Wednesday, 6 August 2008


AWWW- my hubby is gone. And like I told Bunny- man I am getting SOFT in my old age! I missed the bugger before he was even gone for 4 hours! HUH?- I think knowing that he is in the air and not close by is what did it- but he hasn't gone away for more than a night in the last 4 years! And then it was for months at a time- but now I HATE IT- . I even teared up at the airport! It's only just over a week KIM!!-lol, I know most woman LOVE having the peace and being able to do what they want to do ( but I can anyway even with him here )- and the bed is toooo BIG dammit! lol- so I had the dog with me last night! But man the things snores worse than a freight train! So I think tonight I'm going solo! lol

OOOH but the WORST!! I had to wake up with the BIRDS this morning so I could get Nathan ready and to school-AND MAKE my own coffee- COME back Waynie, only one morning and waking up when it's still dark is for the birds and YOU!!  Ok I'm done whining now. Such a whimp I know- HAHA

OOOH look at these awesome LO's with Just Because-


This stunning beauty is from Bonnie- LOVE how she did the tree and the flowers at the bottom! AWESOME



Pk Doll used this for my Colour Challenge too! TOOOO CUTE!! love it!


Where I Hang My Heart

Andrea sent this stunning LO of her cutie patootie! Just look at those cheeks!!

02 - me

Livia did this AMAZING LO of herself! HOw stunning is this! GORGEOUS!


LAST DAY AT 25% OFF- tomorrow it will be up at FULL price! So don't miss it. It really is a versatile kit as all these LO's have shown.


And I did another LO too

I used the Justblinc - Family Ties Heritage collection.


It's still on sale until the 9th! So don't miss it- plus you recieve a $2 GC for registering- use it with the sale and you have a huge bargain!


I'm really chuffed as I am getting an Album finished for my Dad- He can fill all the important details on the opposite page which I will have for journaling- and at least the whole family can then see their family tree and ancestors! As I sent this to my sister- who came back with- WHO's Wallace?- lol. Well Wallace was my grans maiden name- and this is her on her wedding day in 1935 with my Great Grand father! With my dad doing the history on each page it will be a great *heirloom* to pass on.

Well- I got to go fetch my little man from school- and then taxi him to a friend who is down for a family funeral and whom he hasn't seen since December. Until tomorrow- big hugs and loves Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd loan you my fur baby BUT than I would not have anyone to keep me company!!!! LOL
He doesn't snore just likes to hog the bed for such a little dog!!!! LOL

Judgirl said...

wow...Kim is nice when you think you might get sometime just to be ...but when it happens you miss them like crazy. But before you know your honey will be standing beside you ...and spoiling you only has he can ...yes I got your Just Because Kit ...can't wait to use it ...well girl have a great day ..and all my hugs and tugs to you and thanks for stopping by my blog ..

Darlene Haughin said...

Kim, you're soft as a cream puff (in a good way, girl!) How awesome that you still miss your man after being married for so many years.

Bonnie said...

Arwwwww poor you!!!! I don't mind it if it is just a day or two, but longer than a week and then I hate it!! Shame man!! Thinking of you!
All snot and trane!! ha ha!!

addicted2scrappin said...

Hey!!! Can you believe my gran was a Wallace, too!!! Hugs and hope that Wayne is back soon!!!

carjazi said...

Big hugs!!!!
Sorry you're not enjoying your time alone. It'll be over before you know it. Personally I LOVE it when the old man is gone, but that's just me. Great pages today, both yours and the CT.
Hope you have a good night.

Jazzy said...

ohh I'm sorry you are sad..maybe the time will pass really fast for you. Beautiful pages today. hugs

Elizabeth said...

Chuffed is good, right? We don't have that saying, it's cute. I lasted 4 days before I missed my two guys last week, it's the first time in 21 years I'd been alone! After a few days I got tired of my own company, lol!

Mrs. Miles said...

Sniff, sniff I KWUM Kimmie. Mr. Miles and I have not been apart for even one night EVER. I could not even imagine it. For all his little quirks etc, my husband is my best friend and I love being with him. I know, its a strange strange thing. A husband kinda grows on you after a while, like a much treasured and needed appendage - truly a piece of me is missing when he's not about. He's the one I 'bounce' my day off, whether good or bad. Oh, I'm sure we would SURVIVE being apart for a day, but all the same, I can't imagine it.

Your layouts are AMAZING - what a talented buncha ladies! Woooo weee! I have my head down, hunched over my pooter like a mad-digi-scrapping-scientist whipping up all sorts of lil goodies... only came up for air and to visit YOU.

Now, BACK to the GRINDSTONE, I am sending you a BIG big HUGS! I'm praying for a safe trip for your hunny.