Friday, 16 May 2008

I Believe ~ and a lot more

As promised today ~ I thought I would show you the full kit that Bunny and I made for our dearest friend Jazzy. You all know Jazzy, she is my wonderful CT team leader and a very dear friend who has been my encourager and supporter since BEFORE I started selling at DSO. Jazzy was also one of the first people to comment on my very FIRST LO that I ever put up in a gallery! We go a long way back and she has become not only a very good friend, she had become part of my family too. (yup- even to my boys).

So when Jazzy lost her beloved Daughter Lori a few months ago ( with Jazz being in hospital herself!) it broke my heart. She asked me to make a special kit for her with fairies in it to help her scrap Lori's memory's and to help her keep her memory alive for Lori's sons ( her grandsons) - Lori had such a thing for fairies. She told me Lori used to say that *it only takes a Fairy* when things were hard or getting her down. Bunny who is one of my dearest friends and knows Jazzy well too ,jumped into help with this one.

So Jazzy, here is I Believe from Our hearts to Yours ~



There are so many elements in this kit (54 in all) that I did two previews to show you some of them - they are still not all shown.


3 sets of papers make up this kit - so it can give you ENDLESS results and feels to different LO's~ These are the lights


These are the Darks ~ which give a wonderful enchanted feel to your LO's


and the watercolour botanicals which have a stunning soft realistic edge to them

YUP- this kit IS HUGE ~ and it's one of those that because it was made for someone special it just all seem to come together and grew at a furious pace that we eventually had to say *WOOOAAAH*- lol

Its on SALE @ 25% off at the moment ( for one week only) and it's ONLY $5.63 !!

And I'd like to show you a few LO's  from my CT team today too ( yup it's going to be a LONG post - but it's all eye candy and I just can't NOT put them here today)

All it takes is a fairyRS

From Jazzy herself with her daughter Lori ~ Jazzy is also under the weather again but sent this through to me this morning- LOVE YOU GIRL and I know just how much this LO means to you - MWAH


believe2 (600 x 600) 

From Silvia using the dark background and the sparkle overlays included in the kit - simply beautiful!


From Doodle using the Lights, and WOW- awesome extraction work! Too gorgeous!



I LOVE this- it's from Colleen who's *woofy* is her heart!



This beauty is from Jenni- So magical!!


And I did one myself - because the NAME of the kit came from this song by Frankie Laine- I Believe


It's my niece Caden who was born 6 weeks prem and didn't evev need an incubator!! - and these words just touch me every time I hear or read them - Cause Jazzy, I believe too.

Phew- yup- lots to look at today- but oh gee's aren't my teams LO's just awesome!! Honestly I just can't get over how they have jumped all over this kit and my HD is overflowing with LO's- so you can be sure there will be lots more on Monday- LOL Thanks girls- LOVE YA TONS!

AND- of COURSE you all know that a new kit means a little something for you too ;-)


It's a little mini sampler freebie  - with three LIGHTS to match I Believe as well as some extra elements to add to it-

Ok- I'm not going to YAKKITY YAK today as you have had a real long page to get through today- but I want to thank you for taking the time to read this special post today- Hope you all have a SUPER DUPER STUNNING weekend. Much love and hugs Kim


Unknown said...

WOW! The kit is lovely, the LO's are gorgeous! Great work by everyone. You and Bunny have created a wonderful tribute for Lori's memory. Thanks for sharing the sampler

Patamomma said...

Oh wow Kim! I love that kit. Must come up with money! The layouts are simply gorgeous. Thanks for the sample. Patty

mizamigo said...

Thank you so much for telling us the story behind the kit. What a special friend you are and have in Jazzy and Bunny! Also, thank you for the sampler. I love your stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow the kit is bloody awesome and congratulations go to you and Bunny. I have tears in my eyes looking at those magnificent layouts, especially of Jazzy and her daughter.
Fantastic job inspiring I am off to buy the kit now.
Thankyou Kim and Bunny.

Boo said...

I say it every time but I mean it this time, this has got to be my favourite kit yet. I totally believe in fairies so this is right up my street. Great job Kim and Bunny and a lovely tribute for Jazzy and Lori.
Boo x

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!
TY so very much for the AWESOME sampler!!!!!
I made my mind up & will buy this MAGNIFICENT kit today!!!! LOL
Its raining here today so it better make my 30 packs of seeds I planted GROW!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Mornin Kimmie.
Layouts turned out AWESOME. Hug the CT for me! lol...

Have fun with the "boys" today!

Unknown said...

wow, those layouts are so awesome. such a great thing you have done for jazzy. i hope she finds some solace in making a beautiful album for her grandsons.

Sherrie said...

Gorgeous...gorgeous...gorgeous! I cannot say it enough!

xashee's corner said...

