Thursday, 8 May 2008


hee hee- I missed a DAY! yeah I know I was Missing in Action yesterday- but I was working on a new kit and totally lost track of time! I looked up and it was time to fetch Nathan- and then it was the bread stop and well by then the day was gone! LOL

Is my hubby the only one who won't eat day old bread? He refuses and has to have fresh soft bread everyday- LOL, no matter if there is still a full loaf- I'm not a big bread eater so it doesn't worry me at all- because well I like TOAST- hahaha.

And *Daddo* this question is for you- does the sound have to go LOUDER the bigger the TV?? - Oh MY GOODNESS- I thought world war 3 had started here last night- while you're in the lounge watching a movie( which I did last night- WOOOHOOOO) it's FINE- but MAN, sitting here in my little office when they are *channel surfing*- UURRRGGGH, I swear the things on my desk where rattling- HAHAHAHA

Ok guys I'm late today as my week has also been a rather full one ( car license renewal , changing TV's,  redecorating and NEW KIT-LOL), and Bunny has left on a family emergency too- keep her and her dad in your thoughts and prayers.


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Oh my WORD guys! It's Mothers Day on SUNDAY! ( thanks for the reminder Jazzy-LOL) So to START a great bunch of Mothers Day Freebies coming your way ( Watch tomorrow!!!- WOOOOHOOOOO) I made these two Brag Book pages with some special word art Made by Jazzy~ to get us started!


These are 4x6 ( so it's so easy to print on your printer) just plop in your photo's and add some journaling if you want. - Got to run again, LOL, you'd think I could do a marathon by now- but UHUM- the block is about as far as I can go- and YEAH- it's the one that I can kick under the bed! WAHAHAHAHA. Sending Love and hugs Kim


Renée said...

Oh Kimmie, you just reminded me of my Nanna that passed on when I was 13. She used to speak of the block you kick under the bed. Tee hee, I haven't heard that expression since, of many years ago.

I love these pages and a special thanks to Jazzy for the wordart too.

My kids don't eat day old bread, so the parrots get the crusts and the rest gets crumberd for the pigeons and wild birds. Breaks my heart to redistribute a whole loaf like that some days.

Can't wait for the new kit to come out!!!

Tammy said...

Goodness.....thank you for the bb pages. They are great!

You all are spoiled on the FRESH bread....I guess in the US, fresh bread is not common on a daily basis as we buy prepackaged wonder bread that lasts a week....LOL.

Send me some fresh soft bread!!!! Every day!

Yep, we missed you but knew you would come back to us!

Stay sane and take some rest in between your running.

What does "the block you kick under the bed?" mean????


Mrs. Miles said...

Oh, love that CREATIVE feeling, gotta GO with it. I get a kick out of some of the language you use, so different from here. eg: fetch. The only time we use fetch here, is when a dog fetches a stick, and stop - well we do say bus stop, but not for much else, like we would not say we went to the coffee stop or anything. I almost want to read your blog with an accent, should I be? giggle!

You HAVE had a busy week, much as I. Thank you for your lovely Mothers Day treat, beautiful as usual. I'm hopping over to Bunny's to leave some love,

Tata 4 now!

Mrs. Miles said...

PS - AmyW has also spent some time in emerg recently, and she could use some prayer and encouragement as well. Did you know she will be spending her BIRTHDAY May 16th in the HOSPITAL having an operation? What SHOULD we do, Kimmie, DO tell!

Peggie said...

Gorgeous!This is so lovely. Someone
must take a picture of me and The Man
(we've been married 47 years) on Mother's Day. I want to use this beautiful brag book qps.

Lynn said...

Hey Kim, I did a killer LO using your Undadasea kit, which by the way I'm in love with. But I don't know how to get it to you. or if you even would like to see it. Attempted to upload to the gallery at DSO, but it doesn't like me.
Should you want to, you can reach me at kraftycat at gmail dot com

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sandrine said...

I will use this for me and my DD. Gorgeous! Thanks

No Reimer Reason said...

Thank you for the great QPs!

DigiLover said...

THANK YOU for the 2 BB pages they are just beautiful!!!

I'm doing an album for my MIL for Mother's Day tomorrow and was going to use the beautiful BB that your CT did but I'll have to sneak these 2 in there as well!!!!

I love all the sayings from other countries too!!! Here in OZ we have so many slang words and sayings it's hard to keep up with them all. Here's a link you might get a laugh out of some of them

Gee you spoil your hubbie Kim - LOL!!! Mine will eat bread 2 days old if it's for sandwiches but after that we use it as toast - so he's not quite as fussy as yours - hehe!!

now off to leave Bunny some luv!!!