Thursday, 17 July 2008

Fun and games

I think *mr Murphy* followed from DSO and landed in South Africa today- LOL, yup right here in my house! The lights have been tripping all morning- they'd be on for about and hour and then BANG- gone- I'd go to the main board and push the trip switch back up and they would go back on- AHH- but not for long- lol. So thinking YAY- it's all ok, I start working here on the puter and what happens- YUP, BAM- there they go again WITH MY WORK!- lol. This happened three times- eventually after turning off everything in the house that I THINK is causing it- I try again- but this time the trip switch won't even go UP. hahahaha, And of course this is NOT something in my * I know how this works dictionary*-  but eventually figure out if I turn ALL the switches down and put the main on back up- if I push them up one by one I will eventually get to *switch* that is causing the problems8- YAY, go me! hahaha.

BUT- oh of course there had to be a BUT in this- I think it's the geyser( or boiler)- but NONE of the switches are marked as this is a NEW board and it hasn't been done yet-and well that's WAYNE's department- LOL! I had gone out this morning already and left my car outside- so zip out to fetch Nathan from school now- get back and push my remote to open the garage door- NOTHING- mmmmm, now sitting in the car- I tell NATHAN to run inside and to look if the trip is down again- OH gee's, he pushes UP THE SWITCH I LEFT DOWN- BAM, there goes my first post and my work AGAIN- ( you laughing yet-??- hahahaha), So I park in the drive way and come inside to RE-DO the switches and NOW we know it's the garage with the TV lounge included- WAHAHAHAHA. So Wayne is going to have a fun time when he gets home tonight climbing in the roof- because I can just see my two boys without their TV tonight- uhum- NOT!- hahahahaha!

So going to show you some more LO's and will re-do mine to show you tomorrow ;-)

teachers (600 x 600)

Silvia sent this stunning LO of Belinda's graduation at school. She also used my softly sweet kit.


Just look at this AWESOME LO by Elaine! I LOVE that tutu! Elaine used I Believe and I Believe 4 boys too. LOVE IT!

And I did this one last week and just haven't put it up here yet- EEEEK, I KNOW- I'm so blonde lately- hahaha


I made this for Bonnie using her brand new kit called Sand in my Shoes. The alpha was a freebie by PST Design.

AND YAY- I'm giving JAZZY a send off here!

She did her FIRST BLOG POST!! Only took her 2 and half days- ROTF!! hahaha.

She has this AWESOME freebie up for you

Preview 1 copy[5]

Don't you want to just leave her a hi  HERE and some blog love - man I know how nerve wracking it is blogging and especially your first Ok guys I have a son who is complaining in the background, so let me sort him out and I will chat to you tomorrow- Much love and hugs Kim


Anonymous said...

Wow..I cant believe Im first to comment...Yea me..thanks for the great send off Kim..heck with your punch's I dont need to advertise..which I havent figured out yet. sounds like you have had a lovely I think I know what you are talking about..a breaker box..happened to us one time because Josh got a new tv and a new game system and it kept knocking the breaker out. Andrews room and the LR were on the same breaker and it caused the wiring in Andrews suction machine to be careful would hate for that to happen to you..ok I guess I have "Yakked" enough on your blog too..Love you girl and thanks again for all your kind words..

Being Mrs Miles said...

Those flippin' trippin' switches, hay? ROTFL... I can just HEAR you from over here... haha, my lil ears are just smartin, smokin and curling over like your funky orange arrow elements.

I know, you're running around crying "Oh give me a BREAK(er)!!!)

I DO feel sorry for you, but as AmyW would put it... neener, NEENER! hahahahaha.

You're too easy to pick on KimBee.

Picking and leaving... (you KNOW who)

A Mean Canadian Blogger...

Dinphy said...

Oh I would go CRAZY if that happened to me! AND I wouldn't know what to do about it... oops...
Guess I'm even blonder, although I'm a brunette! But I die my hair to match. ;)
LOVE your LO! WOW! Bunny's kit sure is perfect for it. Wonderful extraction! Love the fish out of the frame!
YAY for Jazzie! I'm gonna go over there right now!

Anonymous said...