Monday, 11 August 2008

Two more sleeps

WOOOHOOOO- only two more sleeps and Wayne is home- hee hee - OK I sound like a little an overgrown teenager ( which is sometimes how I feel-lol)- but you must understand that when my man goes away for a week- he usually ( NORMALLY) lands up staying longer than a month!- NO LIES! hahaha. so when he told me this morning that he is already getting ready to leave- I was as happy as a pig in shit!- And am now smiling from ear to ear as the Travel Agency phoned me just now to confirm Nathans and my names for our flights this weekend- WOOOOHOOOO, So he has organised that too! AWWWWW- can you tell I love the man to death-lol . The weekend was LONG- but Saturday was fun watching the rugby with all Deons brothers and his Dad. ( my *other family*)- Nathan was fishing most of the weekend- so I took time out and watched movies, read some and also did a bit of playing in photoshop- but I didn't spend much time on the PC- which I think was GOOD for me- I'm rearing to get stuck in again.

And Bunny- I can hear you tapping from here - lol- but girlfriend- you can't put pictures of CAKE on your blog when I'm hungry - cause like I said- I WANTED SOME- hahahaha, so that is EXACTLY where I've been- and I loved seeing Bunny's photo's of the kids getting off the school bus- it give me a little insight into *the otherside of the world* and my friends lives etc- so I thought I would show you MY TRIP today- Yup Mrs Miles has asked for a route or trip that I do everyday too- so here is the DAILY-

this is my street- I have to just travel straight up and turn left and Nathans school is up on the hill



hee hee- I snapped as I was driving out the window- that's why the car mirror is in the way- and YUP- we drive on the left hand side of the road-


The tree's line the long driveway up to the school past the new school field and sports house.


This is the senior part of the school- and it still has the nuns staying there full time too- Yup it's a Catholic school and this building was built in 1900.


Nathan(aaah man he is looking more and more like his dad!)  and his best friend Kyle - They wear school uniforms which I LOVE! OOOOH Bunny this is the middle of winter by the way- LOL

You can see the *orangey trees* in the background- the rest stay green all year.



This is my favourite shopping centre- well the entrance I used- LOL. It's usually quieter than the BIG ones and it's close to home! Well we got CAKE, we got a lot more too- MORAL of this story is-

Don't read Bunny's blog till after LUNCH and don't go shopping on an empty stomach! hahahaha. I hope you all have a super day further. I'm going to now go and make some coffee to go with a HUGE chunk of Trip Choc cake! YUM! sending hugs and loves Kim


Bunny Cates, said...

Dont you know you are only allowed to go shopping while Im sleeping?

girl, you need to Come on down to KY in Jan and see you some snow! That is NOT winter... thats... sippin tea in a sweat shirt and shorts. LOL... hot tottie on the porch swing weather! Moonshine in the mornin weather!
*yea? and? it gets your blood pumpin. shuddup!* hahaha!!!!

mmmm, did you say CAKE?
Im only on my second cuppa this mornin. Cake sounds GOOD!!!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

That is NOT winter, I'm in KY too and have to agree with Bunny. LOL Beautiful country, thanks for sharing the photos with us. I have a little something for you on my blog

Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

That's it..I'm moving to Africa. Middle of winter here & we have SNOW. Snow for the first little bit is fun..playing in it & all that. But driving in it..SUCKS ROCKS. Well, it does for me. I can't drive in snow. Nick can. He grew up around it. He loves it. I hate it. lol
Nathan's school is beautiful!!!!!

Stefanie said...

Just wait we had 25C in Cape Town today so your tomorrow should be just as good. I am sending it your way. LOL.

Jazzy said...

Looks so beautiful no wonder you love it so much..good thing I'm not hungry for cake, I dont have a car sitting here to go get some, all I have are sugar free cookies in the sweet department..and its to hot to get out anyway..loved the pictures..

Mrs. Miles said...

Ya, like Bunsy says - you need to stop by BC on your way home from KY to see snow. Rub our lil noses innit hay? Whal - we are all goingta come and camp at your house for the winter months, right Bunny? ROTFL - so make sure you upgrade your internet Kimbee so we can work while we play. *snicker*

Do those palm-y looking trees bear fruit? I know you said there were some orange-y trees there..

I think uniforms are such a good idea! Even the teachers here dress so casually most of the time you can hardly sort out who's a student and who's staff. How sad is THAT? And then the staff want RESPECT when they look like they just came off the squash court, all rumply and unshaven ewwww!

Anyways, counting down the mintutes till ur man comes home, are we? Got a timer going? LOL.

I had a mucho busy day, thus the delay in visiting - coming to see you was my dessert!


Bunny Cates, said...

omg! I beat you and I wasnt even trying!
oh yea!


Mrs. Miles said...

Only one more day,
Till your sweetie returns,
While your clock ticks on,
While your ol heart burns,

One more sleep alone,
In that big ole bed made for two,
One more to be lonely,
One more day to be blue,

One more day to clean,
A day to prepare,
A day to primp and preen,
Till Husband arrives there.

Just thought I'd suck up some of your time to make it go faster till your sweetie comes!


Caryn said...

Kim, that was a trip down memory lane! My Moms best friend lived in Walmer for over 20 years, and just recently moved. It's so beautiful there. I'm enviously thinking of you from this dismal supposedly-summer Massachusetts weather!

Bunny Cates, said...


maybe you should make me an author, so when Im sitting here waiting on you to post, I can log n and leave my self a message to read so I wont be so bored...

yea, THAT was a hint...

LouCeeCreations said...

I think I'd like to spend my winters over in SA, looks beautiful.... thanks for sharing your photo's and giving us an insight........
I've just had tea, so i think it might be safe for me to pop o over to Bunny;s
hugs to you