Friday, 19 September 2008

19 on the 19th oh and 19 more

LOL, was that confusing enough for you?- You got your coffee, cold drink ready- hahahahaha. No don't worry there is nothing today to make you spit it through your nose.

This month my darling Hubby and I have been married 19 YEARS! I can't believe that it's been that long actually, it still feels like yesterday! And to be honest I love him more deeply now than when we got married. He has not only been my *other half*, lover, father of my son but also my best friend! The one I can't wait to phone during the day when something funny happens, or if something has peee-ed me off. The one I love going out with to have fun, and to share in all that I find important. I know I'm lucky to have found someone that not only compliments me but brings out the best in me too. OH and keeps my reins pulled in when need be- HAHAHAHAHA. So on the 30th of September we will be celebrating 19 years together ( well that's officially really- hahaha, we dated for 7 years BEFORE the big day!), But because it falls at the end of the month and things get a little hectic and crazy this side ( as well as a little *honeymoon getaway planned)- I decided to celebrate it TODAY with YOU. Being the 19th it seemed appropriate-

AND AND AND, here we go- LOL

To celebrate 19 years, I have made up 5 BRAND NEW CU GRAB BAGS- all have 19 products in!

And here they are-


The OVERLAY BAG- this has 19 new overlays to play with. and honestly they work out to only 26c each!


The DOODLY BAG - 19 LARGE hand drawn doodles to make elements etc for your LO's or kits. No blurred edges or strays!


the STRINGY BAG- well it has 19 Ribbons, bows and string in here. All are in their original form- PLUS the grayscale file!


The REALISTIC BAG- this was is also crammed with 19 REAL leaves, branches, flowers and petals! Also in the original and grayscale files. ( one in light and dark for ease of use.)


The ELEMENT BAG.- well I left the 19 off on this one- LOL, because you can produce a HELL of a lot more than that with this bag. It has WAY more than 19 files in it ;-)

BUT BUT and oh BUT- lol


As my CT told me- I'm off my rocker- hahahaha,

You can get the WHOLE LOT- all of the above - valued at $143 for only - Yup you got it, LOL $ 19!!. (That's over 440 mb of goodies,) - you will also get a BONUS kit download( a FULL KIT) in there too!

PLEASE NOTE the BUNDLE will only be up at that price for a LIMITED time only!

Here are some IDEAS of what you can do with the goodies so far- My CT have been so busy- I think I filled their hard drives- LOL


I LOVE this Romantic LO of Bonnie on her wedding day- she used the goodies from the bags- AND AND, Oh my gosh, she went and had me completely GOB SMACKED this morning! I GOT PRESSIES!!! I did, and she's sharing them all of you- they are BEAUTIFUL Bon, and I am now changing a LO I was doing for hubby so I can use them- hahahaha. MWAH. Pop on over to see what goodies Bon made me ( and you ;-)


OMGosh I just LOVE this LO- Love the bubbles with the words- she's reaching for her dreams! Nett wonderful job on this girl and that shadow work is just AWESOME!

Phew- trust me my girls have been busy and I have TONS more and they have all made GOODIES for you on their blogs too ( check out my side bar - all their links are there) and I will highlight them ALL during the week, because I think this post has had you with your cup empty already - LOL

AND- yup OH YEAH there is MORE- DID you make it this FAR??-

Well if you did- WOOOOHOOOOOO, because I am giving AWAY a $19 coupon to my STORE at DSO too!! YIPPPPEEEEEE, how do you get this one??-

you have to leave me a comment and a link to your favourite *wedding, anniversary, love LO from the DSO GALLERY. It can be someone elses, yours or just one that caught your eye! - but links must be left here on the BLOG (this post please) - not at 4shared. I will get Nathan to help pick the winner- lol. I will announce the winner on MONDAY MORNING.

And my CT are giving ANOTHER one away at DST later today too- so keep a look out in the *Happy place*.

Today I am going to do something that I said I never would, but I discussed it with a few of my girls and they decided it would be a good idea- I know there is a lot of junk out there and I am even very skeptical of buying from designers I don't know. I've book marked a few through their samplers and use them when I'm short of time.

