Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Yup that's what has hit us- LOL. It's been non stop and on the go since Friday -Besides me having blood shot eye- BWAHAHAHA, Oh man, don't get in a tickle match with your hubby who has bony shoulders! ARRRRGH- I came forward the same time he did ( thank goodness we didn't clunk heads or we would both have been knocked out I think-LOL) and whacked my eye onto his shoulder! It felt a bit bruised and DRY and scratchy after - but we laughed and he kissed it better(AHHHHHH)  - Until I woke up the next morning and went to clean my teeth- BWAHAHAHAHA- I looked like Dracula's cousin!- my ONE eye is bright red and the other fine- it's going down now- but looks really *evil looking*- hee hee . So now I can give people the *hairy evil eyeball*- LOL

AND~ As you all know by now DSO had a crash and well the TEAM have been working around the clock to make sure it is going to be even better than before! Bunny has hardly slept and I think she deserves a medal!- sheee's I don't know where she gets the stamina from- and not only that it's end of the month so it's payroll and all that goes with running a store normally!

LOVE YA BUNNY and THANK YOU!! And to all the DSO girls who jumped in to help me yesterday- OMG- I used up three accounts ( I'm capped here people-LOL) in just over four days! And thank goodness it's all RESET today- WAHAHAHAHAHa- but I swear, the girls just jumped in and started loading up for me on their side!  DSO girls ROCK!!

And of course its the 1st of July today too- BOY this year is really FLYING by!

As you all know I have been donating some pieces to the Benevolant Boutique for a CHARITY kit every month.

Last month's charity was the dream foundation, this month it is to Reece's Rainbow.


There are two kits again this month- Whimsy, which is just that and is a fun charming kit full of doodles and sweetness


And Wishes- which is slightly Grungy and vintage in style. You can check them both out here on the Blog and read up about  Reece's Rainbow.

There is  also have another kit that I donated to and is close to the heart - but will show you that tomorrow;-)

I've been asked about the challenges as the forum is still down ( but won't be for long I promise!)-

HANG ON TO YOUR STUFF LADIES!- I PROMISE we will extend the June *submission* end dates to accommodate not having the forum open at the moment-

and I will make sure you ALL get your posting gifts the minute we are active again!

But seeing that I know you guys have been waiting for the new one to arrive-

HERE IS A LOOK AT JULY' s Colour Challenge!


I had the urge to play with red-LOL. AND I have made you a little ADD-ON freebie to get you inspired and going on the challenge while you are waiting for the forum to open- WOOHOOO


The new SWATCH is in the download file! PLUS I added a tutorial on how to use the full Alpha sheets too! http://www.4shared.com/file/53444465/e8b81ed8/kb-Julyaddon.html

I know a lot of people prefer them separately but I just didn't have the extra time today to cut them all up(ssorrry)- so I made you something simple so you can use them as they are;-)

OOOH- and don't they always say things happen in threes- RIGHT!- Hell, with DSO and my eye- my washing machine decided to go POOF too! Yeah- it went on and went PPPPEEEEEEEEp- ppphhhht NOTHING- BWAHAHAHAHA! And as much as I love all the new computerized machines ( which this one is!)- man when they break ,they BREAK with dollar signs on the end of them! So it looks like a new one is on the * to buy* list-. The computer on the thing is apparently gone- and it's going to cost near the same to replace that as buying a NEW one- GO FIGURE! So my hubby's logic is - WE BUY A NEW ONE as I am not spending more money on it in three months time again! See- COMPUTERS can be a real PITA! bwahahahahahaha. Ok I have tons still to do, sending hugs a loves to you all. Kim


Crystal said...

For being in a whirlwind, you're on top of things! Thanks for the BB mention, late last night I finally got all that done.

I'm loving that red too! It's inspiring.

Melberry said...

Sending some VIRTUAL ICE your way -- enough to place on your poor eye, and enough to place on Wayne's forehead for the headache he must have in the midst of your whirlwind!!. You need to see the word art I added to yesterday's first posting. I think you could relate, too! Gentle hugs ... Melanie

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh I had one of them computer operated washing machines too and never again!!!! It cost us a fortune having it fixed....I could've bought 2 new machines with the cost of repairs.....but we came to our senses and I have a non-computerised machine, front loader, and it is great.
Love the add on to the kit....thanks.

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE the add on and thank you so much for sharing your creative talent!! sorry to hear about your eye but sure sounds like you had some FUN!! :D looking forward to DSO reopening too! :D hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Luisa said...

Sorry for your eye, but you were having fun!! LOL, and Thanks so so much for the gift, like everything you do is Beautiful!! Hugs!!

txbubbles said...

