Thursday, 15 May 2008

Happy Birthday AMY and a special kit.

PHEW- is this EARLY or WHAT!!!- WAHAHAHA, Mrs Miles- you sure know how to get a girl HOPPING so early in the morning-LOL.

Before I get to all the great presents and surprises today- I have to share a VERY SPECIAL KIT that has just hit the store this morning-

It's called I BELIEVE.


This kit was made in the memory of Lori. This is for Jazzy's daughter that passed away suddenly a few months ago. Jazzy asked if I could make a kit with fairy's in it for a memory book that she wanted to make for her grandsons . Lori had a thing about fairy's and would always say "..."All it takes is a fairy" ~ Bunny and I got together on this one as we both LOVE Jazzy and this is the result!

It is HUGE and I'm not lying- LOL. It has 24 papers and 54 elements in it. I will show you all the previews tomorrow with a little sampler too ( OF COURSE- hahahaha) but I had to let you know that Thursday is NEW RELEASE day at DSO and that it is up at 25% off for ONE WEEK ONLY! It even has THREE versions for it- yup, a light, dark and botanical! ALL in ONE package- all for only $5.63!! my CT went ballistic LOL, and have been sending in LO's ALREADY ( they only got it yesterday- hahahaha)

At the bottom of the Garden

This one from Renee using the LIGHTs- how CUTE is that!!

for you 600

This one from Andrea using the DARKS. MAN doesn't she look cute in that fairy hat- LOL .  And yup, there are MORE- but I will show you all those in the special post tomorrow. ;-)




Mrs Miles and I got together to wish a our WONDERFUL friend a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! 

Amy~ Thanks so much for being a GREAT FRIEND as well as being one of my biggest supporters over the last year!Girl you are an inspiration ~ I don't even know how you fit in all that you do!!  I hope that this year brings you all you dream and wish yourself my friend AND MORE!! You so deserve it!!!! And Mrs Miles and I have made you something for your Bday as well as hoping it will CHEER YOU UP too.( It's a day early but~) Amy has to be in surgery on her Birthday(tomorrow)! ( That stinks~ BIG TIME), So hoping this little gift will bring a little smile ;-)

MRS MILES has this GORGEOUS freebie mini kit for YOU and for all of US too-


And here is MY portion of the little gift and I hope you like it girl`


It's a little mini of 3 papers, 4 elements . You can get it here , But I ask ONLY that you pop over to AMY and just wish her a happy BDAY and leave her some LOVE. AMY has a freebie Birthday mini kit on her blog too- WOOOOHOOOOO, Talk about great pressy's today!!  Remember to leave the girls love when you download. It's not so hard and takes a few seconds only ;-)

Well I better get some MORE coffeeeeee- hahaha, not used to posting so early in the morning- but the girls jumped me on this one so I had too- PPPPHTTTTT. LOL. Sending tons of love and hugs Kim


Lani said...

arrrrgh kim! i just bought a kit with fairies! dammit! I would have hung out for yours and bunny's! oh well. lol.
Thanks a bunch for the gorgeous freebies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doll...your new kit is gorgeous...oh and Bunny's...sorry about two did an awesome job...those dark colors are the bomb...and the
thanks for the freebies too...what a treat today...sending big hugs

By Dezign said...

Wheeeee, I LOVE THAT KIT!!!! I can see that I'm going to do many, many LO's with that kit. You and Bunny really outdid yourselves on this one. Lori is looking down and smiling right about now.

Heading over to Amy's and Mrs. Miles now. Thanks for this cutie of yours too.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!
TY so very much for todays FAB goody for Amys BDay!!!!!
Have to pay bills this morning & hope I got a little left over to get this FANTASTIC kit!!!!!!!
Seen you posted late yesterday & I'm with you on the shoes & boots thing!!! LOL
Loads of them & hardly ever wear them!!!!!ROTFL

Melberry said...

What a spectacular collaboration, Kim!! Truly extraordinary -- you outdo yourself each time. I can only aspire to such greatness -- no kidding. Thanks for listening with your heart to your friends and colleagues -- your compassion is beautiful. Now, I'm off to get the new kit and wish AmyW a happy happy. Hugs, Melanie

mizamigo said...

Kim, I love your blog. You make me laugh and you are almost always so upbeat! Thanks for the new minikit and all your other samplers. Yours is the first blog I read in the morning to get me going. Thank you!

Mrs. Miles said...

Ackkk! Thou Dost make me SHY with your ENDLESS links to me. I am BLUSHING over here with your shouting me to the world! I am going to have a gush-over-you day soon haha, just you WAIT! You are precocious and incorrigible - well i THINK you are, if I remember what they mean. I remember them as being fun and a bit naughty at the same time, but in a GOOD way. Life of the party. Ha, you MAKE life a party. Woo Hoo.

The fairy kit is AMAZING... I'm unzipping it soons as I'm allowed to come in from yardwork - whaaa!

I love ya!

xashee's corner said...

LOVE the fairy kit! and thank you so much for sharing this Bday gift!! Have a GREAT day :D

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Thank you for the beautiful kit and Happy Birthday Amy! :)

Kim's Scrappin' said...

What a lovely fairy kit! You and Bunny have done a great job on this! Thanks for the freebie as well. :) Heading over to Amy's blog now.

Peggie said...

My heart is always a little lighter after I visit your site each time,
you make me smile. Thank you and Mrs Miles for these lovely kits.

txbubbles said...

Mornin' Kim,
Love the fairies! And all the wonderful gifts, too! Thanks so much. Now I'm off to spread birthday wishes!

Amy W. said...

Woo-hoo pressies! Thanks bunches girls! You're such sweeties and I love you bunches and bunches. (Emma asked if it was bunches of grapes, but I'll let you decide. -LOL!)
-Me (The b-day girl)

verabear said...

Thank you for sharing Amy's bday gift :) And your fairies are just lovely! I mean it, the kit is gorgeous!

Dinphy said...

Just LOVE that birthday kit. Such pretty colors! Thank you for sharing her gift with us all. :) And ofcourse I went to her blog. Gees, some birthday... But with those kits and lots of birthdaywishes, she'll feel better I hope.

jazzie said...

Kimmy thanks sooo much for the beautiful kit you and Bunny made for Lori..she would LOVE it and especially that fairy...I love it..started a page yesterday and started feeling a little under the weather so just stopped and spent the day in the bed and on the couch..I cant wait to finish can read my mind I know..the kit is everything I could see and more..we just seem to have that connection..I love you lots and lots and thanks for the beautiful mini kit today..wished Amy happy birthday and a speedy recovery..

LouCeeCreations said...

Wheeeeeee! Kim, you and Bunny are just fantastic, I adore that fairy girl! the kit looks utterly amazing, looks lke I'm opening my wallet again......
oooh and thanks for amy's pressie too lol!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

You and Ms. Bunny are two HOT ROCKIN' MAMACITAS in the digital world ya know!!! LOVELY collaboration and, YES, "I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE"!!!

How ABSOLUTELY sweet of y'all (by way of Mrs. Miles!) to present Amy with such SCRUMPTIOUS goodies on her birthday!!!

I've busted out of my cage for a moment and happened to see all of the BIRTHDAY wishes and just had to stop in to say, "THANK YOU" for sharing and for caring!!!

Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!!!


Linda :)

ccynden said...

Thank you for the fabulous mini kit.

nancypinct said...

You are such a nice friend to Amy. I pray it all works out well! You are so generous all year long to those of us that you don't even know! Thank you Kim. You are a true role model for all of us.