Monday, 2 June 2008

Weekend blues

AAARGH- I HATE CRYING!- always makes me look like a goldfish from hell and then everyone asks why your eye's are puffy- or Kim, you got BAGS under your eyes- DUH! hahaha- yeah I looked a little worse for wear yesterday. but I'm UP and going and feeling ok today. It was a long emotional week for me this week with my best friend leaving - and yeah I know he is just a phone call away or a e-mail away- but it's AWAY dammit-LOL. I lost my one *horn* when he left on Saturday- Oh goodness, I'll just have to keep the other one in storage till we get together again. ROTF

I didn't manage to get on to blog on Friday as it WAS CRAZY- Deon was packing and I was receiving!- I have got his diningroom suite- and it's so funny as I was telling Bunny mine has seen better days- Well this is WAY toooo BIG for Deon's place in CT - so I bought it(well you know how friends buy right- WAHAHAHA) - It's soo heavy it need 4 guys to carry the TOP in alone!- Not even the legs on! It's solid yellow and black wood with the natural knots still in it and the table is shaped AROUND them- it's AWESOME!! WOOOHOOO. ( Thanks DEE)- So had to get mine out of here and then make space for the new one! Then it was lunch! Well that only finished at 5.30pm! OUCH- lol, But it was a GOOD one- my Dad, Wayne, Nathan and Dee's Dad and brother plus a few close friends! BUT BUT BUT

We had his party at 8.30 that night too- WAHAHAHA- talk about a RUSH- we made it on time too ( that on it's own is a record I think!LOL)- WOW- we filled the whole top floor of the cocktail bar! They didn't stand a CHANCE- ROTF! We had a blast and got home just on 3am With EVERYONE coming here for coffee- UHUM, well eventually Deon snuck off down our passage and found a bed and went to sleep-LOL. and left us with all the guests the bugger! He left on Saturday afternoon feeling rather tired- hahahaha. Put it this way- I don't think he will forget it quickly.

OOOH and I was honoured by being asked to be on Bonnies CT for June/July.  Bonnie also a South African and I love her whimsy style.

Here is a LO I did for her using  By the Moonlight ( there is also a matching freebie on her blog)


AWWW_ I used my favourite girl again here ( Bunny's daughter Harmony) and her fairy dress was just PERFECT!

AND IT's JUNE PEOPLE!!! OMG- we are hitting half the year already!-,So as you know- my new Colour Challenge is up too

And here is what the posting bonus looks like-


I decided on something a little more masculine with fathers day this month and thought it would make a fun change. COME PWAY WIFF ME PWEASE- hee hee

Check it out here- and there are a number of new challenges this month too- FUN FUN FUN!!

I had some extra bits to match the posting bonus so put them together for a *add-on*-freebie

(you can grab these and just come make a LO with it-post it in the challenge link above- and then get the posting gifty too - WOOHOOOO ( easy easy)


I really liked the interwoven ribbon star/flower and how it came out-LOL. ( yeah I like to play all the time-sssshhhhhhhh). - well got to go and fetch Nathan from school and his exams start this week too ( oh BOY!!-LOL). Sending hugs and loves Kim


Dinphy said...

Well it sure sounds like your friend won't forget this farewell party any time soon! Or you... ;)

But girl you make the challenge WAY too easy! lol.
But I love the addon! Thank you SO much!

Melberry said...

Congrat, Kim, on being a special guest on Bonnie's CT! I, too, like the whimsy of her work, as well as Jen's. You South Africans are a very creative bunch, and fun as well. Your new color challenge will be interesting. Because I never wrote a goodbye letter to my dad when we lost him almost 10 years ago, I'm finally going to prepare a memory scrapbook album for him and this will be a nice kit to use for it. Thank you for the always enjoyable opportunity to play with your challenges!

Glad to hear that the party for Deon went well. I know how much you'll miss him being around.

Hope you catch up on your sleep this week!

TTFN ... hugs,

Jenni said...

I thought about you all weekend and knew it would be an emotional one for you!! Glad you survived and had some fun! And congrats on being a guest for Bonnie, I saw your gorgeous LO's!

DigiLover said...

I came over to visit your blog earlier tonight and you hadn't posted since Thurs so I knew you must still be very upset about Deon leaving. So sorry that he's moved away. I'm sure he is going to have 'Kim withdrawals as much as you are going to have Deon one's' but at least you have his lovely table as a momento so when you get really lonesome for him you'll be able to go and sit on one of his chairs! not the same I know.

congrats on getting on Bonnie's CT - love the gorgeous LO you did with Harmony - it's such a pretty photo of her too!!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I picked up the Benevolent Boutique kits last night as soon as I got word from Crystal they were up. I love your contributions!

txbubbles said...

Howdy Kim!
OHHH!!! I love the June colors. This will be perfect for the Cancun pics! Thanks so much for the add-on!

Unknown said...

Just passin thru on the DSO blog train... love the gorgeous LO you did with Harmony. The colors for the color challenge are fun to play with I've already started. LOL Thanks for the lovely add-on.

xashee's corner said...

big Congrats on being special guest!! Glad you survived the weekend! i figured there would be some hard partying!! lol LOVE the layout and LA LA LOVE your kits!! Thank you so much for sharing!! have a GREAT day! :D

Andrea said...

Goodbyes are never easy! At least you can still call him all the time! That's cool you got his gorgeous table!!

BEAUTIFUL layout of Bunny's daughter! She is such a doll.

Thank you for the great add-on!! WOW! That 'tied' flower is FAB!

Congrats on being a special guest for Bonnie's CT! Your LO's are always amazing!

Peggie said...

Thank you for this beauty. I love these colors.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts were with you this weekend, Kim...Good-byes are never easy, but sometimes they suck more than you would believe possible. I'm so glad you were able to have a glorious send-off for Deon. Hang in there!


Being Mrs Miles said...

Awwww - I wish I could find something perfect to say to comfort you, but there's not. Instead, I'll just be thinking of you. It sounds like your friendship will not really SUFFER for the distance, you will simply have to be creative! At least these days we have loads of ways of staying in touch. I was actually listening to a podcast the other day, about a guy who made a robot which would 'roam' the offices of where he used to work, and send him video feedback. If the people were 'in' then the robot was an interface that the person could use to 'chat' with him even. Perhaps that could be something you and Deon could have. haha & hugs.

LOVE your layout, going to blog that one real quick! I just spent the ENTIRE day cleaning and re-arranging my house ... when MIL and FIL come tomorrow, me and my hunny are moving... to the basement. Ha! I've already got 'blog central' set up down here.

Well, better run, ttyl and THANK YOU so much the layout!

i loves ya, Kimmie-Pie

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Lucie Cali said...

thanks, nice colors!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kim! You've outdone yourself with this color challenge! LOVE the color combos, and the style of elements! Thank you!

Scrapbrat said...

Hey,Kim!Sorry to hear about Deon leaving!Congrats on being a guest ct for Bonnie!I simply adore her work.When are you having another CT call?I just can't wait to apply!Please,please have a ct call!

Suz :) said...

I’m always amazed at the stuff you designers create and then offer up for free no less. Someday I hope I will be able to give back also to the digiscrapping community. For now I say thanks for sharing, and also give you a little “Link Love” over on my blog. Stay sweet. :)

Magicmaker said...

Thanks, Kim, for this wonderful DSO-CC Add-on, I made a bragbook page using your kit which is available for download in my blog. The view is available at DSO's CC thread.