Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Beat ya Bunny, and a early reveal

ROTF! Well lets put it this way- Bunny you didn't stand a chance today as it's still early here too and you are still dreaming all that good stuff in your head at the moment- hahahahaha. I'm trying to get as much done this morning as possible as this week is filled with *other life things* that I have to do- you know like BUY FOOD- hahaha, the fridge is BARE- and OMG- this morning I poured my milk in my FIRST cup of coffee and I had to spit it out in the basin! ARRRRGHHHHHH- it was SOUR! My men have this wonderful habit of leaving the milk out standing next to the kettle ( you know the fridge is just tooooo FAR to walk to put it back-LOL). What a way to start the day- YUUUGH!- So it was black for me this morning- now you KNOW I need to go get some * groceries* as I don't even have a spare litre of milk! hahahaha- bad housewife Kim, bad housewife! LOL

AWWWW you know I had the most amazing e-mail this morning- Mel, thanks so much for your heartfelt words- they were really a God send. And attached to the mail was this amazing LO-

MMDC Katy Believes

HOW BEAUTIFUL is this! Melanie used Bunny's and my I BELIEVE kit - This is her soon to be Niece and these were from her bridal portraits! I LOVE LOVE the effect of her walking in to the forest!

And as you know THURSDAYS are NEW RELEASE DAYS at DSO- So my GRAB BAG is GONE tomorrow- ( phew it's been a week already!)

So I thought I would reveal all the goodies for you here today ( a early sneak-LOL)


my CT fav's- LOL. The overlays. These are the Crinkles


The Vintage patterns - overlays


MY Favourites in this bag- Tie Me - Sheers.


 Swirl Ems2 - A Large Hi-Res Brush set and PNG files for adding your own styles etc too.


Part of a request by my CT- LOL, a few pieces of Page hardware to add and make elements with. - Odds and Sods (last friday's freebie was made using these)


Stringy Things- the OTHER request LOL. These come in their original form, in grayscale and in separated PSD too. Lots of options with this set.

ALL are the high quality you are used too and are STILL AVAILABLE for only $8- all commercial use OK! The Tie me Sheers are $8 on their OWN- so don't miss the WHOLE LOT for that price!

And I played early this morning while drinking my BLACK COFFEE ( ppphhhhttttt) and made you a little sampler of what can be made or done with some of the goodies.


Using some of the *Tie me Sheers* , I made you some Sheer-y blooms with WORD stems! ( thanks to Sonia for her text paths!) The leaves and blooms are stitched too. . .

OOOOH, addicted2scrapping, I have to say you had me in giggles this morning with your comments on 4shared. There were 2 and the first one said thank you- the second one was- OH gee's said thank you and then forgot to download! Girl you are one in a million- ROTFLMAO, most people download and forget to comment- not the other way around! - THANK YOU for a great morning laugh and your 2 messages- And Renee my wonderful CT member has a stunning kit up for grabs- there are 3 downloads to it- so don't miss it either- check it out HERE. Well let me run and get some DECENT coffee so I can wake up- wahahahahaha Sending loves and hugs Kim


Anonymous said...

These are so purrrtty!!!!
Thanks so much Kimmie! Mwah!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much Kim!!!!!
Heading out to work in the garden!!!!!!!!

Rarole said...

Thanks, Kim. I trembled when I saw your Grab Bag contents. Half of it I wouldn't know how to use yet! Still mastering this PS program. LOL One of these days I will 'get' it and look back and KICK myself BIG TIME for walking away. =) Have a great day!

Unknown said...

not really.
I was here 3 hours ago, but I decdied to go back to bed since no one else was up.

Melberry said...

Awww, Kim ... I'm thrilled that you truly liked the layout I sent you. I popped in to tell you that today's word art on my blog was made for you.
But what a nice surprise when I got here! I can't believe I almost missed getting your grab bag on sale -- I'll go do that now. The sheers are gorgeous, in particular -- my sister and I will be scrapbooking engagement, bridal portrait and wedding (3 albums) so these sheers will be extraordinary in those. Thanks for all you do, sweetie. Melanie

Luisa said...

LOVE the flowers!! Thanks and have a good day of shopping, Love ya girl!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

txbubbles said...

Howdy Kim!
I love the beaded centers on these adorable flowers! Thanks so much!

Bonnie said...

Hey Kim! Oh man drinking sour anything in the morning is so bad!!! Gag-reflex!! Thanks for the kewl freebie!

Darlene Haughin said...

What IS it with men? Mine do the same thing! It's a little comforting to know they're the same all over the world, LOL... Great items in your grab bag, Kim. Hugs!

xashee's corner said...

LOVE the layout! and thank you so very much for the sampler! Have a GREAT day :D

Jackie said...

Oh that is bad! lol But that would mean they would have to take those few extra steps to put it BACK! Don't you know milk puts itself away? Or the maid does it. ya know, YOU? lol That LO is STUNNING. BEAUTIFUL. I hope your day gets better!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Thanks Kim! I really like the beads as the flower centes!

Julie Southern (Studio Sherwood) said...

::sigh:: In my house I'm the lazy one who leaves the cream out next to the coffee pot all day (even tho the coffee is gone by 10!) Fortunately cream is more durable than milk, but...

Into each life some grocery shopping must fall.

Anonymous said...

fantastic grab bag!! missed that one but will grab your next one!!

thank you for your little freebie today - gorgeous little flowers!!!

hope your got some fresh milk this morning - lol!!!! men!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous! TY!