Monday, 13 October 2008

Where did the weekend go?

Boy has this weekend flown! who decided to push the fast forward button dammit- LOL. well that's how it felt. I DID have that quiet weekend and spent it at home playing catch up and spending time with the family ;-)

I have to tell you that Nathan has joined a fishing Club so he can make his *catches* official as well as taking part in all the competitions they have in our area- now on Friday afternoon I had to run around and buy - wait for it-- FISH- HUH?, I got to buy fish - but aren't you going to CATCH fish Nathan??- all I got was- *Mom, I need bigger bait/fish to catch the big fish!* with the look that say's - what a dumb ass mom I got- hahahahaha- COOOOL, I understand this one- but Nathan dearest- you haven't brought ANY fish home in months! LOL- The boy did catch his BIG fish on Sat and it's on the Club books and it's weighed etc- but it's a SHARK!! lol, No more pan fish in this house- competitions are for BIG fish that you put back! And any *pan fish* is now used as BAIT! hahahaha- I thought this was all quite ironic!

Bunny has been away this weekend and uhum she trusted poor DSO in my hands- so far only one booboo ( shooo- yup it was my doing- but hey, I'm learning too- ROTFLMAO)- and I didn't dance on the tables and break anything Bunny I promise.;-P Remember Bunny is having a BDAY SALE at the moment 35% off - yup and including all her CU goodies too.

OOOOh, I got some Monday eyecandy for you this morning-


Just look at this little cutie pie! Kezcreates sent me this page using my Fall Splendor freebie ( links have been fixed for those that battled with them ), Don't you just love it!


Emmanuelle sent me this LO using my Forever and Always template freebie- How stunning did this turn out! WOW- I just LOVE IT. Full credits HERE>

And then my dear friend and fellow designer Luisa sent me this LO using my Ordinary Day kit


I LOVE this- the bold design of the LO and that stunning little face with it's beautiful smile!

I had forgotten how well the colours in this kit render themselves to *fall*.


And Luisa has kindly sent me the QP that she had made from her LO! Thanks my friend, I appreciate it immensely, MWAH


You can grab it here-

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, I'm off to do some playing in photoshop- WOOOOHOOOO, I'm finally caught up enough to PLAY-  * got the DT's* already! LOL. sending loves and hugs Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!
Sounds like he's having a blast!!!!LOL
TY both so very much for the AWESOME QP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a FUN day playing!!!!!!!!!!!

Pamela said...

How Cool!!! A fishing club. I bet he's having a blast. My guys loove love deep sea fishing. I can't go with them though, that little boat in that big ocean, nope not me! My feet are planted firmly on the ground and staying their LOL!!!

Unknown said...

omg, im home. and over 600 emails.
going to try to get thru them before I leave again wednesday! OY!!!

Thats a good girl staying off da tables! now, WHO was in my office?! grrrrrrrrr

MadLin said...

Love your blog and your creations Kim.
You have a questionair waiting on my blog!

Mumure said...

Love your kit!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this awesome QP...
I used it U can have a look on my blog..if you want to!!

Ramie :-) said...

Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love this QP! Hugs to you!