Thursday, 6 November 2008

Parcel and Charity!

WOOOOHOOOOOO- I got a PARCEL!! Oh my gosh, I love getting things in the post- it's so exciting- hahaha, Well this *slip* arrived to pick up A parcel at the Post Office on my Bday, but of course I was just tooo busy to get there- so this morning I ran out to spend some of my Bday Vouchers and go collect what I thought was on of the *Charity calendars* that I had donated to this year. But it's a huge brown ENVELOPE with *ROYAL MAIL* stamped on it- ENGLAND?????- no charity calander this-lol


It had a long white envelope (heavy) and a wrapped gift in it- ( oh and an apology for the envelope too- HAHAHAHA)


Inside that white envelope was this absolutely STUNNING handmade card! WOW- the detail is just beautiful ( made a little close up for you to see) and a very pretty beaded bracelet in a organza gift bag! You know what the best was- That's my * Softly Sweet kit* that was used to make the card!! OMGosh! Do you know how THRILLED I am to see how you used it and how well it works!!! That was more than enough of a present girl!! LOVE IT!


And talk about being spoilt!!! This little soft fabric bag is just tooooo DIVINE!! I love the *Retro/ Biggy Best styling! It's FULLY lined with a bright pink magenta lining with little inner pockets too!


Louise ( or LOUCEE as a lot will know her)- Thank you soo soo much for making me feel like a kid high on candy today- I had to stop myself from tearing the envelope open in the car outside the post office- LOL. Sending you a HUGE HUG GF!!!

And Louise is handing out one hell of a freebie MEGA Kit at the moment- Check this out!

day2 preview

This is the second download portion- but you have to look at all the previews from previous posts! It's AWESOME!

Ok- I spoke about donating to charity in the beginning of my post- it's something I have been doing since I started earning my little bit in the work place- and of course the more I have earned the more charity's I can help- it's a subject that is very close to my heart- that's why I would like to tell you about the

 Friends 4 Food Project

Bunny likes to do something for Charity each year at Christmas time - but this year wanted to try and do something on a BIGGER scale and by each of us doing our little bit- we CAN change our world for the better. It doesn't take a lot of money to make it better- it takes US, Just you and ME-  each putting our hands in the HELP, each reaching out to someone less fortunate than ourselves, each giving a few minutes of our time(even if its just a minute to READ this), because when you put US all together- it forms a circle of hands WAY bigger than just ME standing out on my own.

Who we are: 
We are just a group of friends, hoping to entice you to donate some food to your local food bank over the  holiday season

The Goal:
To get as many people to donate to their local food banks as we can.  Imagine, food banks all over the WORLD getting a little something extra this holiday season.  ( and like me- I don't have a FOOD BANK here in my little City as such- but I do have a soup kitchen and a LOT of homeless shelters that I have donated too , as well as our Provincial Hospitals who at this time of the year really really need toys and Pjama's for the little ones that have to stay over the festive season)

The Contest: ( FOR YOU!)
This years contest is pretty simple.  Donate to your local food bank enter to win huge goodie box of crafty goodness!

Want to DONATE to the PRIZE?

If you would like to add anything to our goodie box, please email bunny [at] !  It can be anything from handmade goodies, craft supplies, digital scrap supplies, gift certificates, coupons, YOU NAME IT!  The better the goodie box, the more people donating food to try to win it!

How to Enter TO WIN:
Now this is the IMPORTANT PART.  To enter is really simple.  Donate to your local food bank.  Then come home and blog about it.  Somewhere in your post, mention this contest and LINK to THIS POST.  That's it.  You'll be entered to win.  Once you link to us, you will be listed on technorati as referring to us.  On Dec 25th, I will randomly pick one linker to win the goodie box!  {I will be making sure the winning post mentions their donation. } Please make sure your email address is somewhere easy to find on your blog!

Now I could go ON and ON about this as you all know it's something that I really believe in!

I have DONATED MY WHOLE PERSONAL USE STORE on DVD- yup and I'm not the only one! There are a ton of Designers that have added their stores to this GOODIE BOX. Let's get the word out there and feed the hungry at the same time!!

For MORE INFO and to read the FULL account- please check out the FRIENDS 4 FOOD BLOG HERE

And to end this beautiful day off- I thought I would show you some AMAZING eye candy by my dear CT team and friends ;-)


Hutchie did this BEAUTIFUL LO using my Thank you Freebie- LOVE the white space!!


hee hee- and I have a DOUBLE PAGER from Nett- Doesn't this make you want to GRIN??- Just look at that face!


Man- I want a pair of Jammies like that for winter!! LOL_ I LOVE them- it' has built in SLIPPERS- hahahah. Nett used my goodies out my GRAB BAGS.

AND I have to tell you this- I GOT RAK'ED!!!!!OMG- I DID!!!  Can you hear me shouting in glee! Last night I got a mail from Nett with (a full conversation copied in it too)( which by the way had me in STITCHES) and it has this HUGE attachment on it- GUESS??- OMG, it's my OWN PERSONAL PREVIEW TEMPLATE!!! - WOOOHOOOOOOOOO. Flergs (Megan), Thanks a ton girl! You don't actually realise just HOW thankful I am- BWAHAHAHAH!! Nett I owe you one! lol. Yeah, Nett decided to tell Megs just how much I LUUURVE doing Previews- like NOT!! BWAHAHAHA- Thanks girls! I can't WAIT to *pretty up* now-LOL.

Until tomorrow, Hugs and Loves Kim


Unknown said...

just saying morning...

am I first?

xashee's corner said...

Oh how much FUN!! If you didn't feel LOVED before your birthday, you gotta know it NOW!! lol i am soooooooo happy for you! So well deserved too! HUGS!! i am running over to Louise's blog to check out that GORGEOUS kit!! Thanks so much for ALLLLLLLLLL that you share, Kim!! LOVE you too! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!! HUGS! :D

LouCeeCreations said...

Ahh kim, so glad you like it! just thought you deserve a little something as you always give us so much every week! from belly laughs to the most adorable freebies, so thankyou Sweetie.

Being Mrs Miles said...

APARCELAPARCELAPARCEL A PARCEL A... see, I get this exited just saying the words - and its not even for me - whahhahahh! Its different, isn't it, recieiving a real, wrapped in paper, with a card, from somewhere else, sometimes even from someone you've never ever really even met - parcel in the MAIL!

If it were not for the cost of shipping, I'd send a bazillion parcels to all my friends. Isn't it funny how its not the gift but getting it somewhere that costs?

Loucee is a sweetie!

Love you and Buns food idea! What a novel thing to do!

Kim, please send sunshine - it was so rainy and ick and windy here today that it whipped my umbrella inside out when I went walking. I can see it snowing up in the tops of the mountains, though I don't think it will say.