Monday, 21 July 2008

A friend in need



TODAY is a day when all the girls at DSO have jumped in to HELP A FRIEND IN NEED!

Jazzy our dearest friend has gone through a tough time this year so far in that her health has failed her,  the death of her daughter Lori,  and now on Saturday night her dearest Grandson Andrew passed away in her arms at home. He was a really special boy and needed very special care that Jazz fought long and hard to give him.

Our hearts are broken for all that this Special Woman has gone through and today the

 DSO will be donating ALL SALES that go through the store today to JAZZ!

It's our way of helping her out ~ We are asking YOU to help US, help a friend in NEED. 

If you make a purchase today - please leave a message on your ORDER for Jazz if you would like - it will be copied and sent to her too ;-).

I made this mini-kit  freebie that I would like to give out today


All I ask in return if you download is that you pop on over to JAZZY'S NEW BLOG HERE and just leave her some LOVE.

Here you go 

If you give Andrea a chance to wake up her side- she will have a matching part to this mini-kit too.

I've blogged on JAZZY's Blog today - and put up two very special LO's that Jazzy did of Andrew- so you can see just what a special boy he was.

Thank you for your support in this cause and as you know my store is 50% today- includes all CU items too. Much love and hugs Kim


Bonnie said...

Hi Kim
Oh sorry to hear sad. I will go on over and leave her a message!Hugs Bonnie

Kim's Scrappin' said...

This is so sad Kim, but a very good thing that you and the other designers at DSO are doing. I will to what I can to help out.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 21 Jul [LA 02:23am, NY 04:23am, UK 09:23am, OZ 07:23pm]).

Judy said...

Kim thankyou for letting us know us know this very sad news. I have left a message for Jazz and will now head on over to DSO to help out.
Thankyou also for hte lovely kit you left for us.

Rarole said...

Thanks for sharing this with all of us. We have a special community - and even though we have never met each other we seem to care and know about each other. And thanks for swooping in there like a Mama bird and looking out after the ones that are in need.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!
TY so very much for this LOVELY mini!!!!!!!!!!!
The Baby shower is finally over with & I'm not feeling to great but did manage some photo's even made myself do a LO of the Diaper cake I made on my blog!!!
Off to Jazzy now!!!!!!!!!

Colleen said...

I'm so sad for Jazzy Kim. :(
I think I managed to lose her newer email (as all the ones I send come back to me) so please make sure she knows I'm sending hugs and love.

Popping over to the store to check out your goodies and support our dear wonderful friend.


jayleigh3 said...

Kim - thank you for this sweet kit, and thanks for putting the color chip in with it. i did go to Jazz's blog and read thru it and left a comment - not just to get your freebie, but because i know what it is to grieve the death of a loved one: family member and friend. Bless you, too for your sweet and loving heart as well as your generosity!

SherryD said...

Kim, thanks for letting us know of Jazzy's troubles so we can be supportive. And thank you for the lovely freebie. Off to do a little shopping for a friend.

Dinphy said...

Kim, I was over at Jazzy's blog before I finished reading your post. What a unimaginable sad thing to happen to her. She's already been hurt so much.
I just hope all the comments over there will help her some, as she wrote earlier that the comments made her happy again.

Thanks for sharing it with all of us, so we can leave her some love.

Also thanks for the sweet kit.
It's very beautiful.

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh Kim,

What a beautiful thing for you to do. I'll be praying for Jazzy today. I'm at a loss of what else to say, sometimes its so hard to understand why one person in particular gets so much heaped on them, in the way of suffering. I guess the beautiful thing about it, is seeing how the scrapping/blogging family pulls together in every way to meet a friends need.

THANK YOU for just 'being there' for a friend.


Shannon said...

So sad to hear this Kim! I've blogged about the Friend In Need effort and will head to Jazzy's blog in a moment. My heart breaks for her!

Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

How sad! I left a comment for Jazzy. I wish i could do more. It's just not possible right now. But she's in my thoughts & prayers.

xashee's corner said...

i am soo sorry to hear such heartache but sure glad Jazzy has a friend like you! it is truly a WONDERFUL way to help! May God Bless you, Kim, i am soo glad i know you! thank you for sharing the good, the bad and the painful! HUGS!!

Ginger said...

I will be happy to spread the word about your helping Jazzy. I will post this on my blog- I will head over to send her blog to send her some love, I don't know her, but my heart aches for her just reading you post. You are a good friend for helping her!! Ginger

Johanna said...

Thank you for letting us know about the DSO benefit today, I ran right over to do my part. I have always felt that when one in our community is hurting we all feel the pain. It does not matter that we have not "met".
I am so sorry .

aka tat2scrapper

makeyesup said...

thanks, been on SBM and Jazz's blog already. Hope this is surely the end of all the sorrow she has been handling lately.

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

What a wonderful person you are... Hugs for all your caring. Lainey

carjazi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this and went right to Jazz's blog from Gingerscraps. It's truly wonderful how the digicommunity comes together during times like these. Thank you for being a part of this and doing such a wonderful thing for her. I almost feel guilty shopping, but knowning it's going to a good cause, always makes it a bit easier.

cindy said...

I tried to leave Jazz a message on her blog but it just wouldn't go through. Please let her know how sorry I am for her loss. Heading over to DSO to help her out.

Barbwire said...

Thank you for the gift, I will be sure to pop on over to Jazz's and leave her a message.

Barbwire said...

Kim, I tried to leave the following message on Jazz's blog, but since I don't have a user name and password for Google/Blogger, I was unable to do so. Could you please make sure Jazz gets the following message I tried to leave on her blog? Thanks

"Jazz....My thoughts are with you right now. I sit here trying to put into words my feelings, and find that for once I can't find the words. So I guess I will have to just sent you a "cyber hug" instead.

Dane Ann said...

I feel just terrible for all that Jazz is going through.

I'm unusually late in reading your post and missed the special event you were all doing for her. Please let me know how I can contribute to lifting some of the families burdens.

Jazz & her family will be in our thoughts and prayers as they step out of this past season in thier lives and into the next.

Hugs & Blessings,

Dane Ann

Sue said...

You are going the extra mile for your friend, Jazzy. May God bless you as well as Jazzy.

Thank you very much for the kit.