LOVE the new kit and truly appreciate all you share!! thanks so much for visiting me blog too!! it really means alot! Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend! :D

Jackie said...

I am adoring this kit. I love love love fairies & the colors are so beautiful. It's deffinatly on my birthday list for hubby! (if I don't get the $$ before then!) lol Have a great weekend. MWAHS

Jenni said...

This has got to be one of the most beautiful kits I have seen, and I especially love the 3 sets of completely different papers! A moving and sad story behind this kit.Beautiful LO's !! I love the add on, thanks so much. Have a great weekend too.

Dracowin said...

Gorgeous kit and amazing LOs! Thank you for sharing.
Thanks also for the pretty freebie.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful kit and loving tribute to Jazzy and Lori. What a beautiful girl! How special it must be to Jazzy! Thank you so much for letting us share so feely in a small part.

By Dezign said...

Everytime you post about the reason behind this kit, I get a hullump (HUGE LUMP) in my throat.

I can't stop scrapping and all I know is that you don't need Red Bull, Energiser or Duracell, you only need the I Believe kit.

Thanks for the ad on, I was looking for that green bow last night LOL.

Peggie said...

What beautiful layouts! Thank you for this lovely kit. Can't wait to try it.

Bonnie said...

Wow Kim, how sad,I had no idea....I felt so sad reading that. IT makes getting the kit so much more special, so thank you. Everyone did such awesome lay outs with it.

Shannon said...

This is stunning Kim! You and Bunny are just marvelous! I popped over to the store yesterday to snag this! Give Jazzy my love and I'm sending good thoughts her way!

Anonymous said...

Im sending all of you lots of love and thanks for all the lovely comments..Kim and Bunny are truly great friends and the kit.. besides being beautiful out of this world awesome..came from their hearts and that makes it so special to you my grandson Gage says..."more than all the dirt in all the world"..LOL

LouCeeCreations said...

I absolutely love this kit Kim, all the lo's are done extremely well

Erika said...

Kim we always feel so helpless when someone we love loses someone, always wish there was something we could do to make the road ahead a little easier. What you and Bunny have done is just wonderful, and will touch that family for years to come.
Big hugs to you both,

txbubbles said...

Howdy Kim!
Toodling through on the blog train. What a lovely tribute that you and Bunny have created. Just stunning! Thanks for the sampler gift.

Being Mrs Miles said...

You Gals have TOTALLY outdone yourselves - what a great team you have. The kit is STUNNING and your layouts are all amazing! The theme has me in tears too. How you've all come together to create something so beautiful out of a sad event confirms once again to me, what a special thing we have in our digiscrapping communtiy. Love ya Sistahs!


Dinphy said...

Kim, BIG kudos to your CT, they work so fast, still the LO's like at least two weeks work! SO beautiful.

Ofcourse it's not all CT. ;)
The kit is awesome. You can just feel all the love you and Bunny put into that one. Truly amazing. What a heartwarming tribute. Such a special way for Jazzy to preserve the precious memories.

Thank you for the freebie! :)

Dinphy said...

hm... that should have been: "The LO's look like at least two weeks work."

Mozz said...

Kim & Bunny, this is a beautiful kit, I shall be buying it in the next couple of days, and everytime I use it, and I believe it will get used alot.. It will remind me of both Jazzy and Lori and also the love that was poured into making this kit and tribute to Lori..
Thank you also to Jazzy for sharing this with us as well as you Kim and Bunny..
loving Light

Unknown said...

This is lovely Kim and Bunny and the meaning behind this kit is so touching. I also have a lump in my throat.

Thank you for the generous freebie that matches it. :)

Nani said...

The kit s so beautiful! Obviously a labor of love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, KimB'aby...;o)

Things did not go swimmingly in N.C....came back home and fell out of high bed...muscles on left side giving me fits...then I see your beautiful kit and the gorgeous Jazzy and daughter...sad but smiles for the love...gotta have that kit!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.

Lots of luv


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim! The story behind the kit is just gorgeous. I am so sorry that Jazzy lost her daughter. What a GORGEOUS tribute to her though. (((hugs))) The layouts are stunning and you and Bunny did such a beautiful job on it.

Anonymous said...

Kim you and Bunny are just so super sweet and so generous with all you do to help others.

The kit is just so very beautiful and I know that Jazzy would be so over the moon with the job you have both done for her in tribute to her darling daughter. It is just such a sad story and my heart goes out to her and her family.

Absolutely stunning LOs your CT have done to showcase it!!!

Unknown said...

I beat you I beat you!!!
omg omg!!
I got my blog posted before you!!!

OMG! Im so excited!!!

now umm...
hurry up and post...
Im bored.

TragedyScrapinAnne said...

Hey Hey sexy women.....AWESOME new it and off to get it...

Stop by to show you this blog....

Could you leave a wee love for

:)~ Happy scrappin days baby, Hugs Kat