Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Mothers day

WAHAHA- Ok OK- I know it was Fathers Day on Sunday- but WOOOHOOOO- I got a *Mothers Day*- hee hee, My boys went fishing at about 10am and got back at 4pm! So after the morning *breakfast* and hugs and kisses and making the man of the house feel like a King- I had the day to myself! GO ME- hahaha. Did they catch anything??- NO-, I even told Nathan to at Least let his Dad *beat him* in the count-KWIM?, being Fathers day and all- well they both laughed and said that Nathan did have all the "bites"- and um Wayne didn't get ONE-.

And to make the weekend a really SLOW one- I didn't even make the 40th Bday party- was running a temp the whole day Saturday ( man I HATE SINUS and HEAD COLDS!!) and we had an Indian Summer weekend to make things worse- hot berg winds, so was in bed early. Felt much better for it on Sunday- and was probably one of the more *cleverer* things I have done for while - ROTF! So no story's of my *wild antics*- hahaha.

But thought you would like to see just how HAPPY DEON was at his fairwell party-


HEE HEE- and he wanted to leave WHY??- WAHAHAHAHA


This is my "dear" husband showing just how AGILE he is in his *old AGE*-, this was taken at the RUGBY last weekend -LOL


I wasn't wearing my jersey as it was FREEZING and I only have the short sleeve version- LOL. And I am soooo thrilled-

GIRLS - THAT'S MY BDAY PRESENT(from last year) that I bought with your Victoria Secret Voucher!! I LOVE IT- and couldn't wait for it to get cold enough to wear!! hahaha- UHUM- the rest I can't put on here- that's in the *secret drawer*- LOL

I couldn't make these into LO's as these were sent via e-mail and I don't have the full sized copy's yet- but thought you would like to see a little of the things I have been Yakking about

OOOOH - I HAVE A NEW CT MEMBER- unfortunately Colleen stepped down due to personal reasons- and this *young lady* has been not only been a friend for a while- but she has also been a huge supporter of my work too- AND SHE's A LITTLE NUTS TOO- ( which is a requirement in this team- LOL)

WELCOME NETT, aka MaggotMommy, Lady Grundlefunk. And she's already been busy- WOOOOOHOOOO

Using I Believe 4 Boys which will only be 25% off till TOMORROW!


HOW COOL is this- ( actually she sent me TWO- one that her son made her do- and it's got the dragon Pooping fire on his head- which I tell you had me in hysteric!-LOL)

And Bonnie did this one- how CUTE did this come out


LOVED the journaling and the hanging cluster!

And I got these from Kerri this morning that I have to show you-


Here are her words-

My boys Kindergarden has just been on a trip to a castle with all the kids wearing homemade crowns and helmets!
I thought I would show you, just how well your kit went with their outfits.


Kerri Thanks SO MUCH! These are just AMAZING- just look at those faces over that wall- it's just tooooo CUTE!!

See- I AM making up for missing the post yesterday Dinphy- LOL.

And oh goodness I've been awarded some awards~ by Bunny, Vicki and Dinphy and I've been tagged too- so I will do all those tomorrow- PROMISE! I can hardly remember where I left my coffee these days- so forgive me if I'm a little slow with these- It's like that the saying that goes * our brains are like a computer - the older and fuller it gets the longer it takes to retrieve the information*- hee hee, now aint THAT the truth!


Wayne just phoned me- said he had to phone me so he could laugh- *history*- Wayne is driving a real cheap old car at the moment which belongs to the company he works at- so that MY Dad can HAVE his bakkie ( car) as my Dad's one is old and really not worth fixing. Now Waynes new company car was supposed to be here 2 weeks ago- but it hasn't arrived yet- so he has been driving what I would call a *piece of tin* on wheels-

WELL, he is busy driving on the freeway(highway) now to go to a meeting and the back window just DROPS into the door- WAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ( they are electronic too)- so he pushed the button and NOTHING- it's GONE!- ROTF- and it's now raining and it's cold and blowing too- and he can't do anything about it either!!! OH gee's he knows me so well- he got to the *window fell down*- and I'm already laughing that I am coughing! I can just picture him in his WORK dud's all smart and riding this banged up piece of tin with no window- WAHAHAHAHA - sorry just had to share as I always get this graphic picture when I hear stories.

