty too- Using my Unda-da-Sea kit. LOVE the moody photo and how the elements just bring your eye into it! Great job Janene!

I LOOOOVE getting your LO's its sooooo awesome to see how you all use my stuffies- thanks soo soo much for sharing it with me.

Well I better get my ASS into gear as I still need to get to the shops to get that FOOD! WAHAHAHAHAHA- I just never seem to get there! OOOOH, and Mrs Miles, my friend got her name Ant from the shortened version of her real name which is Antoinette- but she is TINY - she reaches my shoulders and you know I'm a short- shit too- so Ant is her *pet* nickname only allowed by close friends and family though- hahahahaha. And I know you left me a great honour on your blog (big mwahs)- I will return the favour when I have a few sec's to think it through-LOL.

Oh I have to show you one of the post cards I bought while we were away- ( I always try and find a few from the area we in)- AND HAD TO BUY some of these- I laughed out LOUD in the shop that the shop went QUIET and Wayne even came to see what was soooo funny- It's just SO tickled my funny bone-


WAHAHAHAHAHA- I'm sorry- but I can SO RELATE- hahahahaha! Art work was done by Rose Rigden and they are AWESOME! I'll show you a few more as the days go by-

Until tomorrow- big hugs and loves. Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!
Love all the photos!!!!!!!!
Especially the postcard!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep they do grow up fast!!!!!
Well gotta run & bill bills!!!!!!!!

Bunny Cates, said...

that lion passed out on his back...
thats me today. I ran so much yesturday I think my body is in shock!

thanks for commenting on my blog every post Kim, it makes me HAPPY.

txbubbles said...

Morning Kim!
Love the post card! Sounds to me like you have managed to escape the "Mother's Curse". You know, the one that goes "I hope you grow up and have kids that act just like you!" LOL!!!

Ms Kittie said...

Good Morning Kim!!!
So Glad you are Back!!!
Have missed you!!!
Yes they do grow way to fast. My oldest is going to be 24 this year. I think about it all the time on where did all the years go!. Then I look and my 7 year old and I try to do so much with him that I didn't get to do with his brothers and I think it is because now I have a little more time and I want him to remember our time together. The oldest always says thanks for the memories mom when I show him pictures so That is why I am always taking pictures of the 7 year old.

I always like the old saying that the dishes and dust will always be there but the small child wont. So spend time with them.

Have a great day.

Love the postcard!! LOL!!!

Kari °O° said...

Happy early Birthday to Nathan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just thinking the other day that time's flying by faster now than it did when we were younger. what's up with that??? Have an awesome rest of your day..I know I am. Got laundry out the wazoo (our water was off for most of the day yesterday) & gotta finish packing odds & ends. 1 day & a wake up!!! *huggles*

Mrs. Miles said...

Happy BDay to the boy on Friday!

Now I need to see a teeny tiny picture of your Ant-friend hahaha!

Love the card - anything worth anything is worth the exhausting work, right. Have a wunnerful day!

xashee's corner said...

SO glad you're back!! :D
Yes, it is hard to imagine just how fast time flies... my oldest turned 34 on Monday! Hard to believe!! how that happened i dunno cause i KNOW i am NOT THAT OLD! lol
i LOVE the layouts shared on your blog! there are soo many talented scrappers out there!
Fun postcard too!! BIG HUGS!!! for all you share & do! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!! :D

Jenni said...

So our boys are almost exactly a year apart, my youngest son is 16 tomorrow!So Nathan is almost of age to get his leaners woohoo!! Now your fun starts, girl!!

Darlene Haughin said...

Welcome back, Kim! We missed you! Love the color challenge posting bonus - gorgeous, as always. Catch you later. :) (Oh, and Happy Birthday to Nathan!)

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Just passin' thru on the DSO blog train...Love the postcard!! Yep they grow up much to fast! Makes you wonder where the time went so fast. Glad to see you back and that you had a great vacation, missed reading your blog :)

Kat said...

I love your stuff and I had a question for you. I went to buy your awesome overlay bundle for $8 and it's gone from the store! I was so sad. Are you not selling that anymore?