Wednesday, 4 June 2008

shiver shiver

Someone turn the sun back on!! BOOOHOOO- it's chilly and I hate being cold! LOL- all I want to do is EAT!! I'm not a bear dammit- I don't have to stock up for the winter- but at this stage my body thinks it DOES! LOL- I've banned Wayne from buying his chocolates in bulk now- cause I finish them!!- and I don't even eat chocolate all the time!- I think I'm going to make a huge pot of soup so that I can keep it in the fridge and handy for the *munchys* and to warm the stomach! OOOOOH- and don't even THINK of rubbing it in that you are all running around on Summer break- LOL! Actually our winters are mild and everything stays green etc here- but today is one of those DINGEY dark nippy days- typical winter! ARRRGH- how much longer till spring??- hee hee

Yeah yeah- I hear you all- HAHAHAHAHA, I'm whining today- but my ASS is cold!!! I'm entitled-LOL

Nathan started Gym yesterday and had his first assessment-( he wants to build some muscle and get cricket fit)- he was thrilled when the trainer said he had amazing balance and body structure- and he was fit. -LOL. so you can imagine the chirps here last night- Wayne is adamant Nathan got the *body* from him and the balance from me- WAHAHAHA ( well I agree anyway), but a lot of ragging went on and it was nice having a laughter filled house again.

OOOOH- I have some new LO's to show you

Croppy snuck these AMAZING LO's into my gallery at DSO and I found them this morning-


LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo!! How cute does that Alpha look on my stringy thingy.!


This one really caught my eye! LOVE the picture in a picture with the blending here!

Croppy used all the goodies that where in my GRAB BAG 10 ( all the products are up in my store).

And I found this stunning one by Renee


She used my UNDA-DA-SEA kit and some of the freebies that I had with it ( they will be in the bargain bin tomorrow)

And you know that tomorrow is NEW PRODUCT DAY at DSO right?-

So here's a LO that I just received two minutes ago from dearest Jazzy- using some of the OVERLAYS that will be going up tomorrow.

at the seaRS

LOVE the framing Jazzy and the paper looks AWESOME!! WOOOHOOOOOO

I always make papers with the overlays first ~ not only check them, but also to use for my previews-


So I am giving you this paper as a SAMPLER of what can be done with the Overlays on sale tomorrow- I added a matching cluster frame too. Shadow is ONLY in the preview. ( I see I'm not the only one hating the new 4shared-LOL,)

Check out Bunny's blog too- she has a awesome template up for grabs and some hints on another freebie for tomorrow. I'm off to go fetch my *young man* from school, hope you all have a WONDERFUL day ~ until tomorrow, hugs and Loves Kim


Kristine said...

OMG I am so glad somebody else HATES the new many times do I have to click a blankety blank link before I can download a file....Arrrggghhh!!! LOL!!! Love teh frame...thanks darlin!!!

I'm whiny too ass isnt cold but my feet are...LOL

Judy said...

Yeah me too I don't like the new 4shared......why change it when it aint broke?????
Winter here too and I HATE IT!!!
Only 90 something days to spring .......aaarrrggghhh!!!! (that's if you think winter doesn't really start until the solstice).
Love the frame and paper.....thankyou!

By Dezign said...

4-shared??? Look there's a 4 in there to match all those 4 letter words. They really messed up!!!!

Und Kimmy, you may take your bad coastal weather back. It's been raining all day (in June????) and with that it's cold. I don't like winter. I'm still looking for that rich husband that can afford to let me chase summer LOL.

Love the Frames, the Overlays are too grand and that CHARITY KIT is devine. Why you wait for me to spend my money at Atomic Cupcake????

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Blowing some warm weather your way!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for this GORGEOUS sampler!!!!!!!!

MaggieM said...

Thank you for the pretty sampler.

xashee's corner said...

Thanks so much for the paper and frames! i have a little freebie on me blog if you would like :D Have a BEAUTY of a day! :D

Anonymous said...

ROFL I was just going to say, It's friggin' hot here and I just turned on the air conditioner. ROFL Sorry. You can come visit? LOL

Gorgeous layouts Kim! They did a fabulous job with your stuff!

Sharon Kay said...

Thank you for the new download! I have 3 boys!!

I don't care for the new 4shared format...but it seems like it doesn't "time out" and I get the download actually quicker on sites where there are heavy downloads...instead of getting the "over limit" message.

Darlene Haughin said...

Good morning, Miss Kim! I'm sending you some virtual California sunshine - see, aren't you feeling warmer already? Those are some awesome layouts and I stopped by to say I LOVE your part of the It's Boy Time kit. Huggers!

Peggie said...

This is gorgeous, as your creations always are! Thank you.

crlin said...

Thanks Kim! Love this!! My problem with 4Shared is it took me several days and downloads from different people to see where you could put comments!! You have to put your comments in BEFORE you download because it's on the page before the final dl page! Felt bad that I couldn't leave comments any more - then one day found it! Ugg!!! Hope the weather is better for you soon!!

Luisa said...

lovely layouts, and Thanks for the frames!! Hugs!!

Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

thanks for the frames, and you Boy mini! :)

Bunny Cates, said...

who was first? who?
say it...
say my name...
say my

ugh ugh... go me.. whooot whoot...

left you a little notey on my blog COW

DigiLover said...

got your funny comment on my blog - hope you're still not blushing - lol!!!

goody I'm glad I'm not the only one freezing my buns off!!! lol - It's the start of winter here in OZ although it really started a couple of weeks ago.

I'm sitting here all rugged up, got the gas heater ablazing away, hopefully it will dry some of my washing I've dragged inside as it's been raining here for a couple of days to boot!!!! So Kimmy I sympathise with you!

on a brighter note... I just love your new overlays *now added to my wish list*. Thank you so much for the gorgeous sampler! Love all the LOs.

Gabrielle said...

We all hate the 4shared thing!, is there an alternative out there?
Thanks Kim for this lovely Qp, In return I have a new QP freebie on my blog so hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous cluster frame and paper!! Love the layouts on your blog.