Wednesday, 26 November 2008

EYE CANDY and lots of it-lol

Well I got the new kit finished yesterday- and that's the reason I didn't get to blog- Oh goodness for ONCE on this kit- it was flowing- LOL, so I went with it and didn't stop until it was done! I'm thrilled how it eventually turned out- and of COURSE Mrs Bunny Wunny has to take some credit for kicking my ass in gear with her REQUEST list and to get drawing - LOL. THANK YOU BUNNY WUNNY! ;-P.

But before I get to that part- if you happened to get to the store today and it was down- ARRGHH, damb hosts- always something else- but it's sorted with a compromise for now- no gallery! so please be patient while Bunny bends the ear of the person on the other end of the phone- but the store is UP and running again!

Don't tell Bunny- but I thought I broke it again- BWAHAHAHAHA, SWEAR- I had just upped my new kit to the store and had gone to get the link when the screen went BLANK with a CPU usage thing message on it- HUH?- can you say PANIC! lol, I've already been warned not to TOUCH THE BUTTONS- now the stores gone! hahahahahaha- THANK GOODNESS it ain't me this time!

So I took some time to walk around my blooming garden ( sounds like I'm swearing doesn't it- LOL) But EVERYTHING is starting to flower and it looks so fresh and bright- I redid our garden so it's still in the *growing stages* but it's looking soooo KEWWWL with all the flowers popping up- and Mrs Miles I took these just for you ( oh and of course me ;-)- so you could see in pictures what they look like-


DAY LILLY's that my dad has come and planted in my garden- that deep red is just DIVINE! the flower only lasts a day- but they are really flowering well now-


A Strelitzia reginae- which are indigenous to South Africa. Common names include  Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise as it grows on a long stem and it looks like a birds head between the thick foliage.


These are Wild irises that are supposed to only flower in Spring- and I LOVE THEM- but they bloom ALL YEAR here and I even have a few flowers in the winter ;-)


A close up shot of it- they bruise easily- but look stunning in groups as they are above!

There you go- some SPRING for you today ;-)

And on to some more goodies- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, lol

My new kit-



It's a FUN, FUNKY and a little eclectic in style, with all hand drawn elements by ME- yay! lol


These are the doodles characters that are in the kit- and I have put in the sticker version ( slightly lifted) as well as the plain doodles themselves;-)


There are 8 Prints ( and I make them look like wrapping papers- great for printing and wrapping little gifts!) 9 Plains and 6 worn and torn pages.


a Close up on some of the detail that you can't see in the previews


The kit is 35% off at the moment-

Check it out CLOSE UP HERE.

And look at THIS-

kims card

This CARD was made using MY NEW KIT ABOVE_ WOOOHOOOOO, how freaking awesome does this look! Louise made it straight after she got the kit and sent me this! I LOVE IT-

Louise( Loucee Creations) even made this AMAZING freebie with my CHRISTMAS GRAB BAG for you ( the bag is gone TOMORROW- so run QUICK if you still want it ;-).


It's a little *scene* Freebie and is in PNG format too- GRAB HIM HERE and don't forget to leave some LOVE-

And Hutchy ( Chris) sent this first thing this morning too- WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW-


How BEAUUUTIFUL did this come out- your clusterwork is AMAZING GF! I LOVE this- and she is such a cutie pie too! Thanks so so much!

And look at this stunner by none other than Jenni Rousseau


These two LO's make me want to SCRAP BAD- lol. LOVE IT- and Jen used Jazzy's CAT wordart!

And of course I can't let you go without something to add to this kit right- LOL, and yup there is a little more to it too- but that will come during the week.- YIPPEEEEe,

I made an Alpha FREEBIE to go with it- and well, when I sent the kit through to all my CT girls, I got a reply back from Nett saying her hubby asked if she was going to make another *ELF-a-BET*- BWAHAHAHAHA, I thought it tooo funny so I named it that- hee hee, Thanks NETT!


Well I started with ONE- then thought that the other colours looked so cool so did 4! hahaha- And I did it in the sticker and plain versions to match the kits doodles too ;-)

You can grab it here- . (doodle and background are not included and can be found in the main kit)- well this has been a GOOD make up post for yesterday- LOL. I need coffee and will chat tomorrow- much love and hugs Kim


Unknown said...


damn hosts.... *grumbles to self biting lip*

I love the kit Kimmie, my feet ARE good for something! LOL...

