Wednesday, 24 September 2008

South African Heritage Day

AW- sorry I didn't pop in yesterday- Bunny sent her bad sinus headache MY way so she could go out- She did I tell you-lol. I crashed on the bed yesterday afternoon with some pain pills, but feel better again today! SPRING is not good for my poor nose! And the wind doesn't help me any either-. We are having gale force winds here today and today is actually a public holiday here- It's our National Heritage Day- but somehow it's been re-nick named to *South African BRAAI day*- lol. It's today the we are all supposed to braai to celebrate our heritage- UHUM_ I DON'T THINK SO- BWHAHAHAHAHA, not if we want to fetch our chops and wors in Durban at this stage! Actually if I stand outside today you might find ME in Durban too- HAHAHAHA.

A Braai is what Americans call a BBQ- yet it's an integral part of our culture- we braai sometimes 3x a week, it's a tasty, healthy fun way of cooking and socializing.


Chops and Sosaties, YUM! all cooked over an open fire on a grid.


And the sausage on there is called WORS - (vors). A braai is just not a braai without it-lol


And another traditional way of cooking on the fire is in the *tri-legged* pot.

Stews, Curry's and just about anything gets cooked in these and this usually takes a whole days socializing around the fire while it cooks SLOWLY -


OBVIOUSLY you have to have a good SA wine to sip while waiting for all this to get done- LOL. I got these pics from a South African tour and travel site- as well I have a ton of Braai pics- but NONE of the food side-just a lot of friends parting and having fun- LOL. You can click on the link if you are interested to see some more- they even have some recipe links too ;-)

Don't forget My GRAB BAG SALE- the BUNDLE is only up Till FRIDAY midnight( I will leave the smaller ones up till the 30th) but the special will be gone MIDNIGHT FRIDAY 26th; please don't miss it at this price- it's one hell of a bargain!


And look at these awesome CT goodies-

3 things (600 x 600)

This stunning LO is by Silvia ( whose BDAY is tomorrow-sssssshhhhh, I didn't tell ya-lol) and she is giving this away on her blog too-


WOOHOO- thanks GF! (image clickable)

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This Gorgeous LO was done by Croppy ( Carol) who made everything from the grab bags too-,


She also sent the QP from the LO she made- Thanks so much for sharing this with us Croppy! LOVE it- you can pick it up HERE>

Jazzy made this wonderful BB page using some of my goodies and her wonderful word art.

Mother & Daughter

How cute is that pic!! And love the word art too- and YUP- one more goodie for you today-


Its the BB page and the word art ( both in separated png files) Grab it HERE>

Please remember to leave them some love when you download. And Now I'm off to spend a little time with my boys- it's nice to have them all home today ( as the weather is tooo crap for them to do anything else-LOL). So I'll just bug-em instead- hahahaha. Sending love and hugs Kim


Unknown said...

Kim! You have me drooling here in chilly Mass.! My hubby has told me 3 times already that it's not cold, but it IS I TELL YOU! LOL!

That braai sounds like it would hit the spot.

ENJOY Heritage Day for me, will ya!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!
Hope you had a AWESOME day yesterday even though you weren't up to par!!!!!!
TY ALL so very much for these MARVELOUS goodies!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK now I'm starving!!! Thanks ALOT!!!! ROFL!!!

Have a great holiday today and eat LOTS for me!!!

Jenni said...

Now I am starving too LOL!! Hubby is asleep after his one or two after golf this morning, so our braai will be later this afternoon, and we have beautiful HOT weather here!!
Glad you are feeling better!

Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Kim,

I'm sorry you were suffering. I hope this does not re-occur for you.

You are making my mouth WATER! Why is the fire under it purple/pink? Is that just my imagination?

What is in the wonderful looking WURS? Miles and I love some sausages we call smokies, which have cheddar cheese on them. Cannot go camping without them & have only found one brand that is superior. They cost more, but worth every penny.

Did your husband get a day off for the National Holiday?

You sure seem to be getting the wind lately!

LOVELY layouts once again. Do you only sell to talented people, or what? haha!

I must run, going to town {the CITY} with my in-laws today. Hope your day is good too!

Love, Barb

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Evenin' Kim darlin'!!! SO happy to hear that you are feeling MUCHO better today and that your MEN are both home for you to BUG!!! ROFL! You SO funny!!!

AWESOME layouts by your AMAZING CT's and OH, MY .... the PHOTOS!!! Hmmmm ... I'm thinking that, perhaps, my DARLING Robert is from South Africa as he LOVES to barbecue and does so at least THREE times per week if not more!!!

HAPPY HERITAGE DAY to y'all!!! Hmmm ... do I have anything I can "braai" for breakfast over here? You've awakened my salivary glands with ALL of those YUMMIES!!!

Linda :)

P.S. I received your e-mail - THANK YOU!!! I get to go shopping, WOO HOOOOOO!!! MWAH!

Peggie said...

This is a lovely kit. Thank you.
Have a wonderful Heritage Day. I love
that name!

Peggie said...

This is a lovely kit. Thank you.
Have a wonderful Heritage Day. I love
that name!

Amy W. said...

I want to say that you have one of the greatest and most talented CTs I've ever seen. Wonderful work ladies! And great GB Kim!

Bonnie said...

Hey Kim! Hope your braai was a good one! How was the weather there in PE? Here it sucked, but we still braai-ed at my bro-in-law's house out in CT anyway...ha ha, they stood with umbrella's over the grid!
Was G-O-O-D!!! Lamb, chops, Vors, veggie sosaties, gem squash with sweetcorn, baby baked potatoes, salad and wine! was a good feast!
Day 4 is up on my blog!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 25 Sep [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

CathQuillScrap said...

Thanks for the freebies. Your braai pics really make one feel like going home and having one!! yummy.

Unknown said...

Yum!! All the food looks good! Fantastic goodies today as well. I have a little something for you on my blog Kim.

lynda said...

this looks so yummy makes me drool and want a bbq tonight. have a great heritage day you guys deserve it. i didn't have a chance to wish you congrats on 19 years i too am celebrating this many and wish for a dream trip. hugs lynda ;o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links to the food site and I found some others too! I'm collecting traditional recipes and these look great. I'll be doing some more research on South African cooking today! I just bought your overlays and they look really nice! Thanks for all of the freebies!!