So here is my First CU freebie ( and probably my last-lol)


BUT it's ONLY VALID FOR ONE DAY!!- (please note that when the link is removed tomorrow night (my time!)- I won't be taking mails for it , it will go directly to my store)

It's One Vintage styled overlay JPG 12x12 @ 300ppi and an extracted Butterfly that I made into a *vintage styled* one to match the overlay. You will see the extraction quality by the butterfly and the *previews* in the folder. I also added in the Grayscale butterfly so you can make your own colour ways with it.( SORRY link has expired),- PHEW- I made it! lol. Only took just over and hour and a half! Thank you for reading till here and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm going to spoil my man rotten as all this has left me feeling rather nostalgic and SOFT- hahahahahahahaha. Sending Hugs and Loves Kim


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary two are just a wonderful and lovely couple...and Im glad you found your Mr. Right because you so so much deserve to have such a wonderful husband!!! And your bag is to die for...its awesome awesome and not to mention all the work you invested in rock girl!!!
Big hug to Wayne and you my friend!!
Love Ya!!!

Boo said...

OMG Girl HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both, how wonderful. And what a fantastic way to celebrate. Naturally, I've already been over and grabbed the loot hehehehe, couldn't resist.

Big hugs and have a wonderful honeymoon break too.

Boo xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Wayne on your 19th Anniversary and thankyou for the wonderful goodies....I am off to get them now. Have a most fantastic weekend!!

Jenni said...

Congrats on your anniversary Kim and Wayne!!!

LOVE your grab bags, they are fabulous!!!! Love the LO's with the goodies, and thanks for the CU freebie, it definitely WON"T be your last LOL!!!
Have a lovely romantic weekend, even if the 30th is the official day!

Designs by Helly said...

Oh criminy, I'm going to have to get the whole bunch, coz no way I can just pick one of these bags! I love your CU(which is always flawless) and this is an amazing deal. Happy Anniversay and huge thankies on the freebie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! Our 18th is next month and I to can't believe its been that long, I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful man. Your new grabbags look neat. Thanks so much for the freebie. :)

charlie said... it christmas anniversary!!!!!!

Unknown said...

19+7= damn, YOU'RE OLD!


omg, I crack myself up!

You know, after qa'ing all that stuff, I need a couple a days OFF... so you should give that honeymoon getaway TO ME! You tell Wayne I said so! lol!

Love ya girl, happy anni!

By Dezign said...

I've been sitting refreshing your page all day to see the news!!!!

I better wish you and Wayne a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY now, because my fogetterer is in perfect working order and my rememberer is faulty.

Here's to the next 19 years and more!!!!

These bags ROCKETH!!! I'll blog about it when I get home from work

Rarole said...

Kim, First - Congratulations! I know so few people who are either happily married - or have stuck by their man (or woman) through it all. Next - Thank you! I just went through the gallery looking at the happy faces of great people still very much in love...just looking at the eyes and smiles. It was a great boost! BUT - it was hard to pick just one. One of them showed love through the years, one celebrated a growing love and one was so poignant . . . I am gonna list all 3 - cause they are reasons to celebrate whether I win or not! They made my day!

HUGS on your BIG DAY!

LiviaY said...

You guys really seem like a GREAT couple!
My anniversary is next month, but it's only 4

And can I just say: WOWZERS!!! It's your anniversary and we are the ones getting the gifts???
The bags are just irresistable... and the freebie is gorgeous! THANKS!


CathyK Designs said...

Happy anniversary!! Thanks so much for the gorgeous overlay and butterfly!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely overlay - thanks, and Happy Anniversary! It's hubby's and my 19th this year too, in December. Quite an accomplishment, in this day and age! Way to go!

Unknown said...

happy happy happy anniversary kim! that is absolutely fab that you have been HAPPILY married for 19 years. gees, its an accomplishment in my eyes!
i hope you have another 19 and another and another 19 years together and that you get spoilt ROTTEN of course! lol!!
love you lots!
mel xxxxxxx

Bonnie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FOR THE 30TH!! HAHA..Don't expect me to remember on the actual day, it was hard enough remembering today!! haha!!!!
Have a cool day anyway and the BEST time away..woo hoo! I can't wait for mine , we are also going away!!!!

Ruth said...

Happy Anniversary Kim :)

LouCeeCreations said...

Well happy Anniversry To You and Wayne, Kim.... and what way to start off the celebration, I visited the DSo store before I stopped here as I always like to check whats new in!!!!! and my my what a surprise, needless to say I bought the whole caboodle straight away and sooooooooooooo glad I did. As ever Kim your trusty, quality grab bags will serve me well. They are superb.
Hugs and kisses
now go off and enjoy yourselves lol!

mizamigo said...

Congratulations on your 19th anniversary! That such an accomplishment in today's world.

And thank you so much for the CU fre*bie. You are such a sweetie for sharing with us.

EAL Designs said...

Wishing you and Wayne a very Happy Anniversary, wishing you both much joy, laughter love and many blessings today and always.
In November I'll be celebrating my 20th, lol wow!
Thank you so much for your cu freebie, you're the best!

