Monday, 24 November 2008


HELP my mouth is still numb and I'm STARVING- lol. Went to the dentist at 10am and now it's 12.30 and my stomach is growling- hahahahaha. Another filling down- YIPPPEEEE, I can't wait till all the metal ones are gone. It's so funny how when I asked for white fillings years ago I was laughed at my by older dentist- he asked WHY?- UHUM- maybe because when you LAUGH like me you get a mouth full of -gee I don't know- BLACK???- hahahahahaha. But only a few left now and nearly there- OMG, did I actually sound like I was excited to see a DENTIST??- BWAHAHAHAHA, miracles do happen!

I spent a wonderful weekend off the net this weekend- yes I popped on to see that nothing had fallen apart in my mail box- but spent most of my weekend with my family and friends -yeah had a slight UNPLANNED hangover of Sat morning-Told you Summer Fever has hit and everyone wants cocktails on the beachfront watching the sun go down! Which was AWESOME- hangover was taken in stride- LOL. Spent Sat at the beach with Wayne and Nathan and watching rugby- WOOOHOOO- GO BOKKE! We WHIPPED ENGLANDS ASS! lol, and yesterday sat DRAWING with a PENCIL and paper! Oh I loved it! And now they are all ready to be worked today. So I'm going to stop yakking now- I need FOOD as well as to get creating ( yeah fingers are itching- hahahah)


OMG_ just look at this amazing LO by Hutchie! How awesome is this- she used my Words for You and made that Background paper! As well as using the goodies out my New Christmas Grab bag!

And here it is-


Only $6 for 6 KITS! that's only $1 each- wanna see what you can get for $1 so far???- here's a peak in the bag-


My Ct's favourite- a FESTIVE PENGUIN- he comes with different *dress accessory's* so he can be used for New Years goodies too- All in seperated PNG and PSD files for ease of use.

Wanna see another one??- OK OK- just one more today-


Some FESTIVE CHEER PATTERNS( all colour toned for ease of use too)- PNG @ 300ppi. (these are usually $5.80 at full price ;-)

Nov Grab Bag

Renee did some playing too- AWWW man don't you just LOVE that face!! TOOO CUTE!

waiting for christmasRS

And Jazzy did this one too- creating the paper and frame- which is a freebie on her blog-


she also used Some new Word Art called *waiting for Christmas*.- these are tooooo GORGEOUS!

And hells Bells- I got to say THANK YOU for all my comments - holey smokes- lol. YOU GUYS made my weekend- I love just reading your hello's your news and just seeing that you are THERE! It's not the thanks so much as knowing you are visiting- KWIM?- SO THANK YOU!! mwah mwah mwah. Until tomorrow- I'm going to see if I can get something down this throat - it's tingling now so shouldn't be long- just hope my stomach can wait! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.- Loves and hugs Kim


LouCeeCreations said...

morning Kim, the thought of drinking cocktails whilst watching the sun set over the sea sounds extremely desirable, mmmmm maybe thats because it's so cold here, we had a touch of snow yesterday, but not enough to take pretty pictures of!
I've been playing with your crimbo grab bag, I'll send you a pic to show you what i've done, sometime :)

pkdoll said...

Hi Kim! I am soooo jealous that you live by the beach and it's summer for you--snowing here today. We must have a good 2 inches already. Those LO's are awesome! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi to me this morning. Hope you can get some food down to your tummy soon!hahahaha! Talke to you soon.

Sherrie said...

Good morning Kim! (Well, my morning, your afternoon!) Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree and started decorating. It makes me wonder how people in the Southern Hemisphere decorate for Christmas. When you have your decorating started/done/whatever, would you blog about it and show pictures?

Have a good day!!!

Dinphy said...

Ok, I've heard everything. Happy to go to the dentist... lol. But gee, non-white fillings... Sorry, but I think I had my last one until about 15 years ago! I cure can see why you are happy!

I was just at DSO this morning commenting, when I saw that LO by Hutchie, it's a real beauty!

Bonnie said...

I saw the heading "Numb" in my google homepage and I got such a fright!! Normally people put that kind of heading up when something bad has happened!! I was so relived when I came to read it!

Unknown said...


ps, I was here.

xashee's corner said...

LOVE your new grab bag and thank you so much for your WONDERFUL talent!! the layouts are FANTASTIC too! hope you have a GRAND day! :D

Anonymous said...

Oooh I feel your pain....I understand dental work a little too well...Me thinks I have paid for my dentist's car a few times over...LOL

Here's to the freezing going away so you can EAT dammit! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ohh girl even hearing about a trip to the dentist made my teeth hurt, and I don't even have any!! I always had trouble with my teeth so I got me some of them fake ones years and years ago..but even after all this time I get a tooth ache now and then..and it hurts too..phantom pain they call it..STRANGE..thanks for the plug on my new word art..I was thinking about you when I made it..those are some awesome layouts you posted..oh I envy you the beach..I love the smell and the sounds of the ocean..sometimes I can almost hear it and smell it..I long to visit the beach..hugs loves ya!

Being Mrs Miles said...

Sigh, summer. I'm trying to imagine. Or not. haha.

I squirm just reading about the dentist - and I have a mouth that glints gold, black and other colors too. Prolly some teeth are filled with solidified gum from my childhood.

Love the layouts and I too, have been sitting with my sketchpad and enjoying this too!

Glad all is well wiccha!

Judy said...

wow Kim just might have to go check out that Christmas Grab bag...have a great day and week


Cautcha Lookin' Images said...

Kim, you've been given the Kreativ Blogger award. I'm sure you probably have it already... but you're getting again, by me this time!

Thank you so much for saying such nice things about my kit for your color challenges, as you always do. :-) I much appreciate your thoughts.

Also, thanks for the prayers and kind words you spoken. It brightened up my day. Hugs!

LouCeeCreations said...

I have an award for you on my blog... i know you have received a trillion times already though :)

Melberry said...

We sure are missing you around here, lady!!! Hope you're soon feeling better ... you promised you would take care of YOU, but -- tsk tsk tsk -- methinks you forgot. :) Wishing you well, with many wonderful blessings,

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Love the elf a bet!

Anonymous said...

Kim thank you for this cute elphabet!!!! Love it and the colors. We're getting ready to have our HUGE Thanksgiving dinner here so I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and loved seeing your gorgeous flowers. Waiting for Spring to get here too *lol*