Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Refreshed and rested

WARNING- grab coffee or Juice or whatever else it is you enjoy- this is a LONG post- LOL

AAAHH- I'm back- and OH goodness, I am missing my sis and my little *angel* already! ARRRGGH- time is always tooo short when you visit the ones you love isn't it??- But at least I got to visit this year and will be making plans to get my sis here next year. This two year thing is for the birds! And I've got a little niece to spoil now- lol. I promise you, Dullstroom is definitely the place to go if you are looking for R&R( rest and relaxation!), it's a QUIET QUANT little village with nothing but a few vintage styled shops and a lot of restaurants. So you shop the first day like I did on Saturday morning with Wayne and my sis- and then it's SLEEP, EAT oh and snooze some more! hahahahaha- I loved the rest as I needed it- but like I told Nett in a mail last night- I think after a week I would be climbing the walls in boredom! hahaha- My sis at least has her painting and spa to keep her busy- I would need my PUTER and an ADSL line to survive! hahaha- They only have dial up at the moment(on the list for cable) so even downloading a mail takes half an hour. lol, And I think after a week I would be as they say in Afrikaans- Uitgeslaap! ( slept out).hahahahaha.

Look at how stunning this little Village is-


This is in TOWN- all the roads and shop paths are lined with ROSES! It smells gorgeous and is such a pretty and relaxing walk around. All the shops are Vintage styled which makes the little Village really have it's own character!


Waynie walking with my *skinny* Sis ( my mom definitely didn't mix our genes well- Gaye got all the skinny ones and I got the fat ones-LOL), but look at little *madam* trying to reach the *fowers*- this one had Yellow roses lining the store front and Wayne had already bought homemade biscuits and jams- lol. He can't go past a bakery or homemade bake shop without going in!


This boutique had the most amazing stained glass windows! Don't you just love it!


Wayne playing Uncle- while letting mom run in the shops- lol. Caden LOVES watching the fountains- which is also the one I climbed in to splash her- much to hubby's disgust- ROTF! But we were having fun and so what if people threw coins in it for luck- my feet where clean dammit- hahahahahaha.


And this is my little Angel Caden- she's 11 months old and still so tiny ( she was 6 weeks prem)- but she is really developing well and is extremely strong! ( willed and physically- lol) She has a little dimple in her chin which is just tooo cute- and I can't wait to scrap the rest of my photos. I forgot the CD that my sis made for me with photo's of Caden and I ( as I'm always behind my own camera). But will be getting it in a overnight parcel- YIPPPEEEE.

Ok- I also have a new kit in store- WOOOHOOOOO, I'm decided to make a SERIES of kits- for my dear friends- as well it's their faces that I am always scrapping- lol, so this just makes it easier and well besides that I wanted to make them each something special too-

So here is the first of the Friends Series- Loryn


Dedicated to my dear *soul sister* Loryn who loves ANYTHING GREEN. She wears it and lives it. Full of life and yet so grounded way beyond her years. I hope you get to enjoy Loryn as much as I do through this really versatile kit. It has 10 papers ( 3 torn and worn) and 44 elements- plus a full Uppercase tag Alpha with numerals.

Just look at what my CT have done while I've been away-

Vanessa Loryn kit (600 x 600)

This stunner is by Silvia- LOVE the title work girl!


And this Gorgeous Lo is by Jenni , LOVE the photo work and the clustering Jen- you are the layering master -lol!

Ok- I'll save some for tomorrow or you would die of thirst and hunger today before you get to the end of this post- hahahahaha.

The kit is 25% off at the moment ( for one week only)

I made you a QP to match the kit as a freebie today-


You can grab it here- http://www.4shared.com/file/67768025/479fce86/kb-LorynQP.html . And boy I just looked at my counter- I think we are in for some HUGE celebrations soon- so keep a look out guys- it's COMING- hahahaha. Hope you all have a fantastic day. Until tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim




Judy said...

What a beautiful little village....and an even more beautiful little niece. So glad you got to spend some quality time with your sis and her family.
I just love the kit Loryn....am going to check it out later and thanks for the freebie.

pkdoll said...

Welcome home Kim! That is a beautiful little village--perfect for the little get-aways!! Your new kit is gorgeous! And Caden is a doll!!! Love her little cheeks and the dimple is perfect!! Talk to you soon.

Melberry said...

