Wednesday, 16 July 2008

LO's to share

Am I the only one that see's RED when they  hit  or bump my  head?, I think it's the only thing that can set me off in a blind rage!(well let's just call it the *instinct to retaliate shall we-lol) And what happened yesterday?- OMG, I went and got some food supplies with Nathan and while busy packing the fridge- you know- kneeling down and moving the beer to make space for the FRUIT, and Nathan's yakking with me and he say's mom be-(never finished his sentence) and of course I stand up STRAIGHT into the FREEZER door ABOVE me- ARRRRRRGHHHHH- I still had a beer in my hand and wanted to whack it over Nathans head!- ROTF. it took all I had to stand there and just clench my teeth- LOL ,Poor Nathan was trying to warn me to WATCH out that the freezer door was open- OOOOOPS toooo late!- hahahahahaha, He just kept saying, sorry mom, sorry mom, over and over trying not to laugh-Knowing that I HATE my head being bumped!  My Poor child. lol- my head THROBBED for a few hours after and now I have a lovely CONE head- hee hee! Well we did have a good laugh about it an hour later.

OOOH I have had so many LO's sent to me that I thought today would be a great day to show them all off-


This one is from Pamela, she used Bunny's and my I Believe kit and Softly Sweet- Just how cute is this- love the grass layering and the vines too!



This one by Jazzy- using the the colour challenge kit I made for BOO. Love the OB work on the top frame! AWESOME



this stunning Lo was sent in by Judy- It's STUNNING! Judy used my Storybook Romance kit-  Love the way it's all in the centre panel! Great Job girl!



This stunning fun Lo is from Stephanie and she used my Unda-Da-Sea  kit.  Love it!


AWWWW_ doesn't this LO make you go AWWWWW- just look at that little face! this was made by Paula using Softly Sweet and Jazzy's word art- AWESOME JOB GIRL!

And I've had TONS' of OOOH's and Gosh's this morning- If you haven't gone to look through my Colour Challenge yet- GO!! Oh my word, I have been shocked SPEECHLESS at the amount of talent in there! I honestly think this months colour challenge is the BEST so far- and that takes a LOT- as every single one has been AWESOME!, but oh - I have had a field day seeing all the kits and LO's- Thank you lady's soo soo much! YOU ROCK!

Want to join us- check it out here.  and come play along! Well- I've got to go fetch Nathan from school today- YUP BACK TO SCHOOL, and actually I'm grateful to get back into routine again! 3 weeks WINTER break is long enough for any mother-lol. Hugs and loves Kim


Kristine said...

Mornin' dollface!!!!! How's teh conehead today?! ROFLPIMP!!!! I do that ALL the time....I should have steel implanted in my skull just for my own safety...LOL
(ya know? I have to go to Andrea's blog to get to my blog as well when I'm on the laptop and I have NO idea why....pisses me right off tho)LOL


xashee's corner said...

oh i am soo sorry about the bump on the head. LOVE the layouts! Have a GREAT day! :D

Judgirl said...

your talent and beautiful kits make it easy to show off the beautiful pictures one has ...thanks so much Kim..
your a blessing to us all

Beth said...

Wow! You have had a lot of great layouts sent to ya lately! Very cool. And it was fun to see my storybook romance bb page used in a full sized layout.... never seen that done before. Sorry about the bonkin' the head thing.... I hate that too. But with me... it's usually my 1 yr old coming up to me (when I don't pay attention) and throwing a toy at my head!!! Ouch!

Peggie said...

Wow, all these layouts are beautiful.
I love Pamela's layout, the wings are not overpowering. They are just right! Thank you for sharing them.
I need to see these so I can improve.

LouCeeCreations said...

Hi Kim, nothing worse than cracking your head on the corner of a door lol! unless..... you are walking through a golf course not listening to a golfer shouting that little word of warning....fore! haha yep you guessed it, on Sunday, when out walking the dog, I got a nice crack on the chin, s*?* it hurt. I was totally not amused as DH was by the side of me and he should have got it on his arm..... I'm much shorter, heehee. I should have picked up the golf ball as a souvenir!

What a fabulous selection of layouts btw, they show off your kits beautifully.

charlie said...

wow what stunning Lo's!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Gee-Gosh girl - don't we get a PHOTO of the bump? Don't just tell, SHOW AND TELL... kidding. I can't tell you how many times I've bonked my own head so hard I've seen stars and smelled ammonia. Our VW van has a 'lip' on the top, and it took me a LONG time to get used to it. NO matter how I REMINDED myself, I still wound up smacking into that sucker.

Thanks for reminding me... now I'm getting a headache. Way to go SA g/f!

*sending you the bill for the tylenol*


Pamela said...

I cannot BELIEVE I forgot to come by and say THANK YOUUUUUUU for posting my Layout!! (life got a little crazy the last couple of weeks). And I even got a compliment here for it. WOW!! Thanks so very much Kim. It's just toooo coool to see it here.