Friday, 25 July 2008

Lo's to share

WOOOOHOOO- It's FRIDAY! lol,I don't know why- but Friday mornings the sun always seems to shine a little brighter for me-hahahaha. Oh Goodness my friend Loryn phoned me from Cape Town yesterday saying she really wasn't feeling well - her muscles where sore and she was running a very high temp. She went to a doctor there ( now you must remember she has just arrived in Cape Town too and hasn't even got all her furniture yet- the truck is late!) and the Doc says she's got the flu- and sends her home with some flu meds- She's not happy as she has a slight rash on her stomach too and her glands are all swollen- I feel so bad being so far away- but I tell her I think it sounds like German measles!- HAHAHA- Oh Shame- she phones this morning again and the rash is everywhere- I tell her to find another doctor and go this morning- and yup my poor friend has German Measles! WE start laughing as I say she needs someone to come and kiss it all better and read her bedtime stories. She's hoping it will be tall dark and handsome- LOL



Don't forget my new CU grab bag is on SALE at the moment- total value is $40 for this one. ( that's 80% off!)

 so GRAB IT now for only $8 .( will be gone next Thursday)

Mrs Miles- in keeping the words few-lol. I keep all my kits WHOLE and in their own folders ( I just put all the elements and papers in ONE folder so they are all together)- but I keep them in their original MAIN folder so I know who to credit etc. Its the way I work-lol

Church- OMGoodness girl- I wouldn't call myself wild(but I think others beg to differ) - I just like to give everything a try out there before I say I don't like or haven't done it- LOL - OK ONE EXCEPTION to this one- you can stick the BUNGY Jump- man, I don't know how one can go down that far on a piece of elastic that's just tied to your ankles- *shiver*- lol.

And well there are some more story's of my *surfing* phase- but that one was the most embarrassing-lol.

I have some more LO's with some tips on what's in my bag too that I would like to share with you


AWWW- this gorgeous LO is from Netta- I LOVE IT!


Dress Pattern

And this arty one from Renee- girl I am loving your ARTSY's!



This stunning double pager was done by Livia for her Friend Chelly!


She used my Softly sweet kit and a template by Yin. It's stunning girl- I LOVE IT


Also using my Softly Sweet kit - Bonnie did this gorgeous LO for her anniversary!



This stunner is done by Jenni- who used my bag to make a this LO as well as a super duper freebie on her blog too! LOVE THIS!!


How stunning is this! WOOOHOOOO- Grab this FREEBIE mini on JENS BLOG and please remember to leave her some love ;-)

Well I'm off to go fetch Nathan from school, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I didn't hear from Jazzy this morning- so I'm just hoping that she is taking time out for herself and getting some rest. TOns of love and hugs.Kim


Anonymous said...

Morning Kim!!!

Hope you have a killer weekend! Julie is gone for the weekend so we are going out to a friend's annual house party. Wahooooooo!!! LOL

BTW, I FINALLY got the June CC posted on my know me...2 months late!!! LOL

Love you girlie!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend & in a few hours I will be on my way to my cousins place with my younger brother & his family, my Mom & Dad!!!
They know that they are coming but I'm going to be a BIG surprise as its been awhile since I've seen them!!!!!!!!!
Its also the first time that I've been away since Oct 2002 when we went to Washington DC for the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial where my Hubby was one of many honored that died in the Line of Duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xashee's corner said...

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! looking forward to hearing (reading) the rest of those surfing stories!!! ;)

Andrea said...

Yikes!! How do you get German measles??? Sounds awful. Poor girl. Hope she feels better!!

Lovely layouts using your stuffies!!

I'm with you...don't think I could ever bunjee jump! I would totally feel like it would break! too freaky!!!

Have a great day :)

Being Mrs Miles said...

Ohh - I can just see it haha, a chart in my mind, sections labelled monday to friday, and the indicators starting FLAT on monday, and by friday its OFF THE CHART. Seeing a pattern here? *snerk!*

Can we say "LIVES FOR WEEKENDS" ?? haha!

KimB's friend Loryn,
From Cape Town way,
Had a spotty belly,
Upon waking today,

She took herself to the doc,
To get diagnosed,
He diagnosed wrong,
So he's toast.

She went to another,
To get the right diagnosis,
So she could sleep at night,
And have no nuerosis.

What was thought to be flu,
Turned out to be a measle,
So that first doc was wrong,
Oh what a weasel.

Gee - I hope you get better,
I hope your spots fade,
And next time you find,
A doc with a GOOD GRADE.

thinking of your spotty old self Loryn.

Buahhaha - we going to being those spots anytime soon (SURELY Kim will scrap em. *snicker*)

Ok, Kimmie, I've harassed you and your friend enough for one day. Your readers make the BEST layouts. Just lovely - but how can they help it with your gorgeous kits!

(with maple, we LIKE maple)

silly ol Barbs

(see what happens when I stay up past my regular bedtime? I get goofy x10)

Jackie said...

Beauuuutiful as always. Your girls can sure crank out the most darling LOs. *doing my dorky dance* I got that bag & OH MY GOODNESS. That's all I'm going to say. OK, so I lied. It's fantab!!!!!!!! It's awesome!!!!! I LOVE your bags. MUCH love to ya. MWAHS

BlueRose said...

Hey Kim say I really wasn't going to buy the bag and I pondered and pondered till boom I got it. I'm so glad that I did you girl really know how to rock. Thnx for the bag......

Being Mrs Miles said...

hay my kimmie, did i ever tell you it ZINGLES when you speak Africans to me? BUAHHAHAHA! Truly, I think its so wonderful you share the language/customs, it adds a unique FLAVA to your writing.

PS - I woke up dead out of (an all too short) sleep to realize I had not hotlinked you in my entry... buahahha, so even before finishing my first CUPPA, and with the green junk in the corners of my eyes glueing my lashes togevver (right, you did NOT need to know this) I cranked open my puter and corrected the situation.

MUAH x 1,000,000

Anonymous said...

Hi girl, look at my blog, I decern you a blog award, just to say you thank you for your generosity and your wonderful stuff ;-)