Thursday, 2 October 2008

Trick or Treat Month at DSO

goodness, are you all in for some awesome treats this month-

The girls at DSO have got together and are having a Halloween TREATS month- just for you,  Yep… that is right… a freebie EVERY DAY until Halloween! Everyday this month until the 31st October ( which will hold one HELL of a Halloween Surprise-lol), we are given you little *tricks and treats* to play with. So pop on over and check it out and remember to bookmark it so you can check up everyday. YIPPEEEE.

AND YAY- my October Colour Challenge is up-


This is the posting gifty you can get for just playing along with me- but my little portion is sometimes so TINY compared the AWESOME talent the girls share. If you've never played along with me- why don't you pop in and just have a browse around- pick up one of the fantastic freebie kits and make a LO with it- easy easy easy- but OH so much fun! I can't wait to see what get's created with these colours as I see a ton of different options for them- Vintage, kids, spring, fall and hee hee- what do you SEE???- Come on= come and show me.

OOOH and Gina, a close friend of Mrs Miles has just opened up her own Etsy store- and to celebrate it, the wonderful Mrs Miles has a CU/PU overlay on her blog for you- and while you are there please pop in and see Gina on her way - it can be so nerve wracking putting yourself out there.

AAAAH- and look What I got from Silvia-

Angelo_purrfect (600 x 600)

Thanks so much sweets and I am SOO glad you enjoyed your birthday present. - Silvia made this into a QP- so if you want it to match the freebie kit- then grab it here.

I've had to go and find some of my wonderful CT LO's as I lost those in my crash and I wanted to show you this AWESOME LO by Jenni ( Chaos Lounge)


This LO is just toooo beautiful! I love the blended photo in the background the clustering and the word art overlays too. Jenni used my Spring Passion kit and matching freebie Alpha, and Bonnie's Say it with words.

Jenni has had a really bad week but has even managed to leave you a Candy Jar freebie to play with ,  you can read about it on her blog here- please leave her some love ;-)

Well I've had no LUCK with my HD- arrgh, they've tried everything and the last resort was a tip from Bunny about freezing it- which when Wayne heard the first time thought she was smoking something- ROTF! But it is a known recovery method- but NO- mine decided to stay DEAD- and now I have 2 new ones- programmed to back up automatically at 2am in the morning- WOOOOHOOO, so if one goes, the other will still have the data on that is current for NOW! lol. I've learnt my lesson and golly- trust me - time fly's quicker than you think! Thanks so much for all the hints and tips and to Jeanette Bollinger for my huge RAK!! OMG girl, thank you so much- I got a good head start on my Personal use stashy's now WOOOHOOOO-and I'm off to download in a few! (((Mwah)).

Yup- I know I still need to tell you about my get away- lol, I just need a day when I don't have so much to yak about- it's NEWS day today. I hope you all have a great day- hugs and loves Kim


pkdoll said...

Awwww Kim! I really thought that they would be able to recover some of your data. That just scares me to death to think that we can lose our stuff so easily! On the brighter side--I can't wait to check DSO out today!! Lots of goodies being shared this month!! But I gotta go to work now-so it will have to wait until tonight. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

I love the automatic backup idea! Good stuff. Best wishes

Being Mrs Miles said...

Mornin' Kim!

Sheesh girl, I thought it was the sun coming up this morning, but I'm SURE its the glow coming off of you, still from your anniv/2nd honeymoon. LOL!

The color challenge gift is VERY tasteful - if I wasn't learning to say NO, I'd say YES. haha! Well when I say no, it really means, meybe I won't but then tomorrow I prolly will. This giveaway would certainly be the incentive that would 'push me over the edge'

Thank you for publishing Gina's store opening, her items are BEAUTIFUL, perfect for Christmas gifts! That girl is WAY talented.

Is that Silvia's kiddy kat? Ohhh love petting all that fur {don't like picking it off my clothes} She did a terrific job on the layout.

Jenni has a gift for keeping lots of white space in her layouts - love the way its balanced!

Kim I don't know if I told you this, but you can also back up online too, you get 50GB FREE at I have uploaded some of my stuff there, seems a wonderful service.

I'm in a jam today - making it, that is - more bout that later, and thanks so much for helping me out!


Judy said...

wow that is a neat idea about automatic backup...I will have to set that up tooo. Wow can't wait o go over and visit DSO and see all the neat stuff ...Kim thank you so much for all the help and encouragement ...have a great and wonderful day
hugs and lots of love

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Mornin' darlin' - what a WONDERFULLY exciting month this will be for ALL of us in SCRAPLAND to be "O'd" (my abbreviation for "obsessed" with DSO activities!!! He, he ... SO many goodies, OH MY!

Ms. Jenni puts out some AWE-INSPIRING layouts and I am taking GREAT note of this one in particular as I ADORE a layout with ENLARGED photos transposed into the background!!! GORGEOUS!

Hmmmm .... I do seem to REALLY enjoy a GOOD color challenge and might just have to come and play with y'all sometime during the month - PRETTY color palette too!!!

Have a GORGEOUS day your side of SCRAPLAND girlfriend - I'm on my way shortly to meet, for the first time, one of our five grandsons who is out visiting with his mommy and daddy! COLOR me EXCITED!!!

Linda :)

P.S. Kim, your HEARTFELT gift to Silvia was, indeed, the PURR-FECT gift! :)

Dinphy said...

So sorry to hear about your EHD...
But great to hear you now have a better working system for your backups!

Just noticed now... You're playing with your previews and logo again? Looks good! Then again, I like pretty much all you do... ;) Love that border you used, but I'm a bit sad, as at first I thought it was part of the posting gift! ;)

I pretty much know what I want to do for the CC, just see if it works out as I think. It could be these colors are just what I was looking for, and couldn't make myself!