Thursday, 11 September 2008

Quick post today

haha- I'm running through just to say HI and that I haven't frozen my ass off yet- but I did need my slippers last night- THANKS DEON!! pphhhttt(oh that's me pulling my tongue at him for those that don't understand the *sound phonics- LOL) . Cold snap supreme coming through. OH my goodness - Pamela girl you STAY SAFE!!- Pamela was evacuated out of her house last night. Man and here I am complaining over my little cold feet and *backside*-lol. Let us know the minute you are back warm and dry girl! Sending hugs to you and the family! and to all those in the same predicament.

And why am I running today- lol. I'm CRAFTING!! WOOOHOOO- well I went and put my name down for the card swop this month at DSO- OH HELL, I only noticed afterwards it was Halloween themed- LOL (blonde I KNOW), Which is great- but UHUM we don't DO Halloween here- so finding anything for embellishments is next to impossible - So I am having to *wing* it-hahaha. I'm having FUN and I just need to get the glue out now. Will show you in the next few days- but I think I'm going to make it a permanent thing- It makes me use up all the bits of paper that are accumulating DUST! So come and join us- but you have to be QUICK next month to put your name down - it fills up really quickly- lol.

Don't forget Spring PAssion is only on Sale @ 25% off for a few more Days-


And some awesome LO's sent to me buy my CT-


Don't you just love the dreamy garden feel this LO has! Thanks so much Pamela- it's STUNNING!


This very special LO was done by Mrs Miles for a friend who was leaving to be with her NEW hubby in a different country.- So very special girl- LOVE IT


And this stunner is by Nett- don't you just LOVE that photo! MWAH back at ya girl- LOVE IT!

Thanks so much girls! LOVE THEM- and I'm letting slip a little bit here- but keep a look out in the next few days for some EXCITING things happening- YAY- and WOOHOOO-lol. NO- I'm not saying anything more yet- but it's BIG- hee hee  Sending loves and hugs Kim


Kristine said...

Morning Kim!!!

If it is any consolation I am freezing my ass off too! Slippers and flannels on plus a heavy sweater and a cat on my lap....
Perhaps we need a few rounds of Spanish Coffees to warm up?!!!! ROFL!!!


LouCeeCreations said...

Wow! those layouts are beautiful. Pamela's is so pretty I love the way she's laid it out!
Get cracking on those cards lol! I'm in the same boat as you, I've done 2 so far! I've got black glitter all over tjhe kitchen table, heehee. My kids always hate me using glitter esp DS when he was at school, it always managed to get into his uniform sweatshirt!!! vewy pwetty lol!

Bunny Cates said...

LOL Loucee, getting your boy beat up for wearing glitter... LOL...

babydoe said...

Wish I could send some of our hot Texas weather your way. We are just waiting for Ike to hit our coast. Even up here in N Texas we are expecting lots of wind, tornados and a bunch of rain this weekend. I don't wish that stuff on you--just the heat!

Mrs. Miles said...

Ya need to buy some of those portable handwarmer things that fishermen and skiiers use, and slip them down in the seat of your trousers there Girlie!

I'll be praying for your friend Pamela as she is evacuated. We don't know how fortunate we are, so true!

Your tongue makes a funny noise - must be your accent LOL! *snort*

Fanks for making my LO famous. I'm not feeling worthy to be rubbing elbows with the other stunners in your online gallery here!

I must run as my husby is calling me for a walk, now THAT always warms the blood, besides smooching! *giggling*

Take care, keep warm,

Anonymous said...

Kim, thank you for yesterday freebies, after I knew I had to get the kit. The pictures don't do it justice!!!! Fabulous, Thank you so very much. Deb P

Pamela's Charms said...

Awww, thank you Kim. Hugs worked. I am back home, safe and dry. The hurricane took a turn at the last minute and saved my butt!! I'm so glad you enjoyed my layout. Spring Passion is a lovely lovely kit to play with. Have a great day today :-)