Keira said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! Makes me long for nice weather...and we haven't even made it through half of winter yet! The layouts you posted by your CT are amazing...I was stunned! They totally gave me the urge to run to my desktop and scrap, but I promised my daughter we'd bake cookies, haha. Your new kit is way too cute! I love the handrawn elements, you could make some very fun Christmas layouts (and cards) with this kit! The alpha is fun and I love the title.

Jenni said...

The kit turned out fabulous!!!!!I love the cute alpha, thanks!!

Sherrie said...

Love the ELF-a-bet! hahaha!

Now I have the itch to make some really cute TO/FROM tags for Christmas gifts!

Robbi and Mike said...

Adorable Kit Kim and than you for the cute Elf-A-Bet :) Hugs~

txbubbles said...

Hey Girlfriend!
How ADORABLE is this new kit! I'm gonna have to slide on over to the store and check it out. Thanks for the elf-a -bet, that is too funny!
Vicki in Texas

Amber said...

love it love it love it! thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Argghh, I want to be where you are. We are stuck in the yuckiest weather ever, it is cold and rainy with muddy snow - brrrrr. I would not mind the snow at all if it really lasted for once and was not only a nuisance for the traffic and house owners who have to clear the pavement around their house.

Your new kit is gorgeous, I LOVE the doodles they are sooo cute. I am still totally broke from DSD, but that kit is so awesome... Thank you so much for the fun alphabets.

Cautcha Lookin' Images said...

Thanks so much for the adorable alpha, Kim. Way way beyond cute and as usual, love that sense of humour of yours!

I'm gonna have to share the news about this awesome kit... it is way original, creative, and fun!

Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

VERY CUTE ALPHA! Thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this new just has to see it to know how truly awesome it is and so BIG..great job KimBob..hahaha and Bunny thanks for the good swift kick in the behind..just what she needed to get the job done!!
The flowers in your garden are beautiful..wish I could get flowers to grow..I till and plant and do what everyone says to do and mine immediately die! I must have a "Black Thumb"!
All the layouts are out of this world amazing hugs and lots of love meee

Anonymous said...

Oh darn forgot to thank you for this adorable elf-a-bet its great

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the darling alphabet (((Glad your fingers itch so that we benefit from your talent LOL)))

So I'm off to buy that new adorable kit. Stop showing me all these great items - I'm going broke! THANKS Kim....

LadyPatsFan said...

simply GORGEOUS Bird of Paradise, and that's a wonderful picture! Beautiful job.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Kim love - you are the MOST amazing woman I swear!!!

I am babysitting my darling grandson for the first time today and they are on their way down so I shall have to come back and SWOON some more over your GENIUS of a new Christmas kit girlfriend!!! Your drawings are SO incredibly keen and I am in awe!

ELF-A-BET!!! OMGosh! Now that was just about as QUICK-WITTED as one can get and TOO dang cute TO BOOT!

Love ya girl and I'll catch up with you and ALL of this FABULOUSLY delicious EYE CANDY later on tonight!!! You floral photos are EXQUISITE!

*eyes popping out of head* - AMAZING ... simply AMAZING and SO fresh!

Linda :)

Andrea said...

Kim this kit is SO ADORABLE!!! and COOL!!! Love those doodles!!! You're awesome! The colors are FABULOUS too!!

Darling layouts & love that card!! Great ideas!!

Thanks for the RAD elf-a-bet! too cute!!

Webfrau said...

Those doodled characters are just the cutest. Thanks for the alpha.

Rose said...

I love the kit, I actually went and bought it when I usually limit myself to the free content. Thanks for the alpha as well, too cute!

Dinphy said...

Your new kit is AWESOME! LOVE all the hand drawn elements! So so cute... awwww....
Good thing Bunny kicked your ass, not twisted your arm huh? ;-p
Your drawings are so beautiful, and they really make the kit unique.

Bad hosts... bad bad bad... I'm TOO addicted!

Your flowers look wonderful!
I've seen that 'crane flower' in the shops here, they're the 'exotic' ones! I even believe they're sold as single-pieces.

Thanks for the pretty pretty gift! It's a joy just to look at!
Thank you!!!

charlie said...

Kit is sooooooo cute..That second flower Kim we call "bird of Paradise" in Australia and you se them all over the place here..thanks for the alpha

Anonymous said...

Just Great, thank you!

CathyK Designs said...