Your new kit is spectacular, Kim, and what a beautiful tribute to those close to your heart. I can see how you had trouble tearing yourself away from your weekend visit with your sister and her family. What a lovely village and what an ADORABLE baby. Bet you came back with hordes of photos to inspire you and to scrap little Miss Sunshine. Thanks for sharing.
Be good to YOU,

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!!
so good to see you back safe & sound & RELAXED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved the photos!!!!!!!!!!!
She sure is a cutie pie!!!!!!!
TY so very much for the LOVELY QP from your FABOLOUS new kit!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonnie said...

Welcome back Kim! DullStroom is nice, been there before!!
Looks like you had a great time! Love the new kit!

Peggie said...

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Your niece is so pretty.
What a beautiful village. Thank you for sharing those lovely photos.

Amber said...

Thank you - this is really beautiful - and what a great idea! :) Glad you were able to relax for a while! ;)

Jenni said...

Glad you had a rest and are safely back, Dullstoom is a beautiful peaceful place! LOVE your new kit!!!

Bunny Cates said...

Hey cow...
MOOOOOOOOOOOOve on over to my blog for a surprise.


Elaine said...

Thank you for the QP, very pretty & your new kit. Love the pics of the beautiful village, looks like a wondeplace for R & R.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Kim love, where shall I begin???

You, indeed, shall SOON be the MILLION DOLLAR BABY in SCRAPLAND and we shall DEFINITELY have LOTS to CELEBRATE!!!

Thank you SO much for sharing SO much of your life with us. I just ADORE oogling over your photos whilst drinking my coffee and reading about your ADVENTURES!!! Your sister's village is MOST lovely (stained glass is SOOOO cool), Wayne is a HOOT and Caden as PRECIOUS as can be!!!

You new FRIENDSHIP series is going to be MOST amazing and if *Loryn* is any indication of what is yet to come .... PUT ON YOUR SEATBELTS y'all cuz we'll be RACING to Kim's store to snag these babies up QUICKLY!!!

You have a TOTALLY gifted CT and ya know, I think I just gotta get me one!!! ROFL! Well, I need to have goodies to keep them busy with so as soon as I have a bit of a stash, I shall go for it!!! Hmmm ... wondering if there is any chance of that in this SCRAPPIN' LIFETIME!!! He, he ...

Love ya girlie and thank you, thank you, thank YOU for being YOU and for SO generously sharing with US!


Linda :)

Darleen said...

Glad to have you back. My morning coffee and I missed your daily update. Love your sis's village. A bit quiet for my taste but I sure can appreciate it. Caden is a lucky girl to have such a special Auntie.

MomSoto said...

Hi there.
Thank you for this wonderful freebie.

This blog is listed on Twisted Challenges Freebie List today.

Caryn said...

Hi Kimmy! *waving from across the ocean*

Aren't you just the lucky aunty to have such a gorgeous niece!? Those photos are to die for - scrappers' gold ;)

Love the new kit! You're one talented aunty! Can't wait to see the rest...

Welcome back (again!)
Lotsa love,

Mrs. Miles said...

Ok, i have coffee, but its not THAT long Kim! I was prepared to scroll and stroll for DAYS!

So glad your title said Refreshed and rested!

I am so glad you had some q. time with your sister - and yes, two years is TOO long. Is the town's name really DULLstroom? Thats entirely too funny.

No puter or ASDL would be a slow death to me too. I swear i've swapped part of my motherboard with my puter. We are one {this is the comptuter typing now}

I thought you only climbed in fountains and hugged elephants at night under the influence? *snort!*

Aww, Caden - hers got chubby cheeks! I am so excited to see more layouts!

Your new kit is BEAUTIFUL, and such a nice tribute to a good friend. Can't wait to scrap with this baby!

Silvia's layout is amazing - she really knows how to pull it together!

right- gotta have the qp too, right?

You de bes! I'm going to catch up with you more via email when I get my act together!


Carol said...

Welcome Home Kim!!!! Sure has been quite around here.....LOL
Caden is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Love all your pics!!!!! And thats not too shabby of a QP either....hahahaha.... thanks a bunch!!!!

Maryse said...

If you see where I live...I live in a little village,there is only one shop...Your niece is adorable!!!
Thank you so much for all your kind comments :))
Love your green kit!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little niece you have!!

Thanks for sharing this gorgeous quick page - what pretty colors!

Ramie said...

Love the pics! And your niece is adorable. Thanks for the goodies!