My favorite layout was this one:

loved it, love you sending hugs
Lisa, aka EAL

Dinphy said...

Happy Anniversary! Your marriage sounds like a fairytale, and I wish you both (duh) many more years like that.

THANK YOU for your GORGEOUS freebie!
Am I ever happy I'm in a GOOOOOOD timezone to find your blog! :) I'd be kicking myself if I'd missed this one! LOVE IT!

Now as for the LO's, I've found many pretty LO's, but one I liked before, and still do. It's 'simple', but GOOD simple is hard to do. I love the humor in it, the love in the photo, placing of items and the colors chosen, they show the photo to it's fullest.
"Taken" by Kari:


Nikki said...

Happy anniversary to you and Wayne, Kim!!!!

You are far too good to us! Thank you so much for the awesome grab bag(s) - I just bought them... My word, that's a lot of downloading!!!!

Thanks for the freebie too! I'll put it to good use!

Love ya!

poki said...

Congratulations! I am working on a page with your overlay now. Since some of the other elements are coming for DSO Sept Color challenge, I will post it in that gallery for you to see

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary! 19 years is an incredible accomplishment! You are crazy to offer these at this low price!

I found this beautiful page in the gallery.

Chelly said...

Congratulations Kim ... 19 years of marriage is a life ... My best wishes to you ...
Well, as the competition ... I realised I had post with 3 LOs chosen, other posts with only 1 LO chosen ... Then I will put in doubt my first favorite, which is of my great friend LiviaY. and below postarei 3 more LOs, 2 are also of Livia, and 3 LO is another designer ...
I hope to compete the 4 LOs LOL ...

My favortito LO:

The other 3 LOs not know whether they can participate:

Thank you for the opportunity to win a prize ... I would love it ... I am a fan of his work!
Congratulations for talent!

xashee's corner said...

early Happy Anniversary, Kim!!
i TOTALLY LOVE your grab bags and the CU freebie too!!
i looked thru the gallery full of AWESOME layouts and it was a toss between two....
This beauty of father and daughters: and this fantastic layout of African tradition:
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME (crossing fingers to win ALL those INCREDIBLE grab bags!!!! ) Thank you so very much for ALL the FUN you share, Kim! i hope you have a GREAT weekend!! :D

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Happy Early Anniversary!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for this AWESOME goody!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelle said...

I can't remember when I last spent so long (in one afternoon) reading someone's blog, browsing and purchasing from their store etc etc etc...but it has been a lovely afternoon and I've picked up some amazing stuff to work with (that's many other wonderful afternoon's sorted :-), thanks!) the grab bag bundle was a truly unbelievable deal that I simply couldn't resist.....

I love participating in things so I did go for a wander and looked at the designers layouts at DSO, and OMG it was so hard just to choose ONE! It actually made sense of why I spent a small fortune (to me) in the store this afternoon...and if I had someone who I had to justify my spending to (other than the bank manager that well I'd only need a link to those layouts...and who could argue!

I did finally choose one layout and it was special, among many other beautiful, unique, talented designs... the link is below.

Finally, before I forget...19 YEARS and still happily married, is in this day an age, a rarity worth a real celebration. I hope you both have a wonderful day, and share many more happy years together. Congratulations.

Unknown said...

Happy 19th Anniversary Kim!!! It is great when you find that special someone who completes you. Your bags are FANTASTIC!! And I have my favorite wedding LO it is one that I have recently redone of my own wedding day when I married my own Prince Charming - Our Souls

Calvina Walsh said...

Woo hoo! Happy 19th Anniversary to you and your hubby! Funny husband and I are celebrating our 19th anniversary this year too...and it is in 19 days! Love all the goodies bags you have prepared, got my eyes on them. Love reading your blog-thanks for sharing your life and joy of living with us! All the best!

Joni said...

Kim, I wish you and your hubby a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and hope that you have MANY more to come.
On the 20th its our 24th!!
I grabbed you first (and last :( ) cu freebies, thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

the3chickens said...

Awww.. wishing you both a VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and many MANY more happy years together ahead!! He sounds a wonderful treasure as do you :)

Jackie said...

Ohhh Happy Anniversary!!! I hope ya'll have a great weekend!!!!!
Dying to get my hands on those bags. hehe..I want Kim's bags. LOVE YA!!!!

Felicia McB said...

happy anniversary!
now, onto these grab're killing me! lol, I want'em all, and I want 'em now. I am so gonna get into trouble if I buy these, but what's life without a little bit of trouble right? right?

Art Trails said...

Happy Anniversary, and a big thank well for the lovely gift..

Peggie said...