Fabulous alpha! I don't mind doing the cutting myself! Thanks so much and I certainly hope your week gets better.
Vicki in Texas

Jackie said...

I hope your eye gets better soon. My washer went KAPUT the other day. I made the mistake of asking my dad a question about what it was doing...what does he do? He goes & buys me a brand new washer. OMG I LOVE IT!! it's freakin HUGE. Washes twice as much as my old one. Too bad my dryer still only dries as much as my old washer. *laffs* LOVE YA MUNCHES!!!

LLG Denise said...

you, my dear, always have the most positive spin on everything. One of these times, you're going to have to do a color challenge that's called, "KB should probably be in hospital" color challenge--black, blue, gradient purple-to-blue-to-green, dracula-red, not to mention whatever unmentionable colors (i'm sure you'll know a clever way to name it) you were producing last week! That's 5. Golly it will have to be a completely grungy kit, complete with bandaids, emesis basins, epson salts, and ice paks, but really also some fun stuff like shoulder and knee pads, rugby shirt and ball (what DO you call a rugby ball--sheesh i dare show my ignorance).

Here's a present for you


which i rendered and animated so i guess its ©LLG 2006 (hmmm why don't i like claiming things i make. OK i'm over the self esteem issue now. Hey that didn't take long did it).

Ok, i'm sinking into the Senior river and beginning to ramble. As that kind of behavior will cause one to drown, i think i'd better just quit.

I hope you and your crew and the whole DSO shop can get some rest soon. And I hope you get better soon--before the next KB SBIH (shld be in hospital) color arrives.


LLG aka denise

Anonymous said...

Poppin in to say hi and see what's new. So missing the color challenge. Thanks for posting the add on. It's so beautiful! Hope that DSO will be up again soon.

Hope the eye heals and life settles down some (only a little, otherwise you'd have no stories to regale us with).

Have a great day!

Peggie said...

This is beautiful. Thank you. Hope you and Wayne are better.

CathyK Designs said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful addon! Hope your eye is better soon.

Andrea said...

YIKES!!! Your washer is down?!! Mine went down about 2 months ago! I have the whirlpool front-loaders! So, YES it was VERY expensive to replace the main computer board. But about half the cost of a new one (new washer & tax)! So, we went with the new computer board. Now it's working GREAT!!!

Good LUck!!!

BTW - the color challenge posting giftie is GORGEOUS as usual!!! Thanks for the add-on & FAB color swatch!!

Rarole said...

Oh Kim...you handle just about everything with style. Sometimes I like to think of it as "KBStyle". LOL Even trouble in 3's. = ) And girl, this July color challenge is absolutely over the top. So here is for everything coming together in a happy ending!!! And see you when DSO comes back to life! {{Hugs}}

charlie said...

Just lovely the gift TFS!!!Man cant wait till you guys are up and running..I miss DSO!:(

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am alive and kicking. Tomorrow makes five months since he died and i am still dealing with that and all the family fallout too. Life goes on and i am surviving. love and miss you lady and I love your newest designs.....

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 02 Jul [LA 02:14am, NY 04:14am, UK 09:14am, OZ 07:14pm]).

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good God girl when you do something you do it with a bang!!!! LOL
TY so very much for this AWESOME addon!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Darlene Haughin said...

OMG, Kim - you probably popped a blood vessel in your eye. LOVE the new color challenge swatch and the Whimsy kit is adorable! Hugs from me. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the color challenge addon! I'm looking forward to seeing the palette ... looks interesting! :-)
Hope your eye is looking better soon and you find THE washing machine.

Unknown said...

hahaha! shame, sorry that im laughing, but i could see you two just hitting heads! i am one of those terrible people who laugh when people fall, or walk into a closed sliding door.. terrible, but its sooooo funny!
hope your eye gets better soon!
much love,

Dinphy said...

Thank you for the DSO update! I've been missing the site. Phew, I'm more addicted than I knew!
SO happy you posted the colors! Now I can think about what to do, and play!
Are you planning on doing a LO of your eye? They say to scrap the good AND the bad... lol.
Sorry, sorry... But you just write it with so much humor, I can't help but laugh...
Thanks for the addon!!

Suz :) said...

I...♥Love♥...this really cute alpha!!!! Keep those “Boomin” designs a coming!! LOL :)
Thank you for the gift…Suz

Shannon said...

WOw - sounds like you guys had quite the impact! Nadya has gotten quite proficient and "head-planting" into me lately - and it doesn't feel good at all! Love the color challenge this month - but then again, I love red!