Friday, 9 May 2008

EARLY bird?

Hows that saying go??- the Early Bird catches the worm- WAHAHAHAHA, well I'm jumping in early this morning ( well not quite that early it's 10am) ~ but early for me right-hahaha), and still sitting here looking ever so *pretty* in my PJ's still- UHUM NOT!!! ROTF! Sheee's having my hair in the morning is just plain SCARY! I look like I could catch flys and a whole lot of other things in it first thing in the morning- and what is it with men- Wayne says OFTEN in the morning- AWWW you so beautiful?- HUH?? Put your glasses on man- there's sleep crusting my eyelids and my hair looks like I went through the toilet flush and well hey there's no make-up so the face looks about 110 years old! WAHAHAHAHAHA. But I suppose they don't *see* all that- but shit, I DO! hahahaha

Anyway- I'm getting side tracked again- ( which isn't hard trust me)- i'ts FRIDAY!! WOOOOPEEEEEEE, This week has been a busy one and well hell- It's FRIDAY people- LOL. You know even if we not planning on doing anything for the weekend or the evening I still get that Friday feeling that I got from Varsity days- wierd! You get it too??? Or is it just this overgrown aged teenager that does.-LOL

See I'm side tracking AGAIN- No one phone me today- it could COST you- WAHAHAHAHA.

My dearest friend Amy W is not feeling so well at the moment- and well her *Daddo* sent me some gorgeous pics of little Emma ~ I couldn't resist putting a little LO together for them and I hope it makes Amy at least smile today-


With Mothers day this weekend I thought it might give you some inspiration ;-). I used the MSA Collab freebie kit for NSD and the alpha is Plainndestressed  by Sarah Bryan( also a blog freebie).

And seeing that it's Mothers day this weekend my team and I have been doing some PRESSY's for you to help you with your cards and LO's for that special mom, gran or daughter-


These BEAUTY's were created by none other than JAZZY- these are stunning and will make a wonderful addition to your creations, There are 4 in this little gift . And you know I don't usually blog on the weekend right- BUT this time if you pop in on Sunday ( OF COURSE I have to wish everyone)- we will have a FANTASTIC WONDERFUL gift just for all us GIRLS!!~ WOOOOOOPIEEEEE so grab these so long and make sure you come again on Sunday-

OOOH- and don't forget to check my Colour CHALLANGE- OH MY WORD!! I am STUNNED at the creations AGAIN this month!! They are AWESOME and they would ALL HELP you with your Mothers day creations!! DSO girls ~ YOU ALL ROCK!!!! They are sharing these AMAZING kits with everyone at DSO and on their blogs (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO) - so if you aren't a member yet- just register in the forums and check it out HERE> 

Well as I'm trying to get an early start on some winter clothes shopping- Yup my tootsies are getting rather chilly in my sandals now- LOL. I'm saying a bye and hope you have a fantastic day and weekend- tons of love and hugs Kim

PS- ooooh Tammy you asked about the *block* story- well it's a saying my dad always used to say- he would tell everyone he had run around the *block* but had then  kicked it back under the bed-LOL ( as in a little block of wood) ;-)


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon said...

Kim, thanks so much for all your fabbo goodies. I love your layout you did for your friend. I downloaded the MSA collab kit but haven't looked at it yet. These colours and elements look gorgeous so will have to go check it out more closely!

Kristine said...

Morning~~~~ It IS early!! I posted early at 6:15am my time and you were already done!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Bunny Cates, said...

MOrnin Kimmie!

We made it to Chicago, everyone still kicking. Surgery this afternoon, but he looks good, so thats good.

Should be back late Saturday/Sunday Morn...

crack the whip for me!!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!!!
TY all so very much for the FANTASTIC BBpages from yesterday & the Marvelous WA today!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND & MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kari °O° said...

LOVE that word art! Jazzy rocked it!!! MSA? That LO is beautiful (Emma's a lil cutie patootie anyway) & I adore those colors. I hate I missed that one!
And since you don't post on the weekends, Happy Mother's Day!!!! I hope your day is filled with love, happiness & all that you want it to be!

Peggie said...

This is great work art. Thank you.

DigiLover said...

THANK YOU for the great WA!!!

hope you have a wonderful weekend and Wayne and Nathan spoil you rotten on Mother's Day.

can't wait to see your new kit!!!!

Lani said...

hi kimmie! happy shopping! (i really need some new winter stuff too but im trying to make do without this year...putting all our money towards our wedding. )
thanks to you and jazz for the lovely word art!

Michelle from MD, USA said...

Hey Kim,

Thanks for sharing this beautiful word art with us.

I'm always laughing when I read your blog. I love your stories and your sense of humour.

Here's wishing you the most wonderful of Mother's Days!


Boo said...

Awwwwww, thank you sooooooooo much girlfriend. Loved my Birthday message. You have a great weekend and thanks for the super goodies.
Big Hugs
Boo x
Hope Amy's feeling better soon, isn't Emma a peach!

Shannon said...

Happy Mother's Day Kim!!! :) Thanks to you and Jazzy for the beautiful WordArt!

Trisha said...

Thank you for the wonderful wordart Kim!