Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Well I succumbed to my *weakness* again! LOL. I had to go get some toiletry's today ( even the LOO paper was low)- See Boo- that 3ply would have come in handy girl! hahahaha.And what do they have just in front of the shop I had to go too- A SHOE BOUTIQUE!!- I see a pair of winter clog styled leather slip-ons in the window- NOW I HAVE TO HAVE these as actually Fudge our dog ( well pup at the time) ATE holes in my NEW ones I bought last year- and now Wayne won't let me wear them ( I haven't a clue why??- WAHAHAHAHAHAHA)- So I run in to try a pair on- and what is staring at me from the shelf! BOOTS- OMG, I have a cupboard full of them BUT- most have a heel and well they not toooo Kosher for walking around in during the day -KWIM??- hee hee, yeah ANY excuse to say BUY them I know- But they had a soft wedge heel and so comfi so those went on the counter too- you think I'm finished yet?- NOOOOOO- haha, I see a off white leather ankle boot with a wedge heel too- Can't DO without those you know( sarcasm here please-hee hee)- so I added those to the PILE!! At least to make myself feel better they were having a sale- LOL

I think I'll be hiding the boots for a while though- hahahahaha, Wayne will pee in his pants if he knows I bought ANOTHER pair- I have a problem girls! hahaha- it's called BOOTS! Anyone else out there have a thing for shoes or boots??- I'm sure I'm not soo alone out here- WAHAHAHAHAHA.

OOOOOH- and want to see what Bunny and I have been so busy with???

AWWW- well I can't give it ALL away now can I- haha . So here is a taster of what will be out this week. This kit is very special and it is called I Believe. Its a HUGE collab between Bunny and myself~


HEE HEE- well ok, it's not that much of a hint is it- You'll just have to keep checking the blog for more over the next few days.

There is a huge SURPRISE on my blog tomorrow- so make sure you pop on back tomorrow to see what it is.

Well I don't have much else today as I am making previews at the moment ( till they coming out my ears- hahahahaha) But I thought I had to just say HI and tell you my purchase story today- LOL

Sending love and hugs Kim


Jenni said...

I know those shoes, I also just had to have a pair!!! Don't you just love it when that happens!! And your's and Bunny's kit is gorgeous, it's going to be HUGE!!!!!!

Kari °O° said...

I'm that way with purses!!! I can't stop with one. Boots, tho, I love them, I drool over them, but I can't wear them if they have a heel. But a wedge now...hmm......
Nick's going to kill me! lol

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh I'll BE HERE alright, can't wait to see what your big surprize is. Shoes, wha-ha, I have em, but not the ones that go with anything, you know what I'm saying. Of the 2 dozen sets not one plain black that will go with anything ones. When my MIL comes to visit, I'm hauling her w/ me to get a pair. Have a good day!

Darlene Haughin said...

Kim, you're such a girlie-girl! Can't wait to see you new collab kit with Bunny - the preview is tantalizing. :) Huggers!

txbubbles said...

Mornin' Kim,
Hey, a girl can NEVER have enough shoes! LOL!!! Love the looks of the preview! See 'ya tomorrow!

By Dezign said...

These boots are made for walking!!!! I know exactly what you mean. I have 25 pairs and the higher and thinner the heel, the better. I have seen 2 pairs that are screaming "BUY ME" in the most demanding of voices. I even had them put aside as I'm waiting for the stupid bank to send my credit card. Why do credit cards have expiry dates, it's not milk demmit.

This kit is going to KNOCK the socks off everyone. You and Bunny are such clever chickens!!!

Flimsy said...

I'm with you on the shoes girlfriend! I LOVE shoes. It is impossible to go to the store to purchase one pair. Have to get at least 2 or 3 pairs.
Can't wait to see what you have for us those surprises! xoxo

Sherrie (RCMama) said...

I am not really a shoe girl, but my 3 year old daughter most certainly is. I showed her a little scrapbook I made of her and first words out of her mouth were "See! I DID have white shoes!"

Robyn said...

If I had wads of money, my shoe collection would rival Imelda Marcos' shoes.

I love stiletto heels... sooooooooo sexy to wear. :) And one of my favorite pair were my pale apple blossom pink pumps. I just adored them.

I also like shoes with the area where the front top of the shoe is flat and plain with no trims and then you can buy clip on trims for them. One pair can have so many looks.

And I have a thing for seamed stockings. Excellent with stiletto heels, LOL.

verabear said...

Oh Kim, I think I understand your problem. Hehehe :) I don't own a single pair of boots but I own shoes shoes shoes and flip flops galore! Recently I bought a pair of pumps and a pair of ballet slip ons. Tsk. I swear I was trying to stay on a budget that day. Lolz! :)