Thanks so much for the Elf-a-bet! Your kit is so cute and photos absolutely gorgeous!

Peggie said...

Thank you. I love it.

Unknown said...

Ooooo Kim! It's soo cool! I just love it.... You're so good, man!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS Kim! What a fun and whimsical Christmas kit. Can't wait to get my hands on it. ;-)

Thanks Bunny for your part in making this happen. WooHoo!

And thanks for the fabulous Alpha...darn that 4 Shared for making it so hard to give a proper thank you. ;-/

Melinda said...

What a cute kit! I love your elves and trees :) Thanks for the alphas!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this sweet alphabet!

Vana63 said...

Adorable Alpha and I just knew your Xmas kit would be incredible! Thanx Kim!!!

irishkathy said...

Thanks so much for the alpha! Oh, if you think a filling is bad, hope you never need a bunch of extractions at the same time - yikes!
I'm also jealous of your flowers. Everything here is drab and waiting for the snow that I don't want to shovel.

xashee's corner said...

The new kit looks FANTASTIC!! LOVE the layouts and that card is WONDERFUL!! oh and your flower pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! and i ADORE the name of the alpha!! lol Thank you so very much for sharing too!!! Have an AWESOME day! :D

Anonymous said...

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April said...

This is such a cute alpha and kit. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us all. The flowers are gorgeous too!!! and so unique.

Pattycakes said...

Wow, what a beautiful garden you have!! Thanks for sharing this's awesome!! :)

Veelana said...

Awww, this is just adorable! Thank you for the freebie! I love the things in the grab bag, btw :-D

Anonymous said...

Kim, I love your new kit "From Santa with Love". You have a great taste in colours,I love how it's not the standard red-green combo! And your doodles are fab, how on earth do you do it? with the Aussie dollar so low, I have to be carefull on my srap spending, but i just can't resist your stuff...shhhhhh don't tell my husband..LOL

Anonymous said...

Your kit is amazing!! It's really really something! Thanks for sharing the alpha, what a neat alpha!! I just love the colors! You're so very talented!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Kim!!!!!!
WOW I see now why you didn't post!!!!!!!!!
ITS FANTASTIC & I'm going to buy
It'll be a great kit to use for my little ANGEL!!!!!!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING from me in the USA!!!!!!!!
LOVE the photo's!
TY so very much for he COOL alpha!!!!!!!!!!

pkdoll said...

Love-love-LOVE the new kit Kim! And the elf-a-bet is adorable! I love your flowers--I can't believe we are just starting winter and you are having the fantastic warm weather!! And I see Bunny left you off the hook with a small warning "DON'T TOUCH THE BUTTONS"! HAHAHAHAHA! Well it's Thanksgiving morning and have lots to do, so will talk to you soon!! Take care GF!

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

What a cute kit!! Love the layouts!! Thanks so much for sharing the awesome elf-a-bets!! Happy Thanksgiving!! Hugs! :)

amymom24 said...

Thanks so much for the ADORABLE alpha!!!!!

S said...

What a great kit, the colors are FAB! THanks for the elfbet, it's just too swonderful!

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! I didn't know you did that! I miss a day or two and miss out on too much stuff! You seriously made me laugh my ass off naming the alpha that ;) Going to grab it and damnit I'm gonna scrap!

Boo said...

OMG I LOVE the kit and gorgeous alpha. This style really suits you Kim. Thanks so much and for my PB too hehe, I got it.
BIG huggles
Boo x

Tammy Gary said...

Love the fun kit, Thanks for the Alpha!

Jewel said...

Elph-a-bet - tee hee! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute n colorful elfabet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the alpha! Very cute.

Susie said...

Thank you for the Alpha Kim, the kit looks so cute!!

Unknown said...

This is really CUTE! Thanks!

Vicki said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Love,love,love this Alpha thank you so much

Faith said...

Love it!!! thanks!!!!

Cindyrelly said...

Love your pics of the Wild irises ;) Our yard is full of them except we live in Florida... we planted them because they are so drought tolerant and multiply like crazy. We call them "African Irisis" and YES... they do bloom all year round...especially when they get rained on!! Oh, and Thank You for the FSWL goodies ;)

Mags said...

Very cute alpha - THX!
:) Mags

CT said...

Your pics make me want spring here too. Thanks for the elf-a-bet. so cute!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorge! I love love love these elfabets! :)Thank you, coolness!

Anonymous said...

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