Monday, 22 September 2008

And the winner is...

hee hee- you are going to have to wait till a little further down ;-P

OH my gosh, thanks so so much for all your wishes and congrats, and with the date actually drawing nearer it's sort of sinking in just how lucky I am. But the bugger won't tell me where I'm going! Where 'm I going?- I don't know, when 'm leaving? - I ain't certain- all I know is I am on my WAY- hahaha,

OK when I started to tell you I had no clue where we are going for our *getaway* that SONG popped in my head ( yeah you know that happens regularly- lol) Really telling my age now aren't I, well I was brought up on it- I remember my dad putting those HUGE earphones on my head as a kid (sheee's I think they were bigger than my head-lol) and making me listen for the *horses* , or some other sound in the background of the music. You getting there yet??- haha That song came from the musical Paint your Wagon. We did it as a school play too - I didn't have to learn the words- I already knew them off by heart- hahahahaha. I'm so grateful to my dad now and his love for music, as he installed that love in me too. My sister and I had our own *speakers* and we would each go and sit right in front *our speaker* and wait for my dad to play something for us ;-) Anything from blues, jazz, show tunes to the them modern pop. I even learnt a few 1950's tunes too- hee hee.

WOW- I'm rambling again aren't I-lol

Don't forget my GRAB BAG SALE is up and the BUNDLE will only be up for a limited time- so if you are looking for a great bargain = get it NOW>


You can check out all the others HERE.

AWW- and I have some super LO's to show you-

Anchors web

Boo just couldn't wait to play with the goodies in the bag- ( she sent this the SAME DAY- lol) Girl I LOVE that red and green , awesome LO!


This beauty is from Crops and she use some of Jazzy's word art too.


And this is from Doodle - LOVE that bow cluster! AWESOME!


this I got this morning- Tina it's stunning- she did it for a scrap lift Challenge and this is the *original LO*. Both used my Spring Passion kit and add-on.

hee hee, Am I torturing you enough yet- lol, well I'm going to make you wait just a little longer-

My CT have been making up some AWESOME freebie samplers with my grab bag goodies for you-


Pamela sent me this magical LO - I LOVE the dropping petals! And she has made it into a QP for you too-


You can pick it up on Pamela's blog -THANKS GIRL!! ( and LOVE the TUNES!!- oh man )

RB CU Sampler Prev

RENEE made this stunning mini kit- I just LOVE the colours- it's available on her blog too:-)


And Jen(Chaos Lounge) has this awesome cluster and papers for you to pick up! WOOOHOOOO- aren't my girls the best!

I've got a wonderful freebie from Jazzy and Crops too- but those I will be handing you tomorrow.

OK OK- here it comes-


( by Nathan's choice of LO - I copied them to my PC(with your names under them-) and let him choose the one he liked best - but that was only after he had told me they were *all mushy*- LOL)











CONGRATS Girl, and I must admit this photo speaks a thousand words on it's own.


Click for credits- done by LiviaY - STUNNING!! I will be getting hold of you in the next few minutes.

And you know I can't just let ONE winner go here- hahahahaha, yup you know me so well-

so the following RUNNERS UP will be receiving a RAK from me for their *runner up* LO choices-

RAROLE ( for this AWESOME LO)- I loved the special Journaling. (I need a contact mail addy girl- can you mail me - it's in my profile-MWAH)

LINDA WALTON (bobbysgirlforever)- for this amazing magical wedding LO

Thanks so much to everyone for playing with- It was SO GOOD for the soul to look at all these wonderful romantic LO's- gives you warm fuzzy's! Well this post took a while, hahahaha. Until tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim


Unknown said...


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Kim!!!!!!!!!!
Check out my blog for my GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinphy said...

Wow what an eyecandy today!
Your girls have been working so hard, and I love looking at all the LO's and mini-kits.

Jackie said...

OK, so I get all your bags. But this one? OMG. I about FELL OUT. It's FANTAB! FRIKKIN HUGE. MASSIVE. GINORMOUS. Did I mention it's big? hehe Hope you had a GREAT weekend!!! LOVE YA!! MWAHS

Chelly said...

WOW Kim, I do not believe I won!
Oh joy that I never won any challenge, no contest, and the first that is your gain? No way!
Thank you, I am very happy and honored to receive such a prize ... Wow, and now that I do not know what to buy ... LOL
Thank you very much indeed, I am entering by emailing you okay!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy Anniversary :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Ms. Kim, I am OVERJOYED to find my name on the WINNER'S LIST!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Pinch me PLEASE!!!


Like Chelly, I'm not used to winning so this is such a LOVELY surprise indeed and what a FABULOUS start to a NEW week!!! HAPPY MONDAY to ME!!! LOL!

I am just FEASTING upon all of the GORGEOUS creations using your GRAB BAG goodies Kim and I shall be digging into my NEW stash VERY soon! I ALWAYS look forward to your INCREDIBLE designs and find you SO very inspiring darlin' girl!!!

I shall be keeping my eyes open for your mail and look forward to visiting your store SOON!

He, he ... I am feelin' a bit like a SCHOOL girl as I try to imagine where Wayne shall be WHISKING you away to!!! I am SO glad I have you on my PERSONAL blog roll so that I can see when your new post arrives (I am usually sleeping still!). COME ON WAYNE - the suspense is KILLING all of us me thinks!!! ROTFLMBO!!!


Linda :)

Being Mrs Miles said...

Ohh lala, I'm so glad you are going to a 'secret' place at a secret time! How utterly romantic Kim!

I just popped in for a moment {snuck to the basement while my MIL is putting a huge pork roast in the oven, spoiled ME!} I invited Valinda to dinner, would YOU care to join us too?

One day!


Unknown said...

Oh Kim! This stuff is amazing and to top it off with such a talented CT is awesome...Love it all!

Love your proudly SA blinkie, by the way! Can I snag it?

Happy Happy! Have a wonderful time ;) Looots of pics when you get back, OK?

Veelana said...

I bet you're really excited! Good luck - I hope you're going somewhere exciting!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I always seem to miss your grab bags I pounced on your Anniversary Bundle when I saw it...thanks a 'bundle' Lol! And hope you have a great time on your secret getaway!!!!!

Melinda said...

Golly gee, I go away for a long weekend with DH for the first time in 12 years and look at all of the fun I missed ;) Congrats on your up-coming anniversary! We celebrated 18 years this summer, and the belated trip this weekend was worth the wait as I'm sure yours will be too! I guess I have to go check out the big honkin' grab bag now LOL