Monday, 28 July 2008

Anyone want a husband

WAHAHAHa- Ok lets just say a man with a sniffle is a big baby and a PITA- a man with his Bday this weekend coming up and who starts getting really moody because he is getting another year older- is REALLY A PITA! Put put the two together and well we have DISASTER in capitals- ROTF! So anyone want him for a week??- hee hee, Kidding, but my man is one of the kindest and most thoughtful man I know- but oh dear Lord give me strength- when it comes to this time of the year I NEED HELP- lol. He sulked for two weeks before his 40th, and now it's his 43rd- and of course that is now closer to 45- so you get the picture. BWAHAHAHA- my man IS NOT going to age gracefully- HAHAHAHAHA- Anyone else's hubby's hate getting older?- I mean I don't think ANY of us like it- but geee's, I'm happy to be the age I'm at and actually LOVE being in my 40's- maybe by the time I hit 50 we will both be sulking together- lol

I had a really nice quiet weekend this weekend- family time and spent some time playing in photoshop- and and- GUESS WHAT-

Jazzy is a GREAT-GRANDMOTHER! Awwwww, what a time for Kaylin Lori Faith to arrive. It's like she was God sent, and on her late grand-mothers birthday too.!


Welcome to the world Kaylin Lori Faith- you have a Great Grand Nana who is going to love and spoil you TONS!

You can read all about it on Jazzy's blog too. I used one of Beths Softly sweet Brag Book pages ( these are so AWESOME to use!!) in her store at DSO.

And I got the most amazing pressy in the mail on Friday night- (

YUP I was at HOME Friday night-lol) sent by my dear friend MRS MILES.




Done with her brand new kit JUNKYARD GARDEN ( which I got tooooo!!- WOOOOOOPIEEEEE)


Isn't this AMAZING!! I LOVE the mix of elements in here- they are so fun and different! So I couldn't WAIT to play with it and sent her a LO on Saturday- lol



I did this of my dear friend Roche who had a photo shoot done in a rusty old hanger and this kit was just PERFECT for her stunning photo!

If you check out MRS MILES blog- you can see some more LO's and some detailed previews too- OOH and there is a grab bag too!

Thank you so much for my pressy my friend- I LOVE IT MUCHLY!

Don't miss my GRAB BAG- it's gone WEDNESDAY at 12pm!!


6 brand new product- ONLY $8 they work out to ONLY $1.40 PER KIT in there! Perfect for personal and Commercial use.

That's all the real news for today-lol, on my way to fetch Nathan from school and got to get some odds and ends at the shops- never ending story that- LOL. sending hugs and loves Kim


By Dezign said...

Oh Kim, my sympathies. Sick, OLD husbands can be a pain. Tell Wayne I'm giving him a pressie (early LOL) of 10% off his age for this week only!!!

Got to go and swing by Jazzy's blog. That baby is a celebration!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Know what you mean. We hit the big 50 this year and now it is sleeping problems and prostate troubles. Now imagine being overtired and needing to pee and not being able to. Prepare yourself!! I think I finally got this comment thing figured out. Wendy @

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm back home after a FAB weekend away BUT was so glad to get home to my fur baby after a hot & sticky weekend!!!!!!
My cousin owns a home in a gated community tats built around a large manmade lake & he lives right along the lake which is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Just wish I would have taken my camera along!!!!!! LOL
Next time I will!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright Kim here is what you tell HUBBY as I use to tell my elderly patients when I worked in the nursing home & now tell everyone!!!

"You start getting older from the day you are born!"
HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robbi1 said...

LOL Kim....Would be nice to be back in our 40's, lol. DH will turn 65 on Saturday and I will make it to 60 the following Saturday - Age is just a state of Mind. I think Sharon hit it right on the mark...but you are only as old as you make yourself feel. Lifes too short to worry about it.
Happy Birthday to Waynie!

Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

lol Naw, I'll let you keep Wayne. hehe Nick forgot he was turning 40 this past January. He's still got it in his head I'm 27. And I'm umm not.
What a beautiful new lil love bundle Jazzy has. I know she's still going thru a very difficult time, but that sweet lil Kaylin (and yes, I noticed the Lori) will help her heal. The Lori in her name brought tears to my eyes.
And isn't Mrs. Miles just the sweetest? I saw her mention her bag the other day.
Guess what Nick did yesterday?? He got my PSE working!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he has no clue what he did. lol I am LOVING it!!!! Off to learn more about it. *huggles*

xashee's corner said...

Sorry to hear Wayne is sick and hope he feels better soon! Happy birthday to Wayne too!! :D
LOVE your layouts and the kit by Mrs. Miles is just AWESOME!!
sooooooo glad Jazzy got a new baby in her life at this time!!
hoping to get your grab bag but hubby hasn't gotten on ebay (he sells, i buy lol) to get more money in that paypal account for me yet lol
my DH doesnt mind getting older, its the aches & pains that go along that get him but when i turned 50 it hit me!!
LOVE your blog, you are always sooooooooooo upbeat, its WONDERFUL!! Have a GREAT day Kim! HUGS :D

Elizabeth said...

That baby is so cute! If men had to have babies we would be extinct!

Daddoo said...

Kim - Tell Wayne he is a Wimp! I spent my birthday officiating at a swim meet as I have many times in the past. I am now 39 and a few odd months (no, wait, 600 months is an even number not odd.) If you are math challenged this morning (well it is still morning here, lol) 600 months = 25 years.

Lots of Love. Daddoo

BlueRose said...

Hi Kim,
Yup my Hubie hit 30 had a suprize bday party and that was the last. Now that he is 53 I never hear a word from him. LOL LOL

I just have to go to Jazzy's and read up on the cutest little bundle of Joy!

Kristine said...

Hiya Kim!!!

I'd trade ya hubbys but mine is whining too!!1 LMAO...Nikki will set him straight next week I'm sure! ROFL!!!

Miss ya girlie!!


pkdoll said...

Hi Kimmie! I just wanted to see if I could post on your blog without having to re-create my username and password. Every single time I want to comment it tells me my password is incorrect and I have to re-create my username and password all over again. Any suggestions on what I should do???