Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Getting there-lol

I honestly feel like I've been chasing my own tail this month in a way- always seem to be playing catch up- Just pictured my own dog going around and around in circles-Bwhahaha. But with a puter crash, friends arriving from Cape Town, my own little holiday this month it sure has seemed SHORT. I'm nearly there with getting all my stash back (YIPPPEEE) and am busy with the finishing touches to a few new goodies too - hee hee, yeah I'm not saying a WORD till a little later ;-P .And Deon and Loryn have confirmed that they are on a flight to Port Elizabeth next Friday- WOOOHOOO, It's my Bday weekend so they have made a plan to visit AGAIN- how cool is that- twice in ONE MONTH- lol. I'm so CHUFFED ( thrilled) and it's my Bday present from them- what more could a girl ask for !- UHUM_ BUNNY???, CT TEAM???, YOU ????  doing anything next weekend??- HAHAHAHA.Oh hell wouldn't that be a good one to put down in the *history books*-LOL

- just remind you that my new the Friends series-LORYN is in store now-


25% off for a limited time only-

And some more eye candy for you today- HOW AWESOME are these-

girls loryn kit (600 x 600)

Another stunner from Silvia- LOVE that cluster title on the side! DIVINE!

I Love Tyler

This striking LO is by Beth- I LOVE that photo! Man he is just tooooo CUTE-


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this *soul searching LO* by Nett.


This is just BRILLIANT! I love how Renee used the leaves to make the arched framing! STUNNING clusters gf!


And Silvia made us this AWESOME matching QP from yesterdays! YAY- we have a 2 pager-lol. Please remember to leave Silvia some love when you take it ;-) Grab it HERE. Have a stunning day- Hugs and Loves Kim


Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

Kim, that kit is simply beautiful! And you are just too much of a sweetie to do that for your friends. See why I lub you? And I SO know whatcha mean about feeling like you're chasing your tail. Things have been freakin INSANE here. I hate being sick, then when DH gets sick..well, that's a whole new ballgame. And the weather's turning off NASTY. it's cold today (again) 43*F right now, WINDY (I thought my poor Sean was going to blow away waiting for the bus!) & rainy. Can we say ICK!? And Justin & I have to get out in it. Peanut has physical therapy today.
OK, I know it's getting to be about that time..when's the next bag coming out?
I've rambled enough..have a superduper fantabo Humpday!!! MWAHS

Bonnie said...

Hey kim
Guess what??? I finally posted off the back up DVD's for you! yay!! you should get them next week sometime!

Bunny Cates said...

just poppin by leaving a little DSO Lovin'!

Jenni said...

Every LO I see with Loryn is beautiful,such a stunning kit!!!

Peggie said...

This is lovely. I love the colors

Peggie said...

This is lovely. I love the colors

Anonymous said...

Hey hey...its almost 3 am here in Germany and I still wide awake...I think I need to fly over to SA to party with you and your friends and get a couple of shots of tequilla..that might help me for the lovely comments about my layouts and the QP...your kit is awesome girl...cant wait for your next friend kit to come my way...big smile...I had some good laughs today with that nutty CT we you hugs...hopefully I get tired soon


Pamela said...

All the pages are awesome!!!! Everyone did a wonderful job. The kit is just beautiful!! And how much fun for you to have your friends fly over for your birthday. I hope you have a great time :-)

Teriann said...

What a great idea Kim! You are so talented ;) I love the qp- thanks for sharing!

charlie said...

Your kits are always awsome Kim..and the layouts are out of this world!!!!!