Monday, 26 May 2008

Typical Monday?

Oh goodness- today has been what I would say is a typical Monday-LOL. I woke up late and everything from there on out just seems to be *upside down*- hahahaha. I think I need more coffee!

Oh what a weekend- OUCH, lets put it this way- it took a little detour on Friday night already- , We went to watch a comedian show with Waynes old Army friend- You know, supper, a few drinks, catch up on the news then we went to the show- Now let me tell you- Wayne has a real DRY sense of humour and isn't really into comedy shows- After *Mr Mike Naicker* delivered his FIRST line- Wayne cracked up next to me- OMG! , I haven't laughed so hard or crossed my legs so hard for AGES! I nearly pee-ed my pants! And that's REAL nearly pee-ed the pants- LOL. Well after the show I ran for the loo- when I got back,I walked up to Wayne and the friends who were standing in a circle outside the venue- Wayne started laughing ~ so I asked him WHAT??- He said that "Mike" had come over and asked were the *Aunty* ( said in his show slang) with the loud laugh was- OMG! That was ME_ WAHAHAHAHAHAHA. WE landed up having drinks with him until 2am!!!- ARRRGH, as Bunny said, my big mouth gets my poor head into trouble- ROTF!!

And my phone RANG me awake on Saturday morning- with Deon shouting on the other end- HEY WHERE ARE YOU????- HUH? What?- get the drummer out my head first!! LOL. Deon was already at the school and waiting for us- OH goodness it was a LONG morning and afternoon! I had to shower, grab the asprin, drank every Vit tab I could find in the house ( and there are a LOT- hahaha) ~ but the helicopter flips from the school grounds, the kids screaming on the rides and all the people shouting for the rugby in the tent DIDN'T help get rid of those drummers getting louder in my head~ Came home and went back to bed for the afternoon! Felt HUMAN again at 6pm Sat night- but so much for a *quiet weekend*- LOL

Don't forget my DESIGNERS BAG is still up ( but only till Thursday- so don't miss it)


And here are some HUGE HINTS AND TIPS- LOL

Just look at this FAB LO from Jenni using some of the goodies in my BAG!!


She also has a brand new kit out!! WOOOHOO- You all know how much I love Jenni's stuff- and it's called My Secret Place-


I did this LO of my little Sister with it - Check it out here in Jens store.

And THIS ADD ON to it is a freebie on her blog too- 


This is not a QP- and all the elements are individual items! Thanks JEN!


AWWWWW and I got the BEST THANK YOU this weekend too- Remember the LO I did for Harmony using I BELIEVE - well just look at this-


Bunny sent me this *Thank you* photo from Harmony- SHE PRINTED HER LO !! WOOOHOOOOO! This made me feel soooooo good when I saw this- Thanks Sis, sending you a hug and a kiss!

So I thought that I would give you something that matched the kit too-


I used the frame above and made it a cluster frame~ yeah you know I love playing with the frames-LOL. The background paper in the preview is also from the kit. You can check I BELIEVE out HERE. And gosh there is probably about 100 things I was supposed to mention and have probably forgotten- hahahaha, OOOOOH- that's the other one ( see it's MONDAY!) . Renee also has a super duper freebie up ( the colours are STUNNING!)- check it out here. And here is the link to the frame . Sending tons of hugs and loves Kim


Dinphy said...

Some weekend eh? lol.
Love the frame at LEAST as much as you enjoy playing with them. Thank you!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweety!!!!!!
Glad you enjoyed your weekend!!!!
Today is Memorial Day here in the USA!!!!
TY so very much for this MAGNIFICENT frame!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bunny Cates, said...

thanks Kimmie..
Sissy came running in herre and told me to go read Mrs Kims storypage...

"Momma momma, she did it, Im famous again on Mrs Kims storypage! GO LOOK GO LOOK!!"

Pretty sad when my 7 year old beats me to my morning blogs. LOL....


I found your comedian online too to check him out...
pretty funny since I know aobut your load sharing problem. LOL

Anonymous said...

Such a fun weekend!!!! I love going to see comedy shows, too. Love the new CU bag - it's great!!! Thanks for sharing that cute pic of Sis, she is so good for 7 years old!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Love the frame thanks for sharing :)

Peggie said...

I love it. Thank you.

Mrs. Miles said...

Gracious Girl - if i even attempted to live life like you do I swear I'd look 95 by now. I have a hard enough time making it thru w/ caffene! LOL.

My weekend was far more sedate, but I'm overwhelmed - too much too much going on. Been 'has'ing to pester our Amy to help me thru haha! I can't wait to play w/ your goodies!

hugs to you!

Saab said...

Hi Kim,

I just saw your comment and your avatar and I know I have seen your avatar before *lol* it's driving me crazy!!!! It must just be from your blog, which I must have visted before and stupid me just can't remember (I'm blonde). Hey by the way I grabbed your Bag.....AWESOME, jammed with gorgeous stuff!!

Hugs Sonia

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Bunny Cates, said...


my coffees ready, wheres the new post?

*tap tap tap*


xashee's corner said...

LOVE when you blog! always makes me smile or laugh! thank you :D
Thanks for the cool freebie too! off to get your bag (finally lol) Thanks so much for ALLLLLLLL you do! HUGS! :D Have a GREAT day!!

DigiLover said...

any wonder you don't blog of a weekend you'd never have the time to sit still long enough at your 'puter to do anything!! lol - you are one busy girl! sounds like you had a blast!

gorgeous LOs and love your little freebie frame - thank you for sharing it with us.

little Sis looks so excited - you've really made her day Mrs Kim - how cute!!

Kristy C said...

This cluster frame is just GORGEOUS!!! I think have just the page for it. Thank you!!!!!!!