Monday, 4 August 2008

weekend gone

WOW_ how quick did this weekend go by! AAAWWWW_ thanks so soo much to all of your for Waynies Bday wishes! I passed them ALL on- he still can't get over that even though he doesn't know any of you ( only through me) that he got so many well wishes! THANK YOU! And to be honest the man didn't have a chance to think about getting OLD- bwahaha

He got off the plane on Friday afternoon and had to rush to the *blood suckers* department for a blood test ( AIDS test) as he needs to go to Russia tomorrow (for a business trip) and his Visa had expired- and the new regulations require a AIDS test- well it was run- suck and then rush to get the passport to the travel agent too- lol

First thing Sat morning(on his BDAY!) it was back to the doc's, as the pathology dept refused to hand us the test- had to be delivered to the docs office- arrgh, so it was a WE NEED IT ASAP- or he isn't going to get the visa in time! They sent a courier with it and we then had to let the doc sign it- and then rush it to the Travel Agent so she could courier it straight to Cape Town- So what a way to start off your Bday. I felt so sorry for him- and then we had the folks and friends popping in with the huge family braai ( bbq) in the evening - Now that was so enjoyable, I just love it when all the folks get together- OH MY GOSH- they can talk the hind ass off a donkey that lot! hahahaha.

new-02-08-08 012

AWWW- and this photo is so special- I haven't got one of all the DADS together- and I took this on Sat night- still want to scrap it- but these three together are TROUBLE with a capital T- lol, it's Deons Dad ( my *other*dad), My father( now I see why the hell I'm so SHORT- bwahahaha) and Waynes Dad.

So my poor man had a busy day on Sat- but we made it up to him yesterday- we sat in bed watching a movie the WHOLE family- dogs and cats included. LOL- eating tart and drinking coffee! We haven't done that since Nathan was about 9 and it was a AWESOME family day!

My Just Because kit that is still 25% off at the moment ( don't miss it- on Thursday it is full price again)



Here are some stunning LO's done with it too-


This cutie patootie was sent in by Crops- she also used Jazzy's word art.


best buddy (600 x 600)

And this stunning one from Silvia-


And this masterpiece by Bunny- LOVE THE PHOTO WORK!! AWESOME


And I played with it last night too- lol


I made this for my friend Lynne- and decided to make it into a 12x12 freebie QP for you-


Hee hee- ok the man has just walked in ( talk about perfect timing-lol) I need to go with him to get some *toiletries etc* for his trip tomorrow.

Will chat tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweety...just dropping in to say HELLO...
I see Wayne had a stressy weekend plus his B-Day...poor thing..but it sounds like you guys had lots of well deserved it.

Love that QP you made...thanks for sharing...will print it out and get a nice frame for it...its real cute..thanks again

Big hugs to all of you

Kristine said...

Thanks so much for teh QP Kimmie!!!! Still cleaning getting ready for my Slave Driver's arrival.....LOL

Will touch base at some point....

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

So glad that his weekend ended up being FANTASTIC after all the running around!!!!!!
Love the Dads pics!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so ever much for the AWESOME QP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

Thanks for the gorgeous QP, Kim! I guess I need to design something with all of the stuff I've bought from you so that I can maybe get the kit! LOL

Judgirl said...

wow peopel are always on the go ..and yet here you ar designing these beautiful kits for us all ..I will have to check out your newest one ...have a great week Kim the QP thanks

Anonymous said...

gorgeous QP - Love the colors of your new kit. Can't wait to search my pictures for just the right one to fill this. Thanks

BlueRose said...

Well I'm so glad that ya got to make it up for Wayne's bday....

Love the quick pick I will have to check out the kit.

Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

Love this kit! Thanks for the qp to go with!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your generosity!

Judy said...

Thankyou for the great QP.....glad to hear the weekend turned out OK even if Wayne felt like a blue a....d fly running here and going there.
Those layouts are also awesome....well done to e1.

Mrs. Miles said...

1. Happy Bird-day to W,
Happy Bird-day to W,
Happy Bird-day to W,
and so on and so forth and sorry I missed it all! I'm so far behind I'm a mere speck on the horizon... sigh! Sowwy I have not had a chance to visit at you!

2. Hope the passport thing goes alright for you. We live 5 mins from our USA/Canada border, and go across all the time, and we NEED to get ours too ($160 later) and will have to take that plunge soon or we won't be able to go to our fav. Mexican Restaurant and WalMart (gasp!) a fate worse than death.

3. Do you folks eat or talk more at your BBQ's (Braii - haha, when you spell it that way it sounds like an animal in pain as you stick the poor thing on the grill)

4. I made a layout on my blog, of me and my Sis, using your kit, and have not had an opportunity to send it to you yet. *blushing*

5. Great shot of the *THREE D'S* All smilin' - something to do with the glasses in hand? LOL!

6. OK Gurlfriend, we NEED a family/cat/dog/bed/movie photo for scrapping, can't you just see THAT? In my head I can already see a title something like "Playing tonight at the ***** (I know its B for your last name) household!) kind of in marquis lettering, right? Spotlights, popcorn etc!

7. What movie WAS it, anyhow, and did the pets have to cover their eyes w/ their paws for some scenes?

8. You say eating tart - is tart like a butter tart? or like pizza? or what the heck?

9. Hope you got your toiletries!

10. Bunny's layout is awesome, and your QP VERY effective w/ the black.

11. hugs from me and I'll shut up now.

* you know who*

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 05 Aug [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Didi said...

Thanks so much for your QP! It was perfect for the blog entry I did today about DH's birthday.

akizo said...

Thank you so much for gorgeous QP and samplar! I enjoyed scrap using your awesome gift.
Please come to see my layout!

Shell said...

Thanks Kim just dropping by to say hi since it seems like forever since I last visited lol. Have a great week.

Bunny Cates, said...

stay safe wayney!!!!!!!

great layouts as always, if I dont say so myself. LOL...

Sue said...

What a great quick page! Thank you. :)

Ramie :-) said...

What a great page! Thank you to you both!

Melissa said...

This is a beautiful page!

Andrea said...

Awesome layouts!!! Your new kit is so versatile!!! Love it!

Thanks for the QP :)

Jenni said...

I just love this quick page, thanks so much! I put it to use right away! Thanks again!

Dig-Photos n Scrappings said...

I just drop you off few lines to thanks that I like QP etc. I did done on my Scrappings. CKOOUT!!

Règ... said...

Thanks a lot ♥