Thank you for this beautiful kit and
may you celebrate many, many more happy years!

txbubbles said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Wayne!
I've already downloaded and opened my bags, (I had to have the whole thing, of course!) and all I can say is WOW!!! This is an amazing deal! Thanks so much!
Vicki in Texas
(Who finally has power again, so I can play with all my new stuff!)

Sandra said...

Have some wonderful days with your hubby!

PS Your stuff rocks!

Joy said...

Happy Anniversary.... Congratulations!

I also wanted to say thank you for coming over to my blog and leaving me a note.. that was very sweet of you.

Hugs.. Joy

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and thanks so much for the gift

Anonymous said...

Happy sounds like you have a marriage made in heaven..I am so very happy for the both of you and for Nathan too.hugs

Jacinda said...

19 years! Congratulations! My favourite wedding LO is by AmyPunky: I love the clean style and the fresh colour.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Awwwww Kim darlin'!!! What can I say that I've not said before??? Uhm ... HAPPY "19th" WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to you and Wayne!!! HA, HA, HA, HA!!! Well, not quite true as I did wish you a Happy 19th Anniversary in the comment section (although I'm sure that ONLY Bunny has seen this!!!)of my order LATE last night my time after watching your e-mail arrive and going straight-away to check it out!!!

I have to laugh as I was TRULY down to my last few sheckels of spending money and said OUT LOUD to myself yesterday afternoon, "Now watch Kim B come out with a NEW grab bag and I won't be prepared"!!! OMGosh, I am NOT kidding you!!! Well, I had given my son a few dollars the day before to put into my bank account as it is located near his home and he had just called me after my thought to inform me that he was on his way to the bank! DARNED good thing as not ONLY does the INFAMOUS Kim B come out with a NEW grab bag, NO, she comes out with FIVE new grab bags!!! Now Kim, you just HAVE to know by now that I DO not pass up one of your GB's so it was a NO-BRAINER that I would purchase the BUNDLE!!! He, he ...

After a GOOD night's sleep, I have unzipped ALL of the files, peeked at them, OOOOOOOOH'D and AAAAAAAAAH'D and now can't wait to PLAY!!!

Thank you SOOOOOOOO very much for sharing this MOST special day with ALL of us in SCRAPLAND and making us feel as if we are a part of the family and ... well, GOSH ... YOU HAVE gifted US!!! How SWEET is that!!! Kim B SWEET - unlike ANY other!

Wishing you and Wayne the BEST and MOST romantic get-away and may your lives together continue to grow even RICHER and DEEPER in love then it has to this point!!! Boy, this is getting oooooo-ey, goooooo-ey now, isn't it? ROTFLMBO - uh, huh, wishing you the REST of your lives together be FULL of SAPPY love!!!

Here is my FAVORITE wedding layout from the DSO gallery - I found it QUITE creative and VERY magical!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Kim & Wayne! You both deserve the very best for each other and may your love grow for each other every moment of every day! Bless you both!!!

I see you'd like a lovely couple lo that I adore from the DSO gallery... Well, this one has so much beauty in more ways then I could even begin to express.

I also see you're going to spoil all of us rotten to the core! You tickled-pink in LOVE girl or what?

Whatever it is, bless you for being so generous to so many!!! You really out did yourself with the grab bags. They're beyond awesome and I'm sure they'll be extremely useful for many!

Thank you!

Manu said...

Whoohooo!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!
OMG, so great grab gabs... off to buy the bundle, I LOVE YOUR bags ;)

Big hugs, enjoy your day!

Being Mrs Miles said...

How in HEAVEN'S name do you do it??? Ok, you DO stay up all night, i KNOW you do. See, you're making OWLS, thats my clue. What a HOOT. *snort*

As for your Anni... well its not quite here yet - I'm so glad you shared so we don't have to pry it outta ya. I hope you are not around on that date, in fact, that you are somewhere utterly romantic!

Your bags are beautiful, baby - the grab bags that is. haha! Can't wait to play!!! and play and well you get the pic.

I'll be back!


Tori said...

Happy Anniversary, Kim! 19 years is certainly a HUGE accomplishment in this day and age, and I wish you 50+ more years with your dear hubby! (:

I just purchased your $19 faboo CU bundle, and as I expected, everything I have unzipped so far has been WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for offering such a fantastic deal!

Here is one of my favorite wedding layouts from the DSO Gallery:

It is beautifully blended, and I love the journaling on it!

Blessings to you and your hubby!

Carol said...

Thank you, it's beautiful. Happy Anniversary to you too.

Patamomma said...

Thanks so much sweetie for the wonderful overlay! What great looking grab bags! Happy Anniversary. patty

neety said...