Ok- I'll chat tomorrow and sending hugs and loves to all. MEEE


Kristine said...

OMG Kim!!! I've known Jeanette for a while now and she is the BEST!!!! Nuts to boots too! I love her to death!!!!!

::waves like a dork to my girls!!!::


Mrs. Miles said...

Well Gurl, glad you took a day out for yo' good lookin' self! Its so tempting to clean etc but its better to pamper oneself... after all there's that saying "if MAMMA ain't happy, aint NOBODY happy" hahaha

You look so good in your VS duds. I would be like this too, finding any excuse to throw it on. Some good buys have never made it out of the store for I've made them cut tags right off when purchasing - and even trashed the old right out the door LOL. Lil miss eagerness here. Could it be growing up w/ 6 bro's I longed for new things as a kid?

Hope you're healed of your head cold thingie, that just sucks.

Giggling about your husband's freeway/car incident. Is this his version of SA air conditioning?

Your blog readers have made terrific layouts with your wonderful kits.

I've been in your face for long enough... its like 4:52 AM yes, I said in the middle of the night... could not sleep (must be the birds and wind screaming into my bedroom window now that we've reclaimed our bedroom back since mom and dad left yesterday) I think I'll go try to catch another hour.



Dinphy said...

Kim, you did make up very well! ;) Not as if you don't post often enough, I WAS just kidding. Sort of... ;)
And maybe you noticed, I LOVE Kerri's LO's! So that combined with your stuff... Extra special eyecandy for me today!

jazzie said...

Morning (afternoon) Missy..sure hope you are feeling better..glad you had a bit of a rest..now to me that Wayne story was NOT funny for I have had the exact same thing happen to me in a car with power windows..its so not fun to be wet and cold..however he is a bit lucky that it was not the window beside his head as mine was LOL each drop of icy cold rain that hit me felt like a knife..want to say a big welcome to our new CT memeber and to say your pages are just too cute..love them..remind me to tell you the "wet noodle" story sometime..you know that wet noodle has spread I saw it mentioned on some site I had never been on before ROFL...everyone have a great day...hugs to all

Jazzie said...

whoops...forgot to tell you I LOVED the sweater..that color looks very pretty on you..glad you could get something you really liked..thanks for showing us..loves ya lots

LouCeeCreations said...

Looks like you have had a great leaving do for your friend.
What a lot of fabulous layouts of the add on to I believe, they are absolutely brilliant, it is so nice to see boys dong what they do best, oooooh for imagintion lol!

xashee's corner said...

missed you and your WoNDERFUL stories!! LOVE the layouts and your VS sweater is LOVELY!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for all the giggles this morning! Have a GREAT day! HUGS! :D

Bunny Cates, digital-scrapbooking.org said...

poor wayne. LOL....

the fish werent biting when we were out fishin either.

Jenni said...

LOVE your funny photos!!!Always great to put faces to all the stories you tell! Love the LO's with your new kit, so magical!!

Judy said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning re Wayne and the window.....don;t know if I was laughing about that or imagining you as he is telling you.
Those LO's are divine....congrats to the girls who put them together. Have a great night!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!
Great pics!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE THE LOs & TYFS them all they are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

carjazi said...

Just poppin to say hi.
How gorgeous are the pages your CT does. How lucky you both are too. Hope you are having an awesome day and feeling a bit better. Head colds suck.

O2BNGdHope said...

Ha ha! Loved the car window story! I work at an auto glass installation center so I could get that fixed for him in a jiffy......if he wanted to bring it to West Virginia, USA! We don't mobile out to S Africa. LOL! Also, I've been waiting on the "knight in shining armor" to go with the new kit. Did you forget about him? I'd like to see one on the horse, too so I could have them joist.....ummmm.....jowst.......ummm.....run swords at each other! Yeah, that's it. My little grandson needs an oponent!

I'm loving everyone's layouts with this kit. They're just wonderful!

verabear said...

You were not kidding about making up with this post. I especially enjoyed the laugh about the window that fell in LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Great piccy's Kim..does everyone in your neck of the woods look like Charlize Theron or what?
Hugs ... Sue