Thursday, 16 October 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUNNY WUNNY!! I hope you have a super Bday party weekend- but girl, stay off the tables- hahaha, NAAAH- go and dance on em and throw that fro girl! Take losts of pics- I want to see-lol


And the Wooopie is for me- I'm flying up to go visit my sister and my little niece Caden tomorrow morning- I can't wait- ARRGH, I haven't seen her yet and this will be the first time I'm seeing my sis in two years too- so we have been yakking non stop on the phone today. I went out shopping this morning and bought PINK!! OMG- do you know how nice it was shopping for girly stuff?- all I've ever really bought is BOY goodies. So a huge bag, some toys and a smoking credit card later- I'm here trying to sort out all my stuff before I leave. YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEE> and yup Camara is already on the counter so I don't forget it.

Just a reminder as I won't be back until Monday afternoon, that my new CU overlays are still on Sale at 25% off-


The Geometrics


And the Halloweeny's.

These are really easy to use as they are shades of black/gray for easy selecting. ;-)

OOOH- and my dear CT member and SA counterpart Renee has been at work again- just check these AMAZING LO's


She's busy with a wedding album for her friend- and WOW, this is just soooo striking- she used my Heartfelt kit papers and the roses from my Angel baby kits (recoloured


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this- also from my Heartfelt kit and paper overlays!


Renee these are just OUTSTANDING- I LOVE the striking red with the Italian/vintage feel you have achieved-it's going to be one STUNNING album GF!

AND YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE- I got a present from Beth yesterday too- page inspired by 'Beautiful' by mspitzerova

Beautiful Alycia Scrap Page

HOLEY SMOKES!!- this is just as the LO say's - BEAUTIFUL! And Beth did send me the credit list- but lets just say it's all bits from my Anniversary Grab bag and they are all available here, and in my store.

And Jenni (Chaos Lounge) has a SALE going on at the moment too- with a great Blog Challenge-


You can grab this freebie on her blog and read all the details there too- but it's a AWESOME prize- I wouldn't miss it!!

Don't forget you can pick up this FREEBIE KIT still if you missed my post yesterday-lol


Just pop onto the DSO blog for the links- and I know 4shared is having a MARE ( nightmare-hahaha), so give it a chance ;-) That's me until Tuesday - hopefully Monday afternoon- but no promises at this stage- I have a ton of packing to sort out as well as some goodies for the house. Have a great weekend. hugs and loves Kim


mizamigo said...

Kim, Have a fantastic weekend with your sis and niece!

xashee's corner said...

hope you have a GREAT weekend and thanks, again, for allllllll you do!!! :D

Unknown said...


popping in from neverland. Thanks for the bday wishes!!!

Have fun with the baby (oh and your sister, lol) take lots of pictures! I forgot my stupid camera!

Judy said...

wow girl you have a great and wonderful time with your sis and neice ....get lots of great pictures...and thanks for the freebie


Jenni said...

Have a wonderful weekend and take lots of photos!!

Pamela said...

WOW!!! All the pages are just Beautiful!!!!! I hope you have a great weekend visiting your neice!!! Thanks so much for the awesome awesome freebie. It's just lovely!!!

Bonnie said...

Kim...have a lovely time away! Enjoy it!!

Amy W. said...

I LOVE the new overlays. I guess you're up and running. Ours was a bad mother board so we had to order the part. Hubby got it today and installed it but it's not seeing all the parts so he has to crack the tower open again and see if everything is connected, blah, blah blah. Maybe by next week I'll be back. Sigh. Hugs my friend!

pkdoll said...

Kim have a great weekend! Can't wait to see the pics you get!! Love all the gorgeous LO's you had today---your CT is awesome!!:)

Anonymous said...

Love the LO's you showed yesterday on your blog. Am gonna miss you, but have a wonderful time with your sister and niece. Travel safe. (((((HUGS)))))

Being Mrs Miles said...

I hope you have a fabulous time with your sister Kim. Hoping your flight is uneventful. Hope you get some good 'downtime' and sister time.

I'm having a blog comment drought right now LOL - forgive me. Good thing you're away and can't laugh at my feeble attempt at one.

I just know how much I enjoy my sister time too.

The layouts are AMAZING as usual. You have the cream de la CT cream.

Your giveaway is altogether too pretty, but worthy of our Buns! *snort* I feel so naughty calling her that but thank gracious she has a good sense of humour!


Joni said...

Hi,I've given you an award,please visit my blog to pick it up.
::: hugs :::

Amy W. said...

I'm Baaakkk! Just popping in to say hi/goodnight! Love you chicka!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweetie!!!!!!!!!
Just leavin some LOVIN on my daily stop since its been awhile since your last post!!!!! LOL
Hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!!!!!

Crops said...

Morning Kimmy....hope you are having a great time! Got a little something for ya on my

Being Mrs Miles said...


Anyone in here?



~ Babwa

WHERE you Kimmie?