Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I'm Here, I'm here

I just got home dammit- LOL ( oh and to all those confused- that was to Bunny who is sitting with her coffee waiting for my daily news- last comment on yesterdays post- WAHAHAHAHAH). Been a bit of *rough* morning emotionally for me. Ant and I have been organizing Deon's farewell party for Friday night. And we've even managed to book the VIP section at one of our cocktail clubs for free- LOL, Yeah, they know us well and said we could have it for the night at no charge! Thanks guys!-

And it started last night with a DVD Nathan and I hired- with my heart being a little sore at the moment I didn't want anything that would make me cry- UHUM- did I say NOT make me cry- hell's bells- by the end I was howling and chunking in poor Waynes chest! I SAID NOT CRY PEOPLE- hahaha, But the movie was brilliant and I LOVE Morgan Freeman - it just hit rather close to the heart-KWIM. So if you want to watch something that will have you howling with laughter one minute and then bawling the next - the Bucket list is a must!

So *tender* is the word I should have used of how I felt this morning. Holey craparoo- I'm going to look like a *goldfish* from hell if I keep crying before Friday- LOL. I'm feeling better now though and I think the HOWL last night did me good- at least I got most of it off my chest. - and it just hit me-I think  I'm pre-menstrual too- OMG- what a combination this week- WAHAHAHA. Wayne run and hide love QUICK! LOL

nessa wald (600 x 600)

Silvia sent me this awesome LO of her daughter Vanessa- using I BELIEVE- I LOVE it! She also used a few things from my Designer bag in here.

It's still only $8 guys but it's GONE on THURSDAY so don't miss it- Check it out here.


Have you done my Challenge yet??- It's soooo easy to play with- honest, and at the moment there are TONS of kits in there shared by some AWESOME TALENTED ladies! WOOOHOOO, so download a kit- show me a LO using the colours and I'll send you this little gift to say thank you. Check it out here ( you still have a few days left)

And I don't have a freebie for you today as I've been running around so I thought I would mention some I downloaded last night and this morning :-)

Mrs Miles has an amazing Sand Alpha up- it's yummy for all those beach LO's

Amy W has this AWESOME bubble template up for grabs.

SAAB (Sonia) has a Commercial Use action ( two actually- and check out on top for more CU freebies- AWESOME STUFF)

Bunny has the CUTEST fishy freebie ( I LUUURVE the Retro sea horsey!!!)

Boo- has a HUGE 100 day grab bag freebie ( yup 100 items are in this bag!- wooohooo)

Livia has a really sweet kit up as a freebie too

Well I think that should keep you busy today-HAHAHAHAHA. Until tomorrow- I hope you all have a wonderful day ( I'm already starting supper- LOL), Sending hugs and loves Kim


Bunny Cates, digital-scrapbooking.org said...

my morning is complete.

cuz you needs it....

By Dezign said...

Shame Kim. You're going to have to get a lot of "camoflage" (sp) for the rest of the week. Thanks for those links. Some of them look really interesting.

By Dezign said...

Shame Kim. You're going to have to get a lot of "camoflage" (sp) for the rest of the week. Thanks for those links. Some of them look really interesting.

Kari °O° said...

aww sweets, *great big huge hugs*

Robbi1 said...

I agree, Bucket List was fabulous - even dh sniffled a bit. Excellent Movie - Is is out for sale now, or did you rent it?
have a good week KimB

Michelle said...

Thanks for all your ideas and posts. Brings a little joy to my everday.

I am tagging you...


Kristine said...

Good to know I'll need lots of tissues for the Bucket List...I can hardly wait to see it...Steve will just rolls his eyes though and hand me a tissue.....he's not a fan of snot rockets...LMAO