Congratulations on your 19 year anniversary. Lucky girl! Thanks so much for the freebie overlay and butterfly. I love anything with butterflies. Now off to check out your grab bags. Enjoy your special weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Wayne! 19 is awesome and I hope that you're happy forever!

Love, love, love your grab bags and this one was well worth stalking you for. You know you'll always have a customer for life!

Here's my fave layout. It's my Brother & SIL.

And this is my all time fave. My parents dancing at my cousin's wedding.

And just in case you want to see one with me. (bwahahaha)

Thanks for the chance to get more of your goodies!!!

Kell said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
I hope you had a super special day :)
Your grab bags look awesome as always and while browsing the gallery I spotted this LO which is just beautiful ...
Have a great weekend!

Neverland Scraps said...

First of all, congrats on your 19th wedding anniversary! In today's society, that's a great accomplishment!!

Secondly, thank you so much for this awesome CU Grab bag series and freebie!!

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wow, 19 years! We are coming up on 12. You have much to celebrate!

Thanks for the beautiful CU freebie. I am sooo tempted to get your CU package. Looks awesome!

I chose this layout, because we never got to take a honeymoon:

Missty said...

Happy Anniversary Kim, 19 years is a wonderful sign of your love and devotion for each other.

Thank you for the CU freebie, it is always great to get a sample of a designers work, no matter if it is CU or not, to help decide if their work is for you.

Unknown said...

Happy happy anniversary girl!!! WOW these grab bags are AMAZING!!!!!!

Andrea said...

WOW!! 19 years already?! Plus 7 prior?! You two are the CUTEST couple!!! You seem to have figured out what really works for the two of you! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! and to all the MANY MORE!!!

LOVE those CU bags!!! You are freakin' AWESOME for making them that BIG!!! and for such a steal! I need to skidaddle over there & snag them! Thanks for the sampler!!

Can't wait to hear about the *special getaway*!!!

elizlom said...

Congrats on your anniversary! I liked this layout because it showed so much love for the baby

Really cool grab bag set, whoopee!

Nett (Lady_Grundlefunk) said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Wayne!!! I know it's early, but you know me LOL! I am on visit #5 here today before I actually got a chance to read so I better give you my wishes NOW before it's too late LOLOL! I hope you enjoy your weekend, but I am betting you're going to pass out into a coma after the week you've just kicked ass through! Awesome CU freebie, so generous of you to share :D Here's to happily ever after for you two! TONS OF MWAH'S!! Love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you & Wayne! From reading your blog, it does seem as tho you two have a wonderful relationship, really good for each other. I love your idea of celebrating for nearly the whole month-LOL (& of course getting away alone together)! May you celebrate many more!

There's some wonderful wedding/anniversary LOs in DSO's gallery ... one that I love is:

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 20 Sep [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Tammy aka bunchie said...

tyvm for sharing

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites is :

I cant help but to admire those that have been togther for as long as I have been alive myself.
I just love the page made in honor of her parents.

Gayle said...

Congratulations on your 19 year anniversary! Thanks for the lovely freebie! :)

SherryD said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope you have many more blissful years together.

As for a favorite wedding layout at DSO, I think this one is very sweet:

fran b said...

Happy Anniversary! This Lo really caught my eye!

Vana63 said...

I luv the elements in this layout...especially the charm with the pic!

Happy Anniversary Kim!!!

Karla said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Pamela said...

What a lovely lovely layout Bonnie did!! The CU bags were a blast to play with and sooo many goodies. I want to play with the doodles next LOL!! Happy Anniversary Ya'll!!! I hope you two have a wonderful wonderful day.

Veelana said...

Wow, thank you for this awesome grab bag bundle! I just went on a shopping spree :-)

I hope you and your bast friend stay together for another 19 years!

amber said...

Kim - I picked up you overlay bag - my VERY first CU purchase - I everything is SOOOO beautiful!! Thank you SOOO much... (And happy anniversary, too!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! I really hope you enjoy your getaway!

Here's my fav layout:

Melissa aka WDDesignz said...

Woohoo! Happy Anniversary! WOW, 19 years? Best wishes, for many many more!

There are so many awesome LOs over in the gallery, but this one is my favorite:

I love these types of photos! Makes me think of my grandmother!

Hugs Hun

pkdoll said...

Kim I have an award for you on my blog. Thanks for being who you are. Love ya!

Kim B said...

Competition is now closed- Thanks so much EVERYONE for making my weekend! WOOOHOOO- I had a ball looking through all these FAB LO's!
makes me want to re- do my vows and have a